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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on November 7, 2002
This book is fast-paced action stuff, quite suitable for a Hollywood movie or for feeding the fantasies of would-be soldiers of fortune. But it's extremely improbable that a Navy SEAL would be an effective nuc-boat skipper. Even Navy fighter pilots selected for a path to commanding a nuclear powered aircraft carrier find mastering the intense math, chemistry and physics necessary to understand nuclear propulsion to be a nearly impossible task. God help the ground-pounder/swimmer who tries to do the same in the nuclear submarine force. Nuc boat skippers have to understand everything about the boat and its power plant, 'way down into the nitty, gritty, quantum-mechanical detail, thermo-goddammics and all, so they know what risks they can take with the boat and what risks it won't survive. It isn't enough just to know what test depth is, believe me. There are lots and lots of other subtle mistakes that will also let gobs of water into the people tank and keep the ship from making it through a mission. And--believe it or not--the Navy tends to select nuc boat skippers chiefly for their ability to accomplish the mission without loss and bring that extremely expensive chunk of cold iron (or titanium) home in one piece, so it can be used again for another mission, even in wartime. Which is why there are SEAL Team Leaders and there are nuc-boat captains, and the Nav isn't about to let the the same individuals try to be both. Pure pragmatism.
Being a SEAL and being a nuc boat skipper demand two very different--and nearly incompatible--skill sets. Trying to mix them in the same character undermines this book's credibility.
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on October 3, 2002
This was my first (and last) Joe Buff read. Picture yourself playing a submarine "shoot 'em up" arcade game. Now put that game into print and this is the final product. Mildly entertaining.....if you played this on an Xbox or PC. Virtually no submarine warfare tactics and lets not forget that we all KNOW the US Navy makes it a habit of dispatching sub captains to go ashore in Seal raids. What a farce. Skip the read and find yourself a good game if this is your style. Don't buy the book if you think you are getting a good novel on sub warfare and naval tactics! The story line was thin as well. Purely Duke Nukem!
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on July 7, 2003
What a pity that so talented a writer reaches so deep into his imagination and comes up with only crumbs of credible narrative. Technologically and militarily,it's typical,excellent Joe Buff,but the scenario is in every sense unbelievable and, thus, the reader tends to become increasingly cynical as the story develops.6 million casualties in a month in this war, with huge physical damage to all combatant countries and our heroes are reacting and responding to it all as if it were just another PacFleet exercise. Give us a break,Joe.
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on December 5, 2001
What a disappointment. Great theme and an accomplished writer combine to produce this fantasy of multi-nuclear explosions in the deep, where the odd few thousand casualties at each detonation is commonplace, except that our hero somehow manages to avoid annihilation on eleven different occasions. A series of unexplained,unbelievable,neo-political military scenarios spoil the book for me.
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