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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on March 18, 2002
How can a book with excellent characterization be an uninteresting novel with no realistic thoughts or adventures? The author does not clearly explain mandatory parts in the book that are truly needed to make the book a success. I would not recommend this book to anyone that wants to read an exciting and realistic book that is very descriptive and relays the thoughts of the protagonist.
The main character in this novel is not exposed to a consistent amount of realistic conditions or events that would in reality take place. For instance, the protagonist goes out and is pulled around by a fish for four days. Santiago should go out and take control of the fish, so he can go home and be rewarded for his great catch. Santiago does not show that he deserves the fish. He should be strong and wise about his actions. Furthermore, Santiago goes out unprepared, with just his boat, not expecting anything. Santiago does not sleep for hours, thus causing severe exhaustion, which lowers the overall possibility of catching the fish. When Santiago's hand cramps, the only thing he does is talk to it, and he does not try reviving it by other conventional methods. The problems that persist and the treacheries that he overcomes does not allow an overall clear understanding of the plot, theme, or other critical elements that arise in the conflict of the story.
This book does not reflect the author's overall knowledge about the subject of this novel. Truly, Santiago goes out and catches a fish that he then follows through the water. The very large fish does not allow more action to enter the story. The author does not reflect the major thoughts or actions put our by the protagonist (Santiago) which makes the story dull and uninteresting. Likewise, the characters do not add much action to the story. The protagonist does not have any extremely exciting experiences or battles that could twist the ending, and thus the plot is very predictable. The parts in this story that are not extremely boring do not add up to much, because the author does not use many metaphors to relate the story to any actual experiences. The plot and characters make the story dull because they do not add any suspense to the story.
This book should not be read by anyone. This truly shows Hemmingway's weakness as a writer. The protagonist does not prove to have any common sense at all and he may be going insane. This book proved to be an overall failure because it did not add up to my expectations as a reader.
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on March 14, 2002
Are you thinking about reading The Old Man and the Sea? Stop, right now. The Old Man and the Sea is at best very bad due to the poor plot, minor action, and boring characters.
The plot was boring and actionless. For example, only two things really happen throughout this whole book. The Old Man is completely insane, all through the book he talks to his hand trying to make it uncramp and if that is not crazy I don't know what is. Now the second thing that happens is the shark attack. When it attacks it is the most exciting part in the book, but if I was to say how good the scene was I would have to say only mediocre at best. Also throughout the book it is all one setting. I don't know about you but sitting through a whole book with just the ocean for a setting is boring. To say the least he could have improved on the plot and setting a lot.
As for the characters in this book, Oh, excuse me character as to that he was quite dull and not to bright either. For instance, the Old Man is always thinking about baseball and fishing and how he thinks everyone will think he is crazy nothing else. Being very one-sided like that the Old Man makes for a bad main character. The Old Man could have been made handsome, like myself, so he didn't have to be smart. He is also very simple minded he says he was put on earth to fish and nothing else. I myself would prefer a more multi faceted person. And if not that at least have more than one character. So the Old Man and the Seas lack of characters and the dullness and the simplicity of the character he does have does not help the book at all.
So in conclusion, it's a very bad book and if the previous paragraphs did not prove it go ahead and read it, I don't care if you suffer. Also keep this in mind If I were to rate this on a scale of 1to 1000 One thousand being the best I would give it a one.
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on March 14, 2002
One of the greatest books of all time? I think not! Although a couple nearly interesting things happened, through out the majority of the book there was nothing to keep my attention. Had I slept through the reading, I wouldn't have missed a thing. I wouldn't recommend this book unless you lack a personality completely.
Every single aspect of the plot was stale. After all, only two exciting things happened. Even in those "action" scenes nothing really caught any attention. The setting didn't even change except at the very beginning and the very end. Beyond that, the very few characters didn't even do much. His actions only portray certain aspects, leaving much of his personality blank, and making him shallow and predictable. That's just why it was boring on it's own.
