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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on June 6, 1999
In his sequel, Avi lets his readers know what happened in the time and space before the last chapter of Poppy. Caster P. Canad, the beaver, looms large on the cover to represent the nemesis. Young readers will learn that not all foes have such evil intent as Mr. Ocax. Some make themselves enemies by their selfish desire for power and prestige. I read this novel to 4th and 5th graders in my Elementary School Library. The students once again cheered Poppy, laughed hysterically at Ereth's snyde remarks and found a new romantic hero in Rye. In George Lucas-esque fashion, Avi has gone back and written "Ragweed" to tell the story of the elder brother's adventures before he comes to Dimwood Forest. These characters are ready and waiting for stardom in a Disney movie. My students are demanding a sequel to Poppy and Rye. Perhaps one of their children will grow into a romantic with an adventurous spirit like their parents? Avi...are you listening?
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Poppy decides to try and find Ragweed's parents to tell them the news and Ereth accompanies her. Once they arrive they find that beavers have built a dam and flooded Ragweed's family out of their home. More than anything this is a love story. Poppy meets her husband-to-be, Ereth also feels love for the first time and we see the love of parents for children. I'm not too surprised that my 7yo did not enjoy this book very much. He enjoyed the occasional chapters focused on Poppy and Ereth but the rest of the book did not hold his interest and he requested I stop reading it three-quarters of the way through. I did finish reading the book myself and feel this is the weakest book we've read in the series so far. The beaver characters as the new enemy were more annoying than anything, certainly nothing like the evil Mr. Ocax of the first book. There were some good parts and I moderately enjoyed this volume.
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on March 2, 2000
Poppy and Rye is a story about two mice. Rye and his family move away because beavers came to build where his family lived. His father tried to convince the beavers to move. He did not suceed, nor did Rye. Poppy lives in Dimwood Forest with a porcupine named Erith. Poppy was Ragweed's fiance. Ragweed is Rye's older brother. Poppy goes on a search for Ragweed's family to tell them that he is dead. Back at home, Rye leaves a note telling his parents that he was going out to venture the world. Poppy sets of right away as well. Poppy and Rye meet in a meadow. When they meet again, they get into all sorts of trouble! To find out about all the adventures, you must read the book.
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Our class read the book Popppy and Rye by Avi. This book is probably good for grades 3 and 4. This book had some romance and some adventure. We think that the book is related to issues in the world like war over land. In this book, the war is between beavers and mice. The story takes place in Dimwood Forest and a brook that turns into a pond from the beaver dam. The characters are Ereth the porcupine, who is a real snap-mouth, and Poppy the mouse, who is the main character. She is a mouse who is trying to get rid of the beavers to save their home. We would recommend this book to people who like animals and adventure, and also romance! It is an exciting book.
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on January 18, 2002
I didn't like this book because it didn't get me in to the story in till the very eng of the book. Its just a litte boring at the beging.
The best part of the book was when the beavers were sneaking up on the mice all the beavers jumped out and the mice ran for their lives and ereth jumped out and the beaver was thumping his and ereth hit him and scared him offand the wrost part of the story was when poppy ask ereth to go with him to ragweeds parents house and tell them the bad news.
Is when poppy and ereth and rye fight aginst each other and rye gets stuck in the lodge
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on October 9, 1999
With wonderful expression and a heartwarming story line,POPPY AND RYE is wonderful.This 200 page book was just the appropriate length,and not once tiring.The wonderful plot of two mice madly in love is juvinily romantic,and the insincere personality of Mr. Caster Canad is delightfully entertaining.(And I mean that,sincerely) The Numer One veteran of writing books has to be Avi.He knows how to grab your heart on page 1 and not let go until the very last word.I also suggest you read one of his earlier works,THE TRUE CONNFESSIONS OF CHARLOTTE DOYLE. Live long Avi!!!
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on May 24, 1998
I have just finished reading Poppy and Rye and would like to encourage Avi fans to make sure they read this book. The story continues with Poppy and Ereth as they go to locate Ragweed's family to inform them of his death. Poppy, of course, meets Ragweed's brother, Rye. Rye feels inferior to Ragweed and struggles to find a "place in his family." You really get to know each character as the story progesses along with an interesting story. I hope there will be a continuation of the series of Poppy books. Wonderful!
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on January 31, 2003
Well, Poppy and Erith are going to tell Ragweed's parents that he died, so on their way they meet Rye, who just so happens to be Ragweed's brother he is out seasrching for Ragweed, and then they break the news to him that Ragweed died, which actually might be a not so bad thing, because for Rye being second best in his family was a way of life they liked Ragweed better, but now would be a perfect chance for Rye to prove himself, I could tell you what happens, but you'll just have to read the book!.............!
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on June 12, 2000
I loved this book! Poppy has to travel to Ragweed's family's home to inform them of his death but when she gets theur she discovers a conflict between the mouses and the bevers that could run Ragweed's family out of their treasured home. She also finds a mouse named Rye, who looks much like Ragweed himself and she finds herself falling for Rye... the same way she loved Ragweed.
If you liked the original you'll love the sequel. It has just as much excitement as the first!
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on June 7, 2002
this is a greeeeat book for people who like little stories that have great endings. here's how it goes: Rye's family's home is getting drowned cuz of an enlargement of a nearby lake. so the family of mice move under a large boulder on top of a hill. Mr. Canad is the leader of the family of beavers who are building a dam to make the lake larger and he wants that boulder to help build it. rye and his family work together to regain their land back.
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