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on May 1, 2010
If you are like me, a college student who has a decent background in Java and C# and would like to enter the realms of PHP,MySQL and javaScript, then this is the book for you. We had to create a blogger for our final project, which for a newbie is quite a complex task, but this book gave me all the knowledge to create a functional blogger in just three weeks!!!. Mr Nixon has such a wicked way of presenting fairly complex ideas that make it extremely easy to understand.

But be warned, there is this one big error in Chapter 10 example 10-8 which was a bit annoying to work with and there are a few other much smaller errors in the book so make sure to read all the errata mentioned on his website [...]. But apart from that i cant stress enough, for all you college students out there, for your open source programming course, please get this book. I have wasted time reading so many other books that were so impractical and not realistic. For example, while create a log-in page for different users, Mr.Nixon shows you how to use the md5 algorithm along with "salting" to generate a hash for a password, which enables only the user to know their password, even the guys who maintain the website will not know what the users password is, and I never knew this was the standard practice in the industry. Moreover, Mr.Nixon always shows you have to secure your website from malicious activities bloating around the internet. So indeed a very practical and a great way to get up and running in just 3 weeks.

Don't waste your time, just get this book, and especially if you are a college student with some background in Java or C#, this book will work like a miracle for you.
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on March 23, 2011
This book is great if you know basic programming, as it doesn't cover these topics about PHP in too much detail.

Does include good detail to get you started with what you need to have and do to be able to use PHP and MySQl. Lots of real life examples that take you through step by step and demonstrate how particular functions are used in PHP.

Book is concise and fast paced, but tells you what you need to know to create dynamic and properly functioning websites.
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on November 6, 2011
Touches on the most important concepts such as Object-Oriented programming. Will certainly help if you have prior knowledge but nevertheless it would be a very satisfying read even for a beginner. In fact, it's listed as a beginners book. The most important thing is the language used in the book which is easy to read and simple. As far as the purchase is concerned, it's a great value for the money I spent and the delivery service was excellent!
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on June 15, 2011
Excellent book. Starts from the beginning but goes into signficant depth. Requires more than one read-through to get full advantage, and the serves as an excellent reference.
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on May 31, 2011
Do not buy this book if you do not have AT LEAST the most basic understanding of HTML and CSS because the concepts can be extremely hard to wrap your mind around. As a graduating student from Graphic Design wanting to make my online portfolio more interactive, I was lost when I first opened the book. The first review of the subjects is well written and helps you to understand what each subject is really about but the topics are not, in my opinion, in the right order if you are a beginner to server side and backend programming.

If you really want to understand this book, coming from a Front End web development standpoint (you make websites in HTML and CSS) then start with JavaScript. Even this was hard to understand, I had to take two days of learning the concepts in the W3C schools because his metaphors were way too much of a stretch more my analytical mind and THEN go back to the book and do the practice.

Its a great book if you want to practice your skills, but there is no garuntee that you will understand his vague and poorly written metaphors and similies to understand these difficult and complex concepts when you are a beginner.
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on December 28, 2011
Contains many useful code and examples that can easily be integrated to any web page. The explanations are decent and the examples show how the code works ... which helps in the understanding.
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