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on March 10, 2004
Take a topic, any topic. Toothpaste. You can have moderate fun with toothpaste. Now let's take the novel "Running Out of Time". I would compare this book to eating feces. It isn't pleasent and moves slow. You watch as a girl, in a small facility, decides to step 3 feet from her house. She discovers a wall and learns she's part of an experiment. Seriously, she lives in a really small gymnasium and couldn't figure that out till' she was a teenager.
She basically needs a cure for her friends and sick "1840" citizens. They won't introduce any medicine because it could destroy the "experiment". The experiment is to see if some people can live in 1840 or something. It's stupid because the year is like 2000, and they are pondering if man-kind could live in the 1840's. They could, because mankind is still here in year 2000. The whole book is boring because basically the premise for the book is boring. Capital B boring. No entertainment, just words. It's lifeless and I really disliked reading it. 1 star. Kinda hated it.
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on March 16, 2004
Your family and friends' life is in your hands. That's what the situation is for Jessie Keyser, a 13 year old living in the frontier village of Clifton, Indiana. The year is 1840, and the children of Clifton are dying of diphtheria. Jessie's mother sends her on a dangerous quest for help. But once she goes beyond Clifton, the world is scarier, stranger, and more terrifying than she could have imagined. And soon, she finds her own life in question. Can she save Clifton before everybody runs out of time?
There's nothing very good I can say about this book. Too many unessecary details and not enough storyline make this book a doughy, dry 184-page phonebook. I found Running Out of Time to be highly unrealistic. This is not a novel for children, moms and dads. If you are loooking for deranged, half-fantasy bordering on reality,or you are rounding up the worst books of the twentieth century, Running Out of Time is certainly for you. You don't want to read this one unless you are really tolerant of bad fiction. Personally, I would rather eat raw fish heads than read this again
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on September 8, 1999
This book has a fascinating concept- growing up in a 'heritage' village believing that it is really 1840. But the concept is never really developed- we only see a juxtaposition of the two worlds in one brief scene, and the adjustments required of the heroine are rather perfunctory. The story quickly becomes a pretty scary chase story where there are no safe places and all the adults- even the few well meaning ones- ending up being frightening or intimidating to the children; the bad guys are very wicked indeed, with explicit Nazi 'better race' overtones. The rationale for their wickedness is lame at best. Even the end is dispatched too quickly, with no tying together of past and present or what this all means to the parents, the children, or the family as a group. Very disappointing.
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on March 20, 1999
I couldn't tell the difference between the 1800s and 1900s unless the author spelled it out for us. The languages between the two centuries were the same, the same way of speech, manners, posture, movement, ideas, et cetera. If you're going to write about time transition, do it right.
I thought the cover art was nice though.
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on May 15, 2001
I thought this book showed no thought at all, i mean seriously there were no details and a kintergarden person could have wrote it. I,ve read better is all i have to say
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