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on March 19, 2016
Best book in the series is have to say !!
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on May 22, 2017
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on February 25, 2013
Well Mr. Martin has done it yet again
One is again well and properly caught up, hook line & sinker, into the saga.
We are led on a merry chase accross land and sea, life and death struggles, desires and destinies assuaged or shattered, dogmas & phylosophies collide and/or crumble, faithalism confronts determination/resolution, in short, the life and times of his wonderfull and numerous cast of great and lowly rogues that inhabit his creation.

Will there be a book six??
Again, we are forced to await a resolution of a myriad questions pertaining to the conclusion!??
My, our collective immagination may lead us astray should we not obtain satisfaction from He who calls the shots!
He must resolve to assuage our angst - out of sheer pity if naught else!
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on March 3, 2014
Haven't read this 5th book yet but I'm sure it will be hard to put down once I get to it!
Just want to note to others that this is not the same size as the mass market paperback ones... this one is much larger and doesn't match my box set :( Minor detail though it also means that it's much more annoying to read this book on the go.
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on August 30, 2012
I understand the idea of releasing paperbacks after hardcovers, but the fact that this book keeps getting pushed back is ridiculous, especially TWO YEARS (Sept 13: now almost three) after release date. I do enjoy hardcovers for books I love, and that are designed beautifully...but the publishing company did so poorly on this one (and the others). It's bulky, plain, and just doesn't seem worth the extra 15 bucks. The hardcovers actually remind me of elderly large-print books with the 25p fonts.

I have loved the series, and even though things are slowing down plot-wise, I love all the expanded lore and history that goes on, so no fault to the writing. I just think I may have to give in and order this from the library, as this is just not worth the 23 bucks, or another 7 months before a 12.99 copy comes out.

UPDATE 2013:
Finally purchased early Oct 2013, though the book is from a UK source. It's nice to finally have it in hand (6.99 I can take, Id rather the rest of my money go towards ASOFAI fanart products)
I also caved a few months ago and just tracked down an epub version online so I could read it on my phone.

I still think it's weird that they'd push to hold out on the paperback (finally released 2 days ago, almost 3 years after release), especially since it stops them from gaining money from fans that have no interest in a clunky hardcover. I could just be picky...but I have a feeling there are others like me.
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on January 14, 2013
Only halfway in and it's as good as the other 4. Obviously a must have if you read the other four.

I couldn't wait for the paperback so I got the fullsize book. It LOOKS very good, but it weighs a TON.
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on May 20, 2012
Well after struggling through books 2-4 I decided to take the plunge and read A Dance With Dragons. In a sad kind of way it was exactly what I had expected, a mind numbing bore that will frustrate you to no end and have you flipping through pages like crazy. George Martin is a brilliant author, however he does not know how to tell a story or finish one so to say. All he does in this most recent work is continue to frustrate his readers by giving you lots of details that have very little to do with the main story line and he introduces new characters that you don't care about and fails to tell you enough about the ones you do care about. This book is a waste of time reading, do yourself a favour and don't even begin to read the first one because you will find yourself jumping ahead and then back in all the books. The author thinks he is being brilliant by leaving you hanging for 2 or 3 hundred pages. You will often find yourself being side tracked by other story lines. This book makes you feel like the author is just writing to frustrate you.
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on June 20, 2017
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on April 6, 2013
I thought the worst gift my husband had bought me was a pre-ordered Dragon Age 2, which I removed from my console after 3 hours of playing, and have not touched it since (not even to dust). But no! Now it's A Dance With Dragons, since I finally finished reading this massive mess of words. After about 5 minutes of looking for the last pages (you know, where most authors wrap up a few of the loose ends because it's the end of the book, dammit!), I went online to see if this was some sort of publisher boo-boo (missing pages). That's when I realized that my husband had been ripped off, poor guy.
I received all 5 volumes at the same time (the four book set, and this one), so I had plenty of reading to do. Loved the first three, the fourth was a bit tedious, but Martin promised he'd wrap Feast up in Dance. He lied. Feast will be wrapped up in Winds of Winter, from what I gather.
Dance was a painful read. My eyes kept glazing over, but like a good little fan, I constantly refocused long enough to reread difficult lines until I could get a grasp of the sigils, shields, banners, feasts and whatnot.
Theon's chapters were the most horrific, and I started to distance myself emotionally from his story arc. If it weren't for Manderly, I would simply not care if the North Remembers/Lives/Dies/Becomes Zombified.
The Wall is Boring.As.Hell. Heck, Ghost was my fave Direwolf, and I don't give a crap about him anymore, either.
I've finally had my fill of Martin's style of so-called foreshadowing. A Royal baby swapped for a commoner's baby? Oh, okay. OMG! It's Rhaegar's kid, Aegon Targaryen! After all these years! Yay! o.0 Red Priests can breath a semblance of life into a dead/dying body...foreshadowed by Beric and Catelyn? Oh, okay. I'm pretty sure I know where you're going with this one, Mr. Martin. Blech.
Don't like the J=R+L theory? Good enough, because Ned apparently knocked up a fisherman's daughter somewhere along the line during Robert's Rebellion. Woot! Go Ned! Do I care who Jon's mother is anymore? Nope. Not in the slightest. Hopefully she's dead too, since not too many mothers (outside of the show 'In the Flesh') want Zombies as children. Ew.
So much more I could write about how disturbing (think 'snuff pron') some of the content is, yet how thoughtless and shallow the actual 'word-craft' is. I've read fanfiction superior to the stuff typed out in this book.
***End Spoilers***

I highly recommend the first 3 books (even now I want to re-read them), book 4 I suggest if you want to know more of Westeros (I probably will re-read), but I cannot recommend book 5, as I know I'll never read it again.
Whether or not I continue with this series depends on whether or not there will be an update in the foreseeable future (within the next two years). I have my doubts.

Definitely a 'buyer beware' product.
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on June 19, 2013
Before reading the latest instalment in this series, I consulted many of the online reviews and was decidedly apprehensive as I started Dance with Dragons. Now that I have finished it, I have to agree with the negative reviews, at least in general terms. Some have claimed that Martin has lost the thread of his series, which I find preposterous since that presumes he has no agency over his creation. I, however, believe that he has become enamoured with his world creation, characterisation and descriptive prose, all of which remain unparalleled in this field. Unfortunately, he has emphasised these qualities over writing action sequences and this is dragging down the series.

Consider Dany's storyline. In Book Three she conquers three cities as she builds her army and moves towards Westeros. Her character development is shown through her conquests, thus merging action with characterisation. In ADWD she spends the majority of her time governing one city awaiting an invasion from Yunkai. This takes up her entire storyline with the invasion only coming as the novel ends. It would be as if the Battle for Kings Landing, which consumed the entire second book, never actually happened until the third book. Jon's storyline also saw no real resolution. His storyline concerns negotiating a truce between the wildlings and the Black Brothers but readers will have to wait until the next volume to see how it is finally resolved.

Furthermore, Martin is now focusing on the lower noble houses, and it is rather difficult to get excited over the conflict between the Manderlys and Boltons after reading about the titanic struggle between the Starks and Lannisters for three books. Similarly, the introduction of a whole host of new characters has not elicited a tremendous amount of excitement since none of them equal the original cast in character.

As such, if you are committed to the series then continue reading. But be prepared for limited action, an introduction of a whole new cast and extensive description with absolutely no resolution of storylines.
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