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on August 8, 2001
You know how most cookbooks start off with appetizers, beverages and end with dessert? Well, if you're like me and definitely don't need a recipe to fix a beverage and don't want another dessert idea, this is the book for you!
First, the recipes are fairly simple. Sure, there are a few exotic ingredients thrown in, but most are easy to find and these dishes don't require a lot of steps.
Second, the book focuses on what vegetarians (or semi-vegetarians) are most interested in making--soups and salads. Easy to cook for dinner or great for a week's worth of lunches...
Third, these are refreshing recipes! Who wants another recipe for mac and cheese or potato salad??? I loved the Welsh Rarebit soup. The Baked Bean Soup and French Pasta Salad (with crumbled cheese and toasted hazelnuts) were also hits at our house.
Fourth, there is a small section at the back that includes some interesting supplemental recipes...croutons, quick breads, etc. They're great, and the soup and salad recipes include references to these in case you have a few extra minutes and want to make your meal really special.
I use this book on a weekly basis and always find something tasty. Kudos the the Moosewood staff for giving us health-conscious folk some more ideas for dinner. I've purchased this book as a gift for others and would recommend it without hesitation.
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on August 11, 2001
This is a really great soup book (and salads). The recipes have are very well put together. I had been looking for a source of soup recipes and this book is now the place I come to first. If you're looking for just vegetarian recipes then you'll be a little disappointed like a previous reviewer was since there is a section on seafood soups (10 pages long) and a section on seafood salads (13 pages long) but out of almost 400 pages of recipes that's not much (and although I haven't tried them they sound pretty tasty). I'm psyched about this cookbook. The recipes are easy, the ingredients are accessible yet not boring, and the end result is delicesuse!!!
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on March 8, 2000
Like to cook? I mean, like discovering new seasonings and playing with interesting ingredients? If so, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!
Don't be dismayed that the recipes are all soups and salads. Those are very broad categories! Many "salads" are more like casual meals (such as Bean Puree with Seven Savories, which is pretty much a really cool Middle Eastern-style nachos, using toasted pita wedges instead of tortilla chips, of course). And as for soups... there are SO MANY different recipes here, no matter what your idea of soup may be when you open this book, it'll have expanded ten-fold after you've perused these pages.
The best part is, soup and salad are such forgiving mediums, this book is perfect for the home chef who wants to explore. Helpful text explains unusual ingredients and describes why certain vegetables & seasonings were chosen to enhance flavor and texture in each recipe. At the bottom of every recipe, the Moosewood editors were kind to include a half dozen or so dishes that would compliment it nicely. Makes meal-planning a snap, and so far, they've been right on target, every time.
I got this book for Christmas and many of the recipes have already become "regulars." I have no qualms about trying new dishes, even when serving guests, because you can trust these recipes to need little, if any, tampering. Though I have several Moosewood cookbooks (and I like them all), I can't recommend THIS book enough. Really!
Oh yeah, and I wanted to also mention that Moosewood also includes time estimates & nutritional informaton for every recipe. gotta love that.
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on July 3, 2001
This was a pleasurable book to cook from. Each recipe was rich and tasty and leftovers, when there were any, made great lunches the next day. I loved the way my kitchen smelled!
"Black Bean & Chipotle Soup" was spicy and delicious. "North African Couscous Salad" was more filling than I expected and had a very exotic flavor. Even served at room temperature, the flavors were strong and tasty. This would make a great picnic salad. If you're a vegetarian who likes to entertain, many of these dishes will satisfy meat eating guests, and they'll probably not even notice.
These are year round recipes that I look forward making whenever I want something a little different yet satisfying. Vegetarian or not, I think most people will enjoy this cookbook.
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on March 2, 2003
As a former student at Cornell University, I had the distinct pleasure of being able to dine at the Moosewood Restaurant from time to time. Unfortunately, my journeys have taken me away from Ithaca, but this cookbook brings me back every time I open it.
As a lover of soup, I find this book fabulous. There are so many distinctly varied recipes originating from all cuisines that I find it refreshing over your typical cookbook that often hails from one culture. For the most part, the recipes are very easy to follow and you won't have to go to some crazy health foods store to find the ingredients like a lot of other vegetarian cookbooks.
This is THE cookbook I turn to when cooking for myself and friends.
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on March 1, 2000
I always say that if a cookbook gives me just one fabulousrecipe that it was worth the money. So far, I have found THREEawesome recipes: Persian Rice (a recipe to feed six, my husband and I ate it all in one sitting!), Black Bean and Chipotle soup (the addition of OJ gives it a fullnes and vibrancy that is unusual), Roasted Cauliflower Salad (very unusual and tasty with a remarkable fennel seed dressing). My husband and I are making our way through the cookbook three recipes a week. The recipes are low fat, and the best part is that we can make a great meal after we come home from work. The recipes are that simple and easy.
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on October 31, 2001
I borrowed this book from the library, but I will have to get my own copy because every recipe I've tried is delicous!
I highly recommend the Black Bean & Chipotle Soup recipe (although I added several dried chipotle peppers because I like spicy foods), the Baked Bean Soup & the Texas Two-Bean Soup(although in all the recipes I had to either double or triple the amount of beans, because I personally like a more chili-like, thick consistency in my soup). But this book is an awesome addition to any cook's book collection.
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on June 12, 2002
It's that simple! This is the book that knows there's more to soups and stews than meat and potatoes. WOW, what great flavors!!! There are so many good ideas in here, and if you're lazy or time-constrained, there are simple substitutions to make many of them easier. I'm not a big salad eater...but this book is well worth the price for the soup and stew recipes. Perfect for cool evenings!
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on November 4, 1999
This is a great cookbook. I wasn't a big fan of soup before, but this book converted me. If you love soups and salads this book is for you.
Another great feature of this book is for each recipe there are tons of suggestions for what to serve with it. I love that ! Makes meal planning easy.
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on January 29, 2001
I'm pretty shameless at substituting ingredients, depending on what is on hand, but with this cookbook I can always find something to put together on short notice, and it's always turned out great. Buy it just for the amazing tomato-rice soup recipe.
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