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on October 5, 2000
This is the second Linda Howard book I've read in as many days, and again, I am impressed with the chemistry she is able to generate between her main characters. It would have been very easy to make Sweeney into a helpless waif who was not able to cope with the psychic phenomena she was witnessing, and to make Richard a one dimensional knight to the rescue of a damsel in distress. Instead, Sweeney is an independent character who wants to deal with the disturbing violent visions she gets on her own. Richard sees himself as a knight, but is attracted to Sweeney's beauty and spirit, not her temporary helplessness. The evolving relationship between Sweeney and Richard proceeds quickly and is described in erotic detail by Linda Howard. The most suspense in the novel resolves around Sweeney's and Richard's relationship: Will he get his divorce from the manipulative Candra? Will he and Sweeney be able to wait until the divorce before they consummate their relationship? These questions are much more intriguing than the questions that surround the so called mystery of Sweeney's visions. She not only sees dead people, she paints them too. When one of Sweeney's visions hits close to home, it is fairly obvious how the plot will be resolved. Linda Howard apparently has no need for red herrings, so the mystery of "Now You See Her" is flat, if not non-existent. However, the relationship between Sweeney and Richard is the real reason to read this book because their growing attraction for each is what drives the plot.
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on March 21, 2000
This is my second Linda Howard book. The first was All the Queen's Men, which I thoroughly enjoyed. But this second foray into her world was not as good.
To begin with, I don't much care for helpless females unless I'm reading an historical romance. So in a contemporary story, I find the helpless female role a little hard to swallow. As a result, while I didn't dislike the female character, I didn't really like her either.
The romance seemed a little juvenile and rushed, and I found it hard to believe they fell for each other so quickly -- under the circumstances. Especially since both were wary about romantic relationships. By describing the romance as "juvenile" I mean that the book read like it was geared more towards YOUNG women in their late teens or early 20s, as opposed to women a little older (30ish). But in fairness, the abridgement of the audiobook version that I was listening to could have cut out some parts that could have made the romance more believable to me (but I doubt less juvenile).
Aside from that, the mystery itself lacked excitement. The story read like an old movie that I'd seen a long time ago. Because the storyline didn't have any fresh ideas in it, that old time-weary story didn't work well for me.
While I didn't care for this book and would not recommend it, I haven't given up on the author. Before purchasing this book, I had also purchased Dream Man -- which has received great reviews. I'll hold my judgment on the author until I've read that book.
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on March 5, 2003
Paris Sweeney is an artist who experiences strange phomenoms. Her first pre-natural experience was in her hometown when she saw a little boy trailing after his mother in a supermarket parking lot trying to get her attention. Only after a few seconds did Sweeney realized she had attended the boys funeral the week before. Shaken, Sweeney decides to move out of her small hometown where she was seeing as many ghosts as people. Deciding that New York City was the perfect place for her, she sets up shop and enters a contract with a local gallery owner to commission her work.
After being in city for a few months, Sweeney feels she has come to accept her 'gift'. Not only does she see ghosts on the street, stop lights turn green for her, traffic moves out of the way, and her plants are constantly blooming. What could be better? Then she starts 'sleep painting' scences of brutal violence. Every morning following her sleep painting Sweeny's body goes into shock, with all the syptoms of hypothermia. There's only one way for Sweeney to get warm.
Richard Worth had always noticed Sweeney and was amused and a little annoyed that she was so oblivous to him as a man. Of course, it didn't help that he owned the gallery that she sold her work to, or that his wife ran the gallery. Her interest wasn't even caught when he filed for divorce almost a year before. All that changed one day when their eyes met and there was an almost electric current surging between the two. However, he didn't count on wanting to start a sexual relationship with a physcic, though he didn't discount Sweeney's claims. Not even when the body of the victim she paintied turned out to be his soon-to-be ex-wife.
Now You See Her is a story of the unexplained and unexpected. Linda Howard brings the reader exotic romance and paranormal occurences in a novel that will hold the reader spellbound and wanting more. Don't miss it.
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on November 19, 2001
This is my second book from this author and I am still impressed by her layered plots and how she twists them so much that you really are left wondering who the killer is. Usually you guess the killer or badguy early on, but now here. Her characters are filled with life and seem so real you probably would know them had they been your friends! This wasn't as frightening as my first one by her called "Mr. Perfect," but it was still great!
A very talented painter named Sweeney has achieved what few do at her age of 31. She has achieved renown success in the art field and has made herself a comfortable sum along the way. She sells and displays her work at the upscale New York City gallery with her only friend and gallery director. Her life couldn't be better, or could it?
