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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on May 9, 2004
I really have no idea who Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers are, but somehow, they've managed to find out every little thng about every person I know and placed that information on the pages of this book.
Whenever people come over and want to get a quick thumbnail sketch about someone, they just find that person's birthday and turn the the corresponding page. There, in a concise but surprisingly in-depth essay, is a bit about the standards and practices of whatever birthdate you're looking at! Included are celebrities who were also born on that day throughout history and a few other interesting tid bits.
It makes for a fascinating party game, to find out just how "true" you think these comments are for you. So far, everyone I know has said they've been nailed to a tee by this book. I ask you... can everyone be wrong?
Highly recommended (for entertainment purposes only).
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on July 24, 2007
I was given this book as a gift since I have studied astrology for years. While it's true that this doesn't use all the calculations of a horoscope, it is amazingly accurate and loved by everyone who reads it. It resides in the lobby of my tutoring business and all the high school/university kids love it, and several have purchased copies for themselves.

There's no good reason why a book like this should be so good (accurate, entertaining, enjoyable), but it just is. I am at a loss to explain it, but everyone loves this book.

If you like this sort of thing, then you will absolutely love this book. I have read all of the other "birthday books" out there, and this is not only my favourite, but the only one I consider to be any good.

I'm not thrilled with the relationship book in this series, but I do also own the "relationship/birthday workbook" (the 144 page one that's about $6). Don't let the title fool you -- this is actually more like a "birthday keeper" with a very brief description of each day (about a week to a two-page spread) and then space for you to write down whom you know with birthdays on each day. The only relationship advice it gives you is to "look at which weeks you have written in a lot of names, then you'll know which sort of people you get along with." Not useful from that standpoint, but it is a nice little hard-cover/spiral bound organizer for bdays that I keep on my desk turned to the current week. Sure, you could use an online service, but then you'd be missing the insight and power of "the birthday book" (as it's come to be known at our place).
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on June 19, 2004
I happened across this book in a store, and it is so right on. I not only looked up myself, but also my family members and boyfriend. It was so accurate it was scary! While some of the descriptions can be somewhat ambiguous, it is fun to read and has a ton of information not only about each day of the year, but also different parts of each month and zodiac sign.
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on February 13, 2014
This is the first book that I have read that is at least 85% accurate. My sister and I started reading everyone we knew. My sister's mother in law did not fit and so we looked on the next day which she did. We found out that her mother in law was born on the next day but since she is in her late 90's the day was recorded wrong and no one ever changed it.
I would definitely recommend this book and have
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Bona fide science or generalized nonsense? Certainly, much controversy surrounds astrology and its claims to accurately determine the characteristics of a person born on a certain day of the year. But Gary Goldschneider's hefty, 800+ page reference book will give even the most ardent non-believers pause for thought.

"The Secret Language of Birthdays" delves into astrological detail extending far beyond the usual look at sun signs. The book includes a myriad of information including birthstones, colours, plants, trees and musical keys that bear relevance to each zodiac sign. Goldschneider divides each zodiac month into five separate periods and attaches an image to each period in the form of a single word or a two-three word phrase at most. He then divides the entire zodiac year into 48 periods revisits each subdivision of the relevant zodiac sign in greater detail. Finally and most entertainingly, he gives 366 descriptions, one for each day of the year, of the personology of a person born on that day.

