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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on December 13, 2002
This book is a pleasure to read and a gem for every woman concerned for her health. As an acupressure practitioner I find Rosemary Gladstar's advice invaluable, and her recipes and herbal suggestions complement nicely my books on Chinese herbs. The teas, tinctures and salves are easy to make, and the explanations are clear and knowledgeable. The Materia Medica at the end of the book is extremely useful. I particularly enjoyed Ms. Goldstar's suggestions for younger women's skin problems, have made - without any problems and with common kitchen appliances - the range of facial prducts described in the book, and am enjoying them immensely. Not only are they better than any commercial brand of skin care (because they only contain the best and purest products) but one has the satisfaction of taking an active role in caring for her own health and beauty. Even if you already own several herbal books, do not miss this one. It will become your favorite!
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on March 21, 2002
I wish I'd known about this book 10 years ago, when my interest in herbal healing and nutrition took off. I am SO glad I bought it. Ms. Gladstar's personality, compassion and expertise are almost palpable in this book. You almost feel that she is right there beside you, gently guiding you as you move on your healing journey. I found, within the pages of this book, more understanding of my womanhood and its challenges and transitions and pains/discomforts those entailed, than I ever found in any gynecologist's office. It's clear from her books that Ms. Gladstar is not only a healer, but a gifted teacher as well. She is able to transmit the philosophy that using herbs is a way of life and not simply emergency medicine. I noticed that many of the herbs and recipes in the book (and every last one of her recipes is a therapeutic masterpiece!) use herbs that are fairly easy to find. No exotic weeds here! Her years of experience are evident in how well her herbal blends work. I'm thankful that a herbalist of her caliber is generous enough to share so much knowledge that has been refined and proven over the years.
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on October 24, 2000
Rosemary Gladstar has a winner with HERBAL HEALING FOR WOMEN. She begins with a simple premise--women have needs different from men. Women, cannot escape the calendar, the seasons, and nature in general. Men don't experience menses, bear children, or go through menopause. Herbs that ease the pain women know first hand can only be seen as Goddess-sends if you will.
Because men and women are different, not all the herbs that work for men will work for women--and vice versa. Unfortunately, not too many "herbalists" clearly acknowledge this in their various books. In many herbal books and manuals you have to dig to find the information specific for age and sex, but Gladstar has arranged the female part in logical categories associated with the various phases of a woman's life.
For example, Black Cohash (Cimicifuga Racemosa), Linseed oil, and Isoflavins contain phytoestrogens and are used in Europe to alleviate the symtoms of menopause. Since the side effects of some of the regularly prescribed synthetic estrogens derived from mare's urine are not only acquired in despicable ways (ask PETA) but are dangerous to your health (don't belive me? read the little piece of paper that comes with your prescription) you might consider alternatives. I have and am here to say that some of the unhappy consequences I experienced from the over-the-counter drug are a thing of the past.
As part of my Master's Degree program (I am a sociologist-demographer), I studied mortality, morbidity, and biostatistics at Georgetown University and learned how to read biomedical research. I have maintained a personal interest in, and spent the last 30 years keeping up with, medical studies about women's issues. So, I am not ignorant of the strengths and shortcomings of various drugs used to deal with women's "complaints." The bad news is this--all synthetic drugs have bad side effects. Sometimes they are worse than what ails you. Synthetics simply aren't as good as the original, and as Gladstar points out, you even have to be careful where the original is involved.
For example, the current evidence for HRT with estrogens made from mare's urine is conflicted. Unfortunately, for ages and ages, males were the only medical subjects in scientific studies. So, it will take awhile to find out just how effective and/or damaging therapies like HRT are. In the interim, my daughter's midwife recommended herbs known to women through the ages and I am taking these to deal with the symptoms of menopause.
Ms. Gladstar discusses the clinical reseach associated with each of the herbs listed in her book, including those of interest to me at this phase in my life. Thank goodness, she doesn't limit herself to research conducted in the U.S. And, unlike the European herbalists, she includes herbs known and used by American Indian women.
I have a number of favorites, many I've known about since I was a child. I will never forget discovering the cure for warts from a little classmate in 4th grade. I rushed home to tell my mother because my sister suffered from warts (all over her hands). Mom had tried everything, but this procedure worked. I tried it years later on a horse that broke out with warts all over his body--they are caused by a virus--and he survived the virus and lost all his warts. My little friend was only nine years old, and had an amazing knowledge of home remedies. Of course we know these are just old wives tales.
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on August 25, 2002
this is the best [price] you can spend on your health! I own a herb store and have been working with herbs for years but periodically pull this book out and learn something new every time. I've told dozens of people to buy this book, for themselves and others. The recipes are simple and really effective. As both a beginners guide and for an experienced herbalist it just can't be beat. buy it!
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on June 24, 2002
Rosemary Gladstar's "Herbal Healing for Women" is at the top of my list of 'must reads'. I've taken her herbal homestudy course and read most of her books. As an herbalist student I have shelves of herb-related books and this is one of my favorites.
Gladstar is one of the most respected herbalists today. Her books are easy to read and understand and full of helpful recipes. One problem with many herbal books is that they only mention what certain herbs are good for. Gladstar also explains how to use them and simply enough for anyone to understand.
When my very pregnant daughter mentioned that her stretched skin felt sunburned I went searching for help. I checked through all my 'woman' herbals but only this book had a suggestion. I found the recipe for "Pregnant Belly Oil" which was easy to follow. The ingredients were easily found here at home and in town. The best part of it all was it works beautifully and smells great!
This is a wonderful book to use to expand your study of herbalism. I have to admit that the review concerning peppermint encouraged me to write my own. If that review has made you re-think this book, you might want to consider that I checked through my library and found almost all my books listed peppermint to ease heartburn. Only one - "Green Pharmacy" mentioned the possiblity that peppermint caused heartburn BUT - note the BUT - it went on to say that they disagreed and suggested it was still a good herb for the problem.
Buy this book and use it! You won't be disappointed.
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on January 2, 2003
Rosemary Gladstar is a highly respected herbalist. Here she has provided a very useful book that will be enjoyed by any woman interested in herbal remedies. Unlike similar books, this one is appropriate for the novice and the experienced herbalist. Well written and beautiful, this will be a welcome addition to your bookshelf.
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on November 23, 2001
This book is special because it is written
by a special woman for all women.
Rosemary Gladstar is one of this nation's leading herbalists. And, while she does not restrict her work to women, she does know first hand what their trials are.
In this classic book she shares her simple herbal remedies for all stages of a woman's life.
She shares her vast hands on experience in her easy to understand directions for making everything from teas to liniments.
Also included is a chapter providing more details on some of the herbs she uses.Our favorite story comes from this chapter. It is the one where she tells about breaking her leg. The way she heals her broken bones with comfrey is truly inspiring.
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on June 20, 1998
The information in this book is excellent and easy to understand and it was a great read. I have recommended it to others as an excellent source of information for not only themselves but for their daughters as well. The recipes are easy and they work. I especially found the cream recipe on page 100 wonderful, as my own experiments making creams were not working at all. A wonderful read!
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on June 4, 2001
This is a fantastic book. The recipes and administration of natural remedies has been so helpful that I use this book all the time. Using this book as a guide I have been successful at easing may aliments and conditions including mastitis, fibroids, morning sickness, labor and hormone imbalances. I wouldn't be without this book. A must for any woman.
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on August 18, 1999
I have used this book many times since I bought it three years ago. The "recipes" for herbal tinctures, creams and salves are easy to follow and inexpensive to make. There is also great advice for all kinds of health issues. This is definitely one of the best herbals I have read.
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