What she doesn't tell her friend is that she seems to mysteriously wake in the wee hours of the morning and paints vivid and horrifying scenes of mayhem and murder without remembering! The latest, a disturbing and gruesome murder scene that happens right after she paints scares her into revealing it to a trusted friend and lover. The information gets to the police investigating the murder and she is thrust into the limelight as the prime suspect!
How did she know the murder before it happened? Why was she always seeing things no one else could see? Can Sweeney save herself before the real killer tries to silence her for good? Breathtaking! Ms. Howard has a knack for making your skin crawl with the suspense and terror the characters feel! The romance is very real too and mixes well with the story unlike a lot of suspense/romance books. Riveting, sexy and creepy! A sure keeper!
Tracy Talley~@
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on March 31, 2004
A truly annoying book that could only have been satifying to those who don't find opposing abortion incompatible with opposing gun control and supporting the death penalty. They believe in protecting human life as long as it's someone they like. When the "hero" learns that the new women he wants is likely to sleep with him after he gets a divorce - evidence of her high moral character in the romance world, but not in Tennessee - he ramps up the pressure on his wife, who has aborted his child. Her settlement requests aren't, at least at the point I bailed out, made to seem unreasonable.. At this point I found myself wanting to scream at the heroine, "Run, Sweeney, run." Seems like the irony of giving her what she wanted too late - after she had started the process that would end in her death would have made a more interesting book. A story of an obsessive man who smothers his targeted woman with care, and thens turns ugly when she doesn't live up to his perfect view would have also been more interesting.
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on January 1, 2000
Now You See Her is only my second book by Linda Howard, my first being Dream Man. I felt this book didn't have good characters and I didn't really feel for them.
A year ago, Sweeny began seeing strange things, dead people. Also, other strange things began happening, lights would turn green all the time, she would know the answers to Jeapardy before the questions was asked. Just strange things.
Then recently, Sweeny would wake up in the middle of the night and "sleep paint". In the morning she'd wake up to find she had painted a murder scene. The scary thing was, she knew these people. One day she woke up to find that she painted shoes only, in order to find out who was murdered she had to complete the painting.
I found this book to be lacking (see, I can't even figure out what to write in a review for it!). The love story between Sweeny and Richard seemed thrown together just to have a love story. Although not terribly bad, I'd pass on this one
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on May 5, 2004
About three fourths of the way through this book I realized it was not going to end well. There was just too much going on for everything to be tied up by page 325. Sure enough, I felt someone had torn the last 50 pages out of my copy. Of course, if it had not been a good story I would not have cared. But it was a good story, and different. I was caught up in it. I wanted all the ends tied up, all the mysteries solved. Unfortunately, the epilogue added nothing to the story. Was there a scandal? What happened to the senator? Most of all, what happened to Sweeney's gift? Was it lasting, could she help people before they died? Or was her gift to help solve the crime? Since she could see and talk to dead people why didn't she ask them why they were ghosts? What happened to her health? And what is the meaning of the title? I wanted more from the epilogue. Maybe Linda H. will revisit Sweeney in the future. P.S. I liked the romance between Sweeney and Richard. (...)
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on March 31, 2003
ALthough I liked most of the story, I think that all the paranormal stuff could have been used much better. She can see ghosts, but does it matter to the plot? What does it matter that she makes traffic lights change or her plants bloom out of season? If she developed that part of the story more this would have been an awesome book. Instead it was just ok.
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on June 9, 2000
This is not as good as some of Howard's best (like Son of the Morning), but I found the characters likeable, their romance charming. In some ways they reminded me of J.D. Robb's Eve Dallas and Rourke (though no one can come close to those two for great romance between a tough, emotionally skittish woman and a fabulously strong man who is determined to love her whether she likes it or not). I also wondered how Sweeney, after deliberately isolating herself from relationships all of her life, could so suddenly and without internal conflict cleave to Richard. The murder mystery wasn't one; the culprit was painfully obvious, and there wasn't really any suspense about whether Sweeney would be harmed when she became a target; Richard was too damn good at protecting her. But overall it was a quick and enjoyable read; if you find it in a used book store, go for it.
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on August 28, 2003
Another pretty good one by Linda Howard. Good plot, interesting and likeable characters. I'll have to say that the suspense and action weren't quite as good in this one as previous ones I've read, but it's still good. Actually, it started out really suspenseful - had me raising my eyebrows first thing.... however, the further along in the book I got, the less suspense there was. She didn't fool me at all with the twist at the end - had it figured out. Still yet, I enjoyed it.... the romance was good, the paranormal aspect was interesting (although I never had my questions answered), and it was an original plot. If you like LH, go ahead and read it for those reasons, if not the suspense. Honestly have to say that it's a 4 star romance, but only a 3 star suspense.
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