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on June 27, 2011
This book is a great tool to use. I am using it through my first redesign, and it is wonderful!
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on April 30, 2009
I almost didn't buy this book because of the title. I thought this book was about redesigning websites to look "web 2.0", but in fact, its purely about the process involved in redesigning websites, bringing them their 2.0 status. Unbelievably useful information. I have already started using the client questionnaires recommended in the book. The core process outlined in the book is brilliant. I'm really impressed by this book. Do not buy this if you are expecting a "how-to design websites" book. This book is intended for sharing a workflow that works for redesigning websites. Its made me rethink my own work processes... and adapt new strategies for working with new clients, and even existing ones.
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on April 23, 2006
I bought this book so that it would help me understand the process of Information Architecture workflow and how it relates to the overall webdesign project.
I was dissapointed by the format of the book which makes it hard to read and it seems to be overly indulgent.
The writers are just some kids who think they know it all.
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on May 4, 2004
For me whose a little time to read, this book is useless. Too crowded and too many theories.
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on April 15, 2004
This book is great for guiding people through the process of designing and launching a web site. I recommend it to designers, project managers and business people about to spend a lot of money on a web site.
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on March 1, 2004
I bought this book looking for precise workflow I could use to schedule a web site redesign. The presented 5-step process works, but is completely mired in page after page of unqualified observances and quips on the history of web design -a series of blandishments to widen the spine of the book. If you stripped 50% of the text from this book, it would be 200% more effective.
After reading half the book, I was not able to construct a mind's eye view of the author's project plan for site design. There was simply too much text between the important points, and no graphics to weld it together. I was unable to summarize the book for executives, and am relying heavily on my highligher for key concepts, as this book cannot be used as a desk reference without extensive modifications.
The authors tried too hard to cover the complete experience of being a web design firm. Clearly derived from the experiences of artists, this book lacks the conciseness an engineer would have brought to the table. Don't read it at night.
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on January 28, 2004
The collective experience and wisdom contained in this book will save even the most seasoned web developer many hours of downstream pain.
It is a very concise and well-organized resource that is the ideal companion also to any web development curriculum. Thank you both Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler for their quality work in compiling this most excellent textbook and guide.
The online material that accompanies this book is of a similar high calibre.
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on January 19, 2004
A great book for any web professional. It goes into detail about managing projects. Myself being a web freelancer, I found the book very helpful. It also gives you sample forms in which you can use with you own clients. The people that wrote this book must be amazing organized. They add a sense of flair to the book that others cannot convey as easily as they do it.
A warning to all:
This book DOES NOT actually go into detail about the web design process itself, except for a couple small examples. It talks more about the process than the design.
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on May 19, 2003
This was one of the most enjoyable and beneficial web books I have ever read. The book is well written, nicely laid out visually and technically, includes great case studies, full of helpful sidebars, lists, diagrams and graphics, has very good chapter summaries, contains few errors and has all of the documents mentioned available for download on its companion website. Can't ask for more than that in my opinion.
I have been a professional web designer for several years now, and this book has helped me tremendously with workflow, client relations and project management. This book is not a technical book, but if you pair this book up with some of the more technical books (recommend Lynda Weinman's HOT series of books) you're good to go.
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on May 7, 2003
I expected a book to help me with my job as web developer for a non-profit organization that has about 100,000 webpages. We do a major web page redesign once every three years, and the last redesign was a nightmare in its lack of organization. This book was to become my roadmap.
The layout of the book was pleasing. The front cover appealed to the designers in the office and the content appealed to the developer (me). There was a nice overview of the process and definition of terms so that both new and seasoned developers (and others involved) are able to follow.
The companion website, is easy to use. I was able to download the checklists in the book, since the book didn't come with a CD. That's understandable since I'd want the most up-to-date versions of data in the book. I wish, however, that I could converse with other readers to see how they are implementing the process. It's sometimes difficult to apply business-style web books with a non-profit organization.
It's nice to see in print solutions to things that drove me insane not too long ago with the last redesign. I think this method the authors have laid out will greatly lighten the stress level for all involved. And simple things like establishing deadlines and tracking time spent is so key, but easily forgotten till too late. And it's easy to back up suggestions for a process when the authors have given such great explanations and examples.
I also liked that the expert essays about various web topics, including knowing your client before you code, web standards and branding. I've already started implementing some of the tips these guest authors included, with great success.
The production and QA section is amazingly well done. It has example check sheets instead of drowning the reader in dry theory. It's easy to quickly (the key here) adapt these sheets for real world use.
Each phase is laid out with excellent illustrations, checklists and easy to follow project plans. It's so helpful to know where the road is going before getting three miles down it and realize you have to redo it all again.
I prefer normal book size, however, since it's easier to handle and fit on my "Most Used Web Books" shelf. But, at least the binding seems to be sturdy to put up with all my use.
This book has greatly helped me begin to plan our next web redesign.
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