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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on June 15, 2002
Anything can be a divination system, but if you are going to work with one it might as well be beautiful and a way of learning knowledge and lore you are seeking to know. I purchased The Druid Animal Oracle the first year it came out and continue to recommend it to people who are wanting to learn more about the totemic dimensions of the Druid traditions. Philip Carr-Gomm, Chosen Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, and his lovely wife Stephanie, Scribe of OBOD, have applied their usual skill, creativity, and psychologically sophisticated lens to a realm that deserves such a treatment: our animal allies. The suggested readings--which are applicable to other oracles and divination systems--have an interesting way of tapping into the undercurrent of the waking dream, while the artistic vision of Bill Worthington who created the paintings for the DAO has presented the animals/animal spirits in a fashion that truly transmits their essence and the perennial essence of the Druid spirit. Part of this is the result of his ingenious representation of the animals according to the principle of the Golden Mean, with each animal's eye falling in the same exact position on each card. Some of the other imagery represented in the cards expresses quite well the megalithic inheritance of the Celtic lands--all of which were constructed by pre-Celtic peoples--yet which became holy sites to the incoming Celts and our "medicine people", the Druids. Overall, the combination of spotless artistry combined with well-researched background history on each animal in the various Celtic traditions results in a beautiful tool for the modern seeker to learn about the sacred animals of the Druid tradition.
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on November 1, 2013
I couldn't have been happier with this product and I love everything about it.
The book explains the art of the cards, the meanings, the tradition and stories behind each animal. I really like the detail that they use and I am very tempted to buy the other books listed just to learn more of the Druids and their history.
I love the cards, the book and the cloth that it comes with. This package is worth every penny spent. :)
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on May 20, 2002
This is a very powerful set of cards to help one with issues surrounding one's life at the present. The accompanying book makes it very clear that this is not a tool for telling the future, but "offering insights into your own life and the events surrounding you". The deck contains 33 sacred animal cards relating in the "Druid tradition". The cards are big and beautifully illustrated. The book not only explains each card, but also goes into the detail of the Celtic tradition of the animal.
The introduction explains Druid traditions and connecting with the spirit of the animals, who are also our teachers. Native Americanism and Shamanism are also incorporated throughout the book, as these cultures also worked very closely with the animal spirits and learned to revere the animal spirits for daily guidance and healing. The book does explain quite nicely the difference between power animals and totems and inner guides. The last chapter of the book explains in great depth and detail on how to use the cards and to perform different spreads.
I found the cards quite powerful and found the messages imparted very timely and incredibly empowering. I would highly recommend this deck and book for anyone looking to connect to the wisdom and advice of the animal spirits. I found it to be on par with the Medicine Cards of Jamie Sams and David Carlson - both equally powerful and empowering, but this deck concentrates on the lore and wisdom of the Druids.
Highly recommended!...
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on January 15, 2001
This is easily the most beautiful card deck I have seen. As the authors say in their book, this system of divination is similar to the Native American "Medicine Wheel" cards, but for those of us with a background in or affinity to the ancient Celtic or European Shamanic/Druidic ways. If you love animals you will love this deck and book. The cards are beautifully colored and rich with symbolism, and the book is easy to read and full of information.
A note to people who love dragons: it is not evident from the box, but in addition to featuring natural animals like Cow, Stag, Salmon, etc. (and even Bee!), four dragons are featured, one for each of the four elements: Earth Dragon, Fire Dragon, etc. Also, the blue and silver cloth that comes with the set features these four dragons on its four corners. A nice bonus for those of us who are into dragons.
The beautiful cards are excellent for use in divination, and the spreads are simple and meaningful. In addition the authors discuss the animals as Totems and Guides and I have found the cards to also be good for meditation. There are three blank cards for you to add your own animals -- 36 cards in all. Well worth the price. If I could give this set 10 stars I would!
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on December 21, 1999
The Druid Animal Oracle was wonderful esthetically & spiritually. A Chiste Agus a Stór! Just beautiful. Another nice thing that Phillip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm do for the readers, is to put the names of the animals neatly in a guide that gives the Gaelic name & the Modern English name side by side. I was so enchanted by the cards & the book that i was flooded with a desire & the energy to memorize the cards & book completely before putting it down. I was deeply touched by it. I showed it to others & we all enjoyed it together. I recommend getting the book kit that includes the colour cards done by Bill with it, instead of just the B&W book alone.Also there were a few blank cards that you could put a creature on, in case one you want is not already included. I used one of mine for a Dolphin & one for a giant SeaTurtle.I would highly recommend this book & card set for yourself or for a precious gift for another.Moran Taing! Slán
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on February 17, 2002
I've owned & used quite a number of tarot & divinitory decks, but the Druid Animal Oracle is by far my very favorite one. First of all, unlike many other decks, the artwork in this deck is simply lovely. Each card is gorgeous & well done; obviously done by a real artist with talent. They are crafted paintings, and would make wonderful prints. The deck is easy to use & each card is easy to remember. After one or two uses, I already had a lot of it memorized. But the true test of a deck is, does it work well?
I can tell you that I did the "Spirits of the Circle" spread, as described in the accompanying book & I was blown away by the results. I've never had a more accurate reading anywhere, on any other deck, by any psychic. The hair on the back of my neck stood up when I saw the reading & realized how "right on" it was..
I can't say enough good things about this deck. I will use it forever.
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on February 5, 2003
I greatly enjoyed this book, from both a scholarly and a magical perspective. Philip Carr-Gomm, one of the formost authority on Druidism/Druidry today, uses knowledge of Celtic myth and superstition to create an oracular deck which is both beautiful and interesting. Besides having fascinating cards, the deck is very simple to use and should be of particular interest to anyone who has immersed themselves into the Celtic mindset (an essential tool to those of the Celtic Druid path). With proper attunement, the deck works very well and is streamlined to a very particular taste. The only thing keeping be from giving this work 5 stars is its lack of accompanying story. The imagery is beautiful, and the system precise, but I think that the explanation and readability of the book portion could use work.
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on March 20, 2000
I have found this deck to be very helpful in trying to determine what you need to do to receive the outcome you want in a situation. The cards are beautifully done for each animal...allowing you to get a different *feeling* for each of them. The book is easy to follow. Not only does it give definitions, but it gives background information about what the animals ment TO the DRUIDS! I think understanding that increases your ability to connect to the cards. Also, I have a friend who was raised a Druid and he has told me that the material is fairly accurate! :) If you feel a strong connection to animals then this is the deck for you!
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on January 10, 1998
The Druid Animal Oracle (DAO) represents the combined efforts of the current Chief and a few other members of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids (OBOD), one of the better known druid orders in the world today, to reconnect us with the sorts of messages one can receive from the totems of the ancient celts. Beautifully illustrated (by master Bill Worthington) the DAO offers an interesting and unusual source of wisdom and insight, especially for those who don't feel right with one of the heavier divinatory systems such as tarot. A one-of-a-kind, it has enriched my life greatly and I'm happy to recommend it.
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on January 3, 2003
I love this deck! I recently purchased it and I already know that I'm going to use them as much as I have used Jamie Sams' Medicine Cards. The Oracle cards are beautifully made. The pictures jump out at you and demand to be noticed.
The description of the animals and the lore behind them is insightful and thought provoking allowing you to interept the reading in depth.
I recommend this deck to anyone interested in animals and the Celtic culture. The Gaelic spelling and phonic pronunciation are an added bonus to an already beautifully mastered Oracle!!
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