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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on April 20, 2016
Horrible printed copy of this book. It looks photocopied on dark pages.
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on May 19, 2005
main point of book is to breastfeed as over half of it dwells on that. also, references are often repeated as they are provided at end of eacfh heading. interesting read but no mysteries solved...
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on July 28, 2004
Thank goodness there is someone out there that doesn't buy the fallacies enforced upon us by our Victorian-hang-over society that says touching is bad, sleeping with your child will turn them into a pervert, and that breasts are sexual objects and shouldn't be for feeding your child beyond 6 months.
This is a wonderful book, I give it out regularly at baby showers to new moms to counteract the fearful misinformation of those who believe babies need to be controlled and manipulated into becoming human beings, instead of gently unfolded like precious creatures, with just the right amount of loving guidance.
Co-sleeping advocates can find books with better research and references, clearly this book was not meant to be a complication of research, but it's a refreshing change from the infamous Crib industry-sponsored "study" (which managed to lump in drug using mothers passed out on their babies and calling that "co-sleeping") making the uneducated public up in arms about that issue.
All in all, an easy read and a good beginning to point towards more varied and detailed books.
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on April 8, 2004
I bought this book after hearing great things about it from my other new mom friends. I don't know what they were thinking because this is nothing but a collection of preachy, pointless tales embroidered around a well-worn (and already well-documented) parenting philosophy that is not even the author's own. If there is anything good I could say, it is that it didn't cost much to buy. I would have gotten more parenting inspiration from a block of wood.
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on March 18, 2004
To be honest, i'm pretty frightened by this current trend of co-sleeping with babies. I'm not going to go into whether it has psychological advantages or disadvantages to both baby and parents. I'm not even going to go into whether it's even possible if you have more than one more than one kid. The bottom line for me is the health and safety of a baby. There are clear, logical risks to co-sleeping. Adult beds are not designed for babies! they are not tested to make sure that babies will be safe if they sleep in them. They don't have guardrails that are designed to prevent babies from rolling off or crawling out and dropping on the floor. You don't even need a study to understand why this would be dangerous. Furthermore, even if adult beds were carefully designed and tested for use with babies, there is no guarantee that a parent wouldn't roll over the baby. It's always a possibility when you are unconscious-that's why they are called 'accidents'. Why create another opportunity for an accident to happen?
Please, if you believe that being as close to baby is best, then please buy a crib that was designed and TESTED for use with babies and put it next to your bed. But don't try to take something that's inherently unsafe and to make it 'safer" with a little "spit and gum"
also see the article and pictures here:
As you can see, putting the bed next to the wall may prevent baby from falling but she may suffocate in that little space in between.
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on January 9, 2004
This book will remind you of the importance of trusting your instincts with regard to parenting. It emphasizes the importance of being there for your baby, loving, listening and responding. Great baby shower gift. It's also a good companion to the AP compliation book, LOVING MAMA.
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on January 6, 2004
Although my own children are grown, I often buy this book to give expectant parents. Granju's book and a sling make a perfect shower present. Those to whom I've given it have had rave reviews and tell me they have passed it along to other couples who are expecting babies. I only wish I had known when mine were infants what I know now from reading the book, but at least I can make a difference in the way future generations are raised.
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on November 28, 2003
As for the earlier reviewer who promotes the idea that co-sleeping is not a factor in SIDS, think again. There are numerous studies which unequivically have found that co-sleeping is a risk factor for SIDS. After only 5 years as a pediatrician, I have seen this on 4 occasions. I don't know if that fits with the statistics, but sadly it is true. How amazingly sad! Any soft surface including a regular mattress, sofa, blankets, pillows, mattress pad, comforter, or even an adult-size body can contribute to the rebreathing of CO2 which seems to be what leads to SIDS deaths. Please parent your child with the bonding and loving care that is promoted with attachment parenting, but please do not let your precious child sleep in your bed. It is so heartbreaking to see an apparently healthy 5 month old infant with extremely attentive parents brought lifeless to the emergeny room by paramedics that already know the child is dead, but perform CPR to try to comfort and appease parents who will soon have to be told their child is dead (and soon have to live with the question was there something they could have done to prevent it). I am a firm believer that we should respond reliably to our children's needs. This helps them learn to trust others and develop self-esteem. Read these books, but use some common sense and rely on scientific proof when it comes to your baby's safety. There's a lot of information out there, and just because it is in print or on the internet, it doesn't mean it is true. After all, you wouldn't even be reading this book if you weren't trying to be the best parent possible.
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on October 16, 2003
I strongly urge parents to reconsider raising their children in the way the book suggests. Breastfeeding for a year or so is fine. Sleeping with your child and the constant "attachment" is not. My sister read this book and as a result I have a niece who I cannot relate to and do not enjoy being around. My two year old niece is being raised this way and she can't leave her mom or dad's legs without having major anxiety. She cries at the drop of a pin and is unsettled about EVERYTHING unless she's suckling her mother's breast (yes at two years of age). She cannot be left alone with anyone other than her parents - even her grandparents! My sister has not had a decent nights sleep since my niece was born and has not been out with her husband alone because of their "relationship" with their daughter.
The premise that babies have been raised this way since the dawn of time (or in current third world countries) doesn't consider that people didn't or don't have the means or resources to leave their baby unattended by the parents. Besides in the cultures where babies are still "attached to their parent" constantly are either more communal or economically disadvantaged and in no way compares to the live they will live here in the US. I'm afraid that my niece will be a total social outcast. She is only getting worse.
Please parents - take some of the suggestions with a grain of salt.
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on June 14, 2003
I can't figure out why so many earlier reviewers have trashed this book. It's a lovely, empowering book. Read the excerpts and judge for yourself. Don't be put off this book by a few nasty reviewers with an axe to grind.
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