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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on October 28, 2003
Spenser needs to retire. For those who haven't bothered to notice: it you would compare the physical descriptions of Spenser with the pictures of Parker on the back of the dust jacket you will get the distinct impression Parker is basing Spenser to a great degree on himself. Spenser, as he has said himself, was with MacArthur at Inchon. This makes him at least 70.
This latest entry is a bit of a letdown. No mention is made of Spenser's cooking abilities. And absolutely nothing is said about the details of the deal Spenser made with the aging crime boss at the end of the novel.
This novel is a pleasant, but like another reviewer has said already: if you really want to read it borrow it from the local library or get it in paperback when it comes out.
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on August 17, 2003
It was fun to visit with all the old characters, and the Spenser/Susan/Hawk interplay is very enjoyable, but there's a big plot mistake.
On pp. 180-181, Spenser, looking at Anne Fahey's college yearbook, is struck by the resemblance between Emily and Daryl. Emily's photo "could have been Daryl with a protest sign."
"Her daughter looks just like her," he says.
Later in the story, Daryl turns out to be the child of Bunny/Bonnie, the gangster Karnofsky's daughter. Emily had unofficially adopted Daryl.
So how could Daryl resemble Emily?
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on March 10, 2004
This was the first Parker book I ever read. I picked it up in an airport out of desperation when I had nothing left to read.
While I liked it enough to read it through, and the story moved along, I found myself increasingly annoyed by the dialog. Every other line of banter spoken by the characters is a clever little quip. It's like they're all trying to be funny--all the time. It gets old quickly and has the effect of making each character sound exactly the same. They're all witty and full of one-liners.
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on April 16, 2003
Lots of white space around every page as usual. I think I would have enjoyed the book more if I hadn't done the math. Spenser and Hawk are over 60, probably pushing 70. Spenser fought in Korea in the 1950s and was at least in his mid-thirties in the first novel in 1974.
Parker still writes fight scenes as if Spenser and Hawk are 40 and can stand up against younger, stronger, faster bad guys.
I think Spenser has passed his "willing suspension of disbelief" date.
It's time for Spenser to retire.
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on October 29, 2003
I was a big fan of this series for a long time but I find it to be a little stale. It's not that back story is bad, it's just not anything new. If you've read one Spenser isthe last ten years you have read them all. It's the same cast of characters, Hawk, Susan and Vinny and Quirk. Same storyline. Spenser takes a job for no money, angers people, someone tries to kill him and he calls in backup. Parker needs to take a break and come up with something new for this series.
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on June 27, 2003
Pure Parker...but so much less of it! Talk about churning out a novel for money!
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