It was also boring because it didn't relate to the experiences of many readers. After all, how many people have gone marlin fishing? Very few to be sure. The size, style, characters, and plot of the book seem simplistic and geared towards a younger audience. The actions, though, are the things that adults would be the only, if them, group interested in. Yet The Old Man was the only developed character. He was very hard to relate to and seemed to make nonsense decisions. The Old Man was so simple, he seemed to fake to care for. When a novel is hard to relate to, it's hard to get into also.
With so many things wrong with the book, I never cease to be amazed by people enjoying this book. Nothing changes, very little happens, and it's more of a folk tale then novel. I would never recommend this book for anyone!
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on March 13, 2002
The Old Man and the Sea
The Old Man and the Sea was uneventful and dull. Reason being when there is only one event throughout the entire book, the book becomes uneventful. He did a great job with details, but it was redundant in most areas. The Old Man and the Sea was the most boring book I've ever read.
Throughout the story, Santiago becomes a very lonely man. For example, he is constantly talking about how he misses the boy and wishes he was there. The boy is his only true friend and because of this, he is lonely without him. Santiago would probably be a normal guy if the boy was there. Also, Santiago talks to the animals around him. Talking to animals helps keep him occupied and not so lonely. Plus, he never has to argue with them because he knows he will be right. Believe it or not, that's only part of the boringness.
All the story talks about is how Santiago doesn't catch his fish. Between ten pages after the story begins and up until ten pages before the ending, all the story talks about is how Santiago doesn't catch his fish. That's the biggest waste of 127 pages in the entire universe. If there were more characters, maybe it would have kept my attention. The only other character is Manolin, a young boy. He also has no friends other than Santiago. This is because he is a little nerd. Next time this book comes up in discussion, I'm leaving the room.
The old man and the sea was the worst book I've ever read. It was dull which made it seem very long and drawn out. It talks the whole time about Santiago's loneliness and his crazed fishing incidents. I do not suggest reading this book to anyone. It was a waste of the honorable Pulitzer Prize.
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on March 13, 2002
A joke. That's what I think about The Old Man and the Sea getting a Pulitzer Prize. I can not comprehend what the Pulitzer Committee was thinking when they gave this book a prize. The Old Man and the Sea is a redundant book full of hum drum that is not worth 127 pages of anyone's time.
This book did not deserve a Pulitzer Prize for the book lacked excitement and plot. For example, Santiago does a ton of work and does not succeed. The Climax of this book is a major let down which makes the reader regret reading it in the first place. Since the climax is poor that also forces the plot of the story to go downhill. Another example is that this book was written at a low reading level. This is a big part of why I can't see why this book got one of the highest awards in history. Sure the book probably got the prize for the theme or the symbolizing the author put in it, but these are not very strong in my opinion. Any younger kid could have written a book like this. The Old Man and the Sea is not worthy of its award.
Repetitiveness makes a book extremely... For example, Santiago always says "I wish the boy were here" (48, 50, 51, 56). By saying this over and over this book gets old. Half of this book is unnecessary because it is so repetitive. Another example is; he often says that he "must eat the tuna in the morning" (57, 58, 59). This happens several times in the book and the book becomes tremendously dull. Tediousness makes any piece of writing uninteresting. And this book is exceptionally uninteresting and tedious. All together this book is quite redundant.
I did not find this book entertaining, pleasurable, or enjoyable. This book definitely did not deserve any prizes at all. All in all, The Old Man and the Sea is a redundant book full of hum drum that is not worth 127 pages of anyone's time.
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on March 13, 2002
Ernest Hemingway's Old man and the sea; a Pulitzer prize winning story about an old fisherman named Santiago, a large fish named Fish, and a four-day struggle that ended badly. Sounds romantic doesn't it? Well, not to me. Maybe it's because I'm a high school junior. Maybe it's because I was forced to read it. But I did not think this story good enough to be even considered for the Pulitzer let alone win the prize.
