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on October 3, 2000
It's a surprisingly easy way to learn some basic Twi. In terms of content, there isn't a great deal here. There are 10 lessons on 5 tapes - each lesson lasts about 30 minutes. I had to listen to each tape about 4 or 5 times before I really mastered it. But, when I went to Ghana, I was able to ask directions, ask for food and beer, tell a taxi driver where I wanted to go etc. (much to the amusement of every Twi speaker I met). As with learning most languages, it's one thing to be understood but quite another to understand any reply that comes back at you. Pimsleur will help you to be understood - after that you are on your own. (But, since almost everyone in Ghana speaks good English, they will probably help you out). There is also a very useful booklet that accompanies the tapes which lists every word or phrase used (in English-Twi and Twi-English) and tells you in which lesson it first appears. You are told on the tapes to just listen and repeat what you hear, and only refer to the booklet for the reading exercises. However, sometimes the speakers go fairly quickly and it's a little difficult to pick up what they are saying. I found it easier to look up the phrases in the book as they were being introduced, because seeing the words written down gave me more of an idea of the sounds I should be aiming for. In short, this course is a great place to start if you want to learn a little Twi.
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on May 27, 2000
The Language program is excellent for those Ghanaians who struggle with their native language. It can add to whatever basic knowledge you may have, or it can guide you if you have no baseline to draw from. It's limitation is that it may be slow to start for those who know some Twi already, but it builds confidence, and it will help you the next time you're among Ghanaians!
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on September 18, 1999
As long as you ae determined to learn an foreign language, this course is for you. It lays the basic foundations for more progressed learning and you really do remember the language meanings. My only criticism is that because Twi is an highly vocal language where sounds have real meaning, some parts of the tape do not take time to break-down some of the words being spoken. Overall a good priced learning aid.
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