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3.8 out of 5 stars
FreeBSD Unleashed
Format: Paperback|Change
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on December 28, 2001
This book is an absolute must if you're considering a FreeBSD installation. Although FreeBSD has many great features, ease of installation is not one of them - it's about where Linux was 2 years ago. I found this book to be invaluable in getting past installation glitches. In addition, it has very good advice about system configuration. It assumes a fair knowledge of Windows, but also points out differences with Linux that are helpful to experienced Penguin heads.
I was particularly pleased with the book's sections on common *nix applications such as Gnome and Samba. I found it significantly more comprehensible than the Linux books I've used. Highly recommended.
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on January 10, 2003
As has been said by another reviewer, this is a Swiss Army knife type book. At the same time, it isn't overwhelming. I haven't encountered the errors, but then again I haven't used all of the examples or checked the publication date of my copy (so I may have a later version).
What I like about this book is that it covers enough of everything to get a system up and configured with the essentials for Internet computing.
I used to be a regular UNIX user, but haven't done much of it for over 6 years, so the general UNIX sections were good refreshers. The product and application specific areas were invaluable Overall, tremendous value.
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on May 29, 2002
An awesome book, absolute must read. I've been working with FreeBSD now for a few years and i love that Operating System. I got this book, because it was interesting for me what i might not know about FreeBSD and it most of my questions when i reached page 942. However i have a feeling that something is missing in the book. I mean, for some people FreeBSD might be just another Operating System, but for some people it means a lot more. So if you are ever into FreeBSD this is a book you should get first. That's about all i could say about it, one more time, i personally recommend it to anybody, from a beginner to system administrator.
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on February 12, 2002
For absolute newcomers to the operating system, I would not recommend this book. I'm somewhat familiar with FreeBSD/Unix and I knew some of the items/text in this book is wrong. Most notibly are typographical errors (typos). Examples are OK, the in-depth instruction is quite well. All of the documentation I've seen (printed, online, handbook excluded) seem to be dated. FreeBSD 4.3+ is current, and all the examples talk about FreeBSD v2, v3 and some v1. In hopes for an "all-around" solution, I would take this book with a grain of salt.
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on January 13, 2002
The back title states that it will show how to harness the power of FreeBSD. It does not do much regarding that. There is a lot of time spent explaining things like the difference between a hub and a switch. It also does not go into depth into many areas such as recompiling the kernel. It makes a recomendation to use StarOffice, but does not even mention many of the problems with trying to get this installed.
The book jumps around, and there does not seem to be a good cronological structure for the book.
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on September 17, 2002
The CD that was supplied with the book has a disk error. I'm sure if I contacted the publisher, they'd send me another but I just used a friend's copy.
I recommend this book to help you get an installation done. Its also great for becoming dangerous. As with any computer book, it can't teach you everything or purport to provide every solution to your specific problems.
You will get a good understanding of FreeBSD from this book. You will not become a system administrator by reading this book.
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on December 10, 2002
This book does do a great job of walking you through the rather complicated process of installing freeBSD and it gives you enough of an idea of how to get a couple of basic services configured. However, it is woefully inadequate when it comes to administering the system once you've got it running. The section on configuring security and firewalls is surprisingly limited and many of the sections are so generalized that they're useless for trying configure anything but the most basic services.
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on November 18, 2001
There is nothing left to desire after this book. It has everything you could ask for in the most profound FreeBSD reference guide available. Its true that some information is available online (great many thanks to the FreeBSD doc. team), it is nowhere near this extensive. All subject matter is explained with enough detail and troubleshooting information that I find it invaluable.
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on September 11, 2003
I have been using FreeBSD for about 2 years now, I have about 7 different books in my shell. I have to tell you the truth, this is the best, detail, organized, professional book I have ever read of freeBSD, not even the handbook give you so much detail as this book. If you are a begineer and want to really learn this OS, but this book. It is the best you can get.
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on December 18, 2002
Of all the books out there on FreeBSD, this one is probably the most authoritative. This has sections on configuring SAMBA, Print Sharing, Apache, Sendmail, and BSD administration.
The only other book out there of this quality is "Absolute BSD" by No-Starch Press. However, that one has a few misprints in the Crontab section that can be confusing.
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