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on November 23, 2001
I bought "The Discworld Companion" and "The Color of Magic" on the same trip to the bookstore. As already explained (see my "Color of Magic" review) I saw a kid at my school reading "Small Gods" and decided to try out the series. The Companion helped me through it by explaining some of the stuff. I was glad that it did not go into too much detail about what they do in the story. It talks about every character up to the time of "Hogfather". It has everybody from Abbys to Zweiblumen, every troll from Detritus to Kwartz. Every place from Al-Khali to Zemphis. There are even lists of Dances, Gods, Food, Animals, Plants, Zodiac, and more on the Disc! I have since read "The Color of Magic" and "The Light Fantastic" and am working on "Equal Rites".
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on June 18, 1998
If your a fan of the discworld books and you are the type to spend half the night looking through your collection because you forgot the color of magic "octarine". this is a must have all the tiny details at your finger tips. The book is laid out like a dictionary or encyclopidia and is current through Hogfather. even if your not a detail fanatic you'll enjoy the extra's in the book like the tour of unseen u and the entry under johnson, bergholt stuttley (bloody stupid) is a scream! all in all a fun book for discworld fans.
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on December 7, 1999
I got this when I was in high school and doing book reports. Since I liked reading Discworld so much I got this book and had lots of fun making fancy book reports with it. Its also useful when a dispute among Discworld fans arises and here you have your answers! Its also full of illustrations that add to the fun of reading Discworld novels. Although I wouldn't just read it cover to cover, whenever you need a laugh just open this book randomly and start reading!
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on August 13, 2002
Terry Pratchett is, oh, 500 books deep into the Discworld series, or at least so it seems. The number is actually around 25. This book is an encyclopedia of Discworld chracters (Death, Cohen the Barbarian and so forth), plus Discworld places and concepts. It's a funny book, but you won't get much out of it if you aren't into the series. If you have read several of the series, it's a great resource -- and, like everything by Pratchett, immensely witty.
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on October 26, 1998
This is sort of weird. I mean, it has some new material, but not that much, and Pratchett's jokes tend to work better in the context of a story than as isolated works. For devoted Discworlders this is recommended, but I can't see that you'll really have much use for it, unless you're fanatical enough that you feel the need to cheat at the Discworld Quizbook or something...
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on August 12, 2002
I Checked the product details to see if the recommendation regarding
an updated discworld companion reffered to the one I have, it does,
That's the 1997 (C.E.) edition folks, it precedes
Jingo; The Last Continent; Carpe Jugulum; The Fifth Elephant; The Truth; The Thief of Time; The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents; and The Last Hero. If You have all of the Discworld books and have Strata, The Carpet People, and The Dark Side of the Sun and
Are in possession of every other book or CD etc. that you currently want to own, and have a burning desire to own this book, i'd still recommend that you wait awhile for an update, or save the money or donate it to charity or put it towards alcohol tobacco or whatever else happens to be your poison, if in two years or so you sill want this edition because there hasn't been an update and you don't mind how out of date it isthen buy it in the meantime waiting would be a good idea, that said both this book and its 1994 predecessor have been very entertaining. JHC
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on December 29, 1998
Exhaustive research must have gone into this book. I must say that I am most impressed with how complete The Discworld Companion is. Any reference to any character yet created in Pratchett's Discworld is in here... this is an important and vital part of any Discworld fan's collection.
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on April 26, 2002
The only thing lacking from this survey of Discworldness is the ability to expand through time, and, some might argue, some slightly inadequate entries. Aside from that, use it well to keep the characters straight in your head through the time-warp that is Discworld novels!
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on December 8, 2001
A perfect companion to all the other novels published to date since it gives an excellent rundown of who's who and what's what in the expansive lands of Discworld. But, like most books that compile everything and everyone known in a storyline series, it becomes sort of out-of-date immediately after being released because new information is released all the time as the author continues to expand the universe with new books. The Discworld Companion is still a worthy tome to have due to the vast amount of highly detailed information within it. You won't be disappointed.
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on September 21, 1998
This is THE BEST Terry Pratchet book I have ever read, in fact its the best book i have ever read, It is basicaly a dictionary of anything and everything you ever wanted to know about the discworld, well worth the £4.99 i paid for it!!
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