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on September 22, 2009
Now, I know that word tends to be my fall-back summation when I'm really, really gassed by a novel. Or, more specifically, by what a novelist has done. The 'oomph' the effort shows the writer possesses. It can be in the way they use words, they way they construct their tale...or it can be with the dynamic force they exert, constructing something that just cannot be denied.

That's what Ron Currie, Jr. has done with 'Everything Matters!' He made me mutter 'Wow'. He scored 'A hit! A palpable hit!' many times over, he impressed the Hell out of me, he made me aware of just how strong a writer's voice can be... He took me on an adventure with this tale, and throughout so very much of it, I was nodding...and grinning. (Sometimes, smirking.)

I'm biased: I like it when a writer grabs you by the throat and says 'Listen to what I have to tell you. I've a tale you don't want to miss, give me your full attention.' I love to be engaged by a writer. Or a musical performer. Or a director, an actor, an orator...a leader. Yes, I'm an opinionated S.O.B., but I also love being led. Especially when there's a fascinating destination. And the way the novel begins, the way Currie pins you up against the wall while he does what he does, you can't help but believe that the destination is, at the very least, going to be 'fascinating'. And *then* some.

That's not to say Currie gets it all right.

The multiple-part narrative points-of-view are interesting...but in the end, more an exercise in determination than anything else. (Albeit mostly completed successfully.) I didn't entirely like what he chose to focus on in the story; I felt there were some omissions and dropped balls. And the 'coda'? Well... I can think of a couple of other 'possibilities' that deserved attention; not sure why he chose the one he did. To be honest, this aspect of the novel really irked me.

Which is testimony to how impressed 'and entertained' I was by the rest of the effort.

Even greater stuff is due from Mr. Currie; fortunate are those who will be reading him in the years to come.

(Personal rating: 9/10)
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on August 24, 2011
Once I picked this book up, I was unable to put it down until I had finished it. I enjoyed every aspect of the book from the story line, to the underlining themes I so often think about myself. The plot of the novel is simple, but the author is able to make every detail of the book relatable to the reader. The book is written from many of the characters view points which allows the reader to bond and connect with each individual character. The story is a combination science fiction, human nature, and philosophy.

If you are often someone who wonders is there really a point to anything at all? this is the book for you or if you just want a page turner with lots of twists and turns, this is also the book for you!
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on December 22, 2014
Ron Currie Jr. is a must-have author in your library.
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