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on September 15, 1998
This is a thoroughly enjoyable addition to the sub-genre known as "Humorous Tongue-in-Cheek Satirical Feminist Sword and Sorcery."
Okay, there really isn't a sub-genre by that name. Maybe there should be. Sure, it might be a short-lived sub-genre (such as the brief flurry of category romance novels featuring sexy, deeply conflicted but ultimately redeemable vampires...) but it would be fun while it lasted. I'm all for a third and fourth anthology, at the very least.
Humor is, of course, subjective, but there is enough variety among the stories to appeal to the most deeply warped sense of humor. Which is a good thing.
The "Ode to Xena" dedication was marvelous, and summed up the tone of the book to follow with the closing "quote:" "Bad doggerel. No biscuit."
Summary: Bring your sense of the absurd, check all baggage marked "quivering moral outrage" and "free-floating political correctness" at the door, lighten up for an hour or so, and enjoy.
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on August 1, 2000
I loved almost all the stories in this anthology. However, I especially enjoyed the return of Barbara Hambly's wonderfully complex ex-nun-turned-mercenary Starhawk (of "The Unschooled Wizard" and "The Dark Hand of Magic" fame)
"A Night with the Ladies" proves that the 'Hawk doesn't need her wizardly boyfriend Sun Wolf backing her up--although a few gal-pals don't go unappreciated...
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on May 11, 1998
As a fan of the warrior woman genre and the humor fantasy genre, I absolutely loved this book! Reading it along with the first one made for a great afternoon, especially since one author chose to write a continuation of her first story (Elizabeth Moon, write more of this stuff, please!). The dedication made me laugh out loud and immediately head to my e-mail to spread the fun.
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on April 7, 1999
I loved this book! It completely blew just about every stereotype against women out of the water. While I was reading it, I constantly chuckled to myself, and occasionally laughed out loud, hard enough to bring tears to my eyes! I've never read the first book in the series, but I always wanted to, and now I do more than ever!!!!
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on April 23, 1998
Well, it's a followup to 'Chicks in Chainmail', I'm sure that everyone figured that out already. It's not quite as sublime as some of the first, but it's entirely readable and fun. It when it goes into those court ladies, well, ok, I laughed hard enough to get the spouse to grab the book (and start laughing herself).
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