Goldschneider impressively combines numerology, tarot and the influence of the minor planets in his readings. He gives each day a fascinating, one-line heading which captures the persona portrayed in the reading ("The Day of Language", for example). He describes the strengths and weaknesses of each persona and even includes a mantra for each to follow. Any person reading his or her relevant entry might find it uncannily accurate...or not. Regardless, the book dispenses valuable advice on areas of personal development and growth. A fantastic resource for both the mildly interested and the astrological junkie.
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on September 29, 2003
Read this book; it's astounding! Each day literally describes the qualities of the person born on it, famous or not. It's amazing how every time I reference this book to read up on a friend, family member, or acquaintance when I discover their birthdate, I find that their description REALLY SEEMS like it was written ABOUT THEM! It never fails. Did the authors KNOW my friends?! "Personology" is yet another system I use for determining traits and other aspects of people. This book is yet another reason I'm an astrologer.
Take my one friend, a September 26 person. I read her description and lo and behold, it was like a biography of her! This is no coincidence! She's a coffee-a-holic, right? So the books says: "September 26 people are particularly prone to overindulging in caffiene." The girl is caffeine-obsessed. It's unreal. She's asked to pick words to describe herself, and one of them is "persistent." Guess which word the book uses to describe September 26 people?! And not just that. It goes on and on about their work habits, their senses of humor, their other characteristics. I'm sitting there laughing in disbelief and saying "Oh my god!" because I can't believe how dead-on accurate the book is! Then there's my September 29 teacher, right? You WOULDN'T believe what I read about HIM! Only the EXACT same thing I said when I was sitting there analyzing his personality for no reason at all, just because I'm an analytic person. It's completely insane. Read this book, it's fun, it's helpful, it's extraordinary! (And a bit scary, especially if you don't believe.) ^_~
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on August 17, 2003
I have never heard of such a book as this until about 5 years ago when a friend of mine told me about it, took me to the bookstore on our lunchbreak and had me reading it. I loved it so much my daughter bought it for me for Christmas that year. What extensive research must have gone through to put this great book together. It has matched people I know that I've read about to the tee except for 1, but for everyone else it matches even my youngest daughter who was just 10 years old at the time. Co-workers ask me to bring it in to work when they want to read about themself or friends. Friends come over my place and when they meet someone new and know their birthday they are interested in knowing alittle more about that person and comparing that person to what this books says. It's a great conversation piece to have around when someone new comes around and reading what the books says about them really trips them out, not to mention famous people born on the same exact day as you to compare yourself to. I love knowing a person strengths and weaknesses too. I really love this book!!!
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on December 4, 2001
Okay, as any astrologer may know, the planets influence a person on the day they were born. And as any astrologer knows, the planets are always different every year, even if it's on the same day!!!!!
Example: If you are a Capricorn born on January 1, in 1982, the planets were completely different (despite the sun being in Capricorn), than someone who was born that very same day, sixty years ago.
This book claims to use astrology; if so, they would have to acknowledge this fact. No two people born on the same day have to necessarily be alike. Other than their sun sign, all the other planets aligned on the day of their birth could be completely different from one another, alas, they are NOT alike at all!!!
This book is fun, but I could choose dozens of traits from other birthday profiles that fit me exactly. One trait for my birthday was 'spontaneous' and that is definitely false.
People like to analyze and be validated, therefore this book is fun to read--but please don't take it seriously. As an astrologer, I must warn you.
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on December 3, 2001
Have you ever wondered what kind of a person you are?? Have you ever wondered what kind a person your better-half is, or
your friends?? What about your connection to the stars?? Well, this book can tell you just that. If you're interested in
"personology," than this is the perfect book for you. It is an easy layout, easy to read, and is just plain fantastic. The book goes through each day of the year and breaks down the common characteristics of that person, throws in a few notables who share the same birthday, the basic horoscope information, and a few extras. For the most part, I've found the book to be quite on, characteristic wise. I've shown many-a-friend the book, and they all agree to some extent. (The marriage and kid things don't quite apply yet, but time will only tell.) Younger people may not match up, but give it time. I've owed the book for a few years now and really enjoy pulling it out every so often. It makes a wonderful read for those who wonder, who "believe" and even for a larf.
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on March 21, 2001
June 14th. If you know me, you know I am an intelligent, hard to fool or get around person. This book impressed me right off, by describing someone I thought only I knew, me, extremely accurately. It was extremely validating for me, an extroverted person who has a hard time understanding how other people perceive me. My friend has this book, I bought the relationship one. The explanation of the weeks has helped me to love and be there for my best friend, a completely liberating experience. We now know what to stay away from to avoid emotional pain, etc . . . We both attend a rigorous honors college, and we have spent hours toiling over the ingenius of this book. Honestly, understanding people has always been my thing, now I have been compeletely eclipsed by this book. As someone who wants nothing more than to be understood and loved, Gary Goldshneider is a genius. My friend and I jokingly hoped he was born on our weeks, seeker and dance/dreamer. Take it from a genius, even if you are a logical person who hates to be told how you are, this book is intriguing. The only drawback isn't a fault of the book but of anything so accurate, it has the possibility to inhibit listening to one another, and issue which is addressed in this fairly cognizant literature. I am on to something here.
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