Ernest Hemingway's style of writing is boring, tedious, and repetitive. And this story was no exception. From beginning to end it was one depressing trial to another. When Santiago was not in some type of pain (emotional as well as physical) such as when he got a rope burn when the fish got a sudden burst of speed. he was remembering some type of almost surreal memories that might have added to the story if they had anything to do with it. This shows that hemmingway's style of writing may have reflected his life. In an A&E documentary about his life we were shown that he had several wives. I believe that the fish symbolized the wives that he lost by the plain fact that Santiago struggled for so long and when he caught the fish he only lost it to sharks.
The four day struggle between the old man and the old fish was hard for both of them, but when the sharks came was harder on the fish. Ripping the very flesh off his cold, dead, lifeless carcass until the fish was nothing but a skeleton. I find that while I do feel sorry for Santiago who fished for eighty-four days straight without caching any fish, and then struggled for another four days with one fish only to loose it to sharks in the end, I am the most sympathetic towards the fish. The Fish was just living at the bottom of the sea when he got hooked after trying to find a bite to eat. If I were the fish I would have taken him into the Bermuda triangle or something like that, not just dragging him around until I died in vain.
So, I would not read this book if I had a choice. But, since I don't, I would say that this book is perfect if I was living in the time of the story. But since I am not I feel that I should warn this reader that this book is a perfect flop.
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on March 13, 2002
The Old Man and the Sea is meant to be an adventurous story about and old fisherman and his adventures with the sea. For most, the story seems uneventful and boring. It may only appeal to those who are either def or blind. Anyone with a normal sense of sight or sound will find this story to be extremely boring and tiring.
The plot of the book is too predictable. The exciting events are too few and far between. For example, (one of the main characters) only appears a few times in the book. Manolin isn't even that interesting. Lucky for the rest of us, he only appears a few times throughout the story. In addition to an already boring cast of characters, the old man (whom the book is focused on) is dull, weak and he avoids the potential for exciting events to take place. Also, the setting is not lively enough to fill the imaginations of the unfortunate readers. The time period is one that everyone can be fascinated with, permitting that the interesting highlights of the time period are used to liven the story. The location of the book is wonderful, but Hemingway over explains every little detail about the state of the place. Hemingway is an admired author who tends to forget certain characteristics of the plot, and over indulges other things in the story. The setting of the story is to the whole book, as alcohol is to Hemmingway.
The Old Man and the Sea, only appeals to the def and the blind. Those of us with full or partial use of our ears and eyes can plainly sense that this story is uneventful. I especially was bored with the story. It was not an interesting topic. The only people who would be interested in the story are old fishermen. The poor children who are forced into reading this will find it unappealing. The story wasn't filled with action. Even someone who is into the topic will find the story too boring. The interesting events are too few and far between. Someone who has perfect vision or perfect hearing will still find this story boring and uneventful.
In conclusion, The Old Man and the Sea is a boring worthless peace of nothing. Only the def and the blind consider it literature.
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on March 13, 2002
The Old Man and the Sea wasn't very enjoyable to read. It seemed more age appropriate for readers around 45 and older. I find that at my age group, which are kids, are probably more into action and long adventures, then a relaxing trip made by an old man. That is usually what older people are into because that is always what they are talking about. I guess it all depends on what kinds of books you are into. I felt that The old Man and the Sea wasn't interesting at all.
I found that the book The Old Man and the Sea wasn't an exciting or suspenseful story. For example, the quote, "Then came the same delicate pulling touch again,"42. Like I said before, not very exciting. Where's the suspense? In addition, "An airplane passed over on its course to Miami and he watched its shadow scaring up the schools of flying fish," 71. See boring, sentences like this make the book not very exciting. Even for a long sentence that wasn't very suspenseful. The old Man and the Sea needs to be more suspenseful for the reader.
