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on July 31, 2003
I first read this book years ago and at that time thought that
they had essentially uncovered and understood all of what happened
in Nixon's WH during Watergate. However, after reading Colodny's
Silent Coup, I came to regard W&B as rather sloppy and tunnel-
visioned in their quest to assign blame. The critical point in changing my opinion was the
goings on the morning after the breakin in the Pacific, where Dean and Mitchell were on assignment. Colodny shows conclusively that what John Dean testified to with respect to Mitchell's involvement was absolutely and incontrovertibly false. I figured that 1) Mitchell should never have gone to jail,
2) Magruder was a little liar, and
3) If John dean could falsely testify against someone he didn't even dislike in order to reduce his sentence, he would lie about absolutely Anything. Colodny and his partner's investigative
effort to fully understand Watergate makes B&W's efforts look
innocent and almost amateurish. Deep Throat was far from being
an insider who knew the whole story, or even a large part of it.
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on May 21, 2001
Well i had to read this book for a program at my school called Accelerated reader, in my gr 11 english class. I heard about this book, and choose it without actually seeing the book. When i went to sign it out of the library i was shocked! It was like a History Textbook!! Just one big news story that wouldn't end! Because i hadn't lived through the Watergate scandal time period, i was like, "what on earth is going on!" It's so confusing, millions of names are thrown at you all at once, in which you are supposed to remember, not only who they are, but their significance in the novel as well! AHHHHH!!! SO i finally gave up and watched the movie, and took notes. Well then when i went to write my Accelerated Reader test on the computer, guess who got failed! I wish i had read the book, because some of the questions weren't in the movie and were straight from the textbook..(hehe i mean novel!)
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on November 11, 2000
With all the Clinton scandals that have gone on, and Clinton stayed in the White House, reading this book makes Nixon's transgressions seem positively quaint by comparison. This book had its effect in its day, but with the more recent publication of SILENT COUP that reveals that Alexander Haig was Deep Throat, and Woodward's disingenousness about the whole affair, and that John Dean was actually behind the break-in to get an address book of prostitutes' names that had his wife's name in it from the DNC, this book is like reading a pre-Columbus book about the earth being flat. It's out of date. Read it to see what affected the country, but not for its now unfactual facts. If you want to know about Watergate, read SILENT COUP: THE REMOVAL OF A PRESIDENT.
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on July 11, 1999
After watching the film of "All the President's Men" on cable several times and loving it every time I thought the book HAD to be better. The book is usually better than the movie, right? Boy was I disappointed. I was around during the Watergate era (in high school) and watched quite a bit of the hearings on T.V. But I found the book very hard to read. To me it was almost like reading the geneology sections in the Bible where so-and-so beget so-and-so, one name after another. Boring. Too many names thrown at me in too short a span. I kept expecting it to kick in and I'd be hooked. After maybe 20 pages of the book I said "enough" and watched the movie again.
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on September 12, 2000
This book is a classic, not because of it's literary qualities but because it was first in the queue. Frankly, after re-reading it 25 years after watching the Watergate story unfold first-hand I wonder how my daughter, without the benefit of my prior knowledge, could ever really understand what happened back then and why it was important from this book. It clearly captures a lot of key facts, but does a lousy job of telling the story in a manner suited for the ages. A period piece at best.
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on May 14, 2001
What the? What was he smoking when he thought up this little pipe-dream? It's so unrealistic. It's entertaining, if you like science-fiction. I just waited and waited for the story, but it never came. Read this one to your kids to put them asleep, or if you want to add some more imagination to their diluted little lives.
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