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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on January 8, 1998
I have been one of Grafton's biggest fans, but K is for Killer is an embarrassment. It's bad enough that every plot twist is brought about by Kinsey making a lucky discovery, but the resolution is as ameturish and just plain ridiculous as any I have ever read in a book. You read 300 pages and then in 2 lines the book ends and nothing in the preceding pages is explained. In fact if you go back in the book after seeing who the killer is, you see incredible holes in the plot that make the ending incomprehensible. It really appears that Grafton ended this book 50 pages too soon. Probably cares more about deadlines that her fan's hard earned money which went to buy this trash. An complete waste of time and this is from someone who loves everything else she has written. Shame on you Sue!!
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on June 30, 2001
While I thoroughly enjoy the Kinsey Millhone series I was extremely disappointed with this book. The mystery was slow and low on suspense. I found myself skimming pages just to get to the end. The plot was thin and the wrap up was very, very weak with no explanation of the killer's motives. All around it was a big disappointment in an otherwise excellent series.
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on August 1, 2000
I've enjoyed all the books in Grafton's series up until reading this book. The plot was slow and it took quite an effort to get past the first few chapters. There were too many characters and the ending didn't really make much sense. It was almost as if Grafton was in a rush to come up with a killer. It was quite a disappointment.
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on January 18, 1999
I couldn't get through this. Stopped halfway through. Grafton's laundry-list style of description wherein she lists every item in a room when it has little to do with moving the story along is off-putting. Grafton's earlier efforts with this series were fresh and strong. Lately, she seems bored with Kinsey and it shows.
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on November 25, 1999
The negative comments here are all valid. I just finished reading this book and feel really let down, especially by the ending. Grafton knows her alphabet, and that's about all she knows. Be warned, it's not worth the effort.
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