I thought The old Man and the Sea was predictable, in most parts. For example, he said that the longest he has gone without a fish was 85 days, so then he goes on a fishing trip to find a fish. Right there you know he is going to come home with a fish. That makes the book no fun to read because the reader knows what is going to happen so then they don't want to finish. In addition, he fights a really big fish to match up his 85 day dead line. So the reader isn't going to give up because he has to make his 85day limit so he won't be a failure. He also can't give up because he doesn't want to be disappointed in him. All in all The Old Man and the Sea needs to not be so predictable.
In conclusion, I found The Old Man and the Sea to be not very exciting or suspenseful. Because of reading this book I saw my friends falling asleep while reading it. To find out which age group fits this book and find it more enjoyable, people can find older age groups, have them read it and see what they say. We already know what the younger people think. Again it all depends on what kinds of books different people are into. Although reading this book makes people expand their horizons and stick with something even though they really don't like it.
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on March 13, 2002
The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemmingway is it a captivating and relentless story? Or is it an uneventful, praise-seeking, fishing tale? Santiago, the protagonist of the book, is an old, unlucky fisherman. After 84 days without catching a fish, he goes farther out to sea than ever before. He then catches a marlin as large as his skiff. Exciting, isn't it? Not particularly. The Old Man and the Sea is a boring and difficult book to get through.

The lack of events is capable of putting the reader to sleep. For example, the most exciting event was when Santiago caught the fish. This book is mostly a hundred pages of an insane man's dull thoughts. When something actually happens, the moment is short-lived. In addition to having only one "thrilling" event, the book has repetitive and mind numbingly pointless dialogue. Santiago often talks to himself, like when his hand cramped he said, "Come on hand. Please come on." (62) He also talks to the fish, trying to tell it what to do. "...I'll let him eat it well... Eat it well." (44) One or two events and boring dialogue leads the readers to dreamland.

This tiresome reading seems to be fishing for compliments. Hemingway tries to make the reader feel pity for the old man. For instance, Santiago puts himself through so much pain. It is his own stubborn attitude that causes his agony. In addition to putting himself through pain, he is very tired, weather-beaten and sore. He is old and cannot handle this "feat". He has been out to sea for a few long and uneventful days. Is the wear and tear worth the pity?

The Old Man and the Sea is a bad book to read due to being a dull-as-dirt book begging for compliments. It took a lot to keep reading and finish it. It is short and simple, but so incredibly uninteresting. My suggestion is to just keep reading Harry Potter.
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on March 11, 2002
Earnest Hemmingway received a special award for this piece The Old Man and the Sea. Although his book was boring and slow, the plot of the story was interesting and sometimes even exciting.
Even though Earnest Hemmingway has been recognized for some amazingly written books in the past, this book certainly wasn't one of them. Throughout this story Hemmingway's style of writing is very repetitive. He over-used the phrase "He said, Santiago said, etc." By using such repetitive words and language the reader could become easily bored and may even get annoyed. They might also lose interest in the story, and maybe in the author. However, there were a few things Hemmingway did well. When the story took a turn and got interesting, I quickly became hooked. I think if Hemmingway's writing style was like this throughout the book, it would have been more interesting and more liked by a larger audience. There for although Hemmingway's style was boring, it was simple and easy to follow.
Many people would like this book but mainly the younger kids would prefer it. For instance the language used in this story is simple and easy to follow. I think that younger kids would enjoy reading this book because Hemmingway uses easy to understand language younger kids will become fans of his writing. Hemmingway's style of writing is easier for the younger audience to follow. He doesn't go into deep description and details. I think that younger people would prefer this book over adults. Hemmingway is a simple writer.
Just because Hemmingway was awarded a special honor for this book doesn't mean it was great. Throughout the story Hemmingway was very repetitive with his word choice. He also used vague and boring language. I personally didn't enjoy the book because of its boring events, but that doesn't mean other people wouldn't feel differently.
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