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on January 6, 2003
I've been a student of Author Master Co for about 4 years now, and have applied the Pranic Healing techniques taught in this book on myself and others with astonishing results. I was not new to "energy medicine" before this, and when I found Pranic Healing and experienced its beneficial and consistent results, I knew I had "struck gold". Now Master Co and Dr. Eric Robins, board-certified urologist, have set these techniques to print in the similarly easy-to-learn, step-by-step process that is taught in Pranic Healing classes worldwide.
One can easily learn through following the authors' simple instructions how to heal themselves and also others of many common health problems. I personally have used these same techniques shared in this book on others to effectively alleviate problems ranging from backpain/neckpain, headaches, ulcers, minor injuries, burns, asthma, all manners of aches and pains, to even mild anxiety and depression and more. The focus of this book is showing us how to heal ourselves quickly and effectively, to make us proactively aware of the mechanisms by which our negative thoughts and emotions can create disease, and give us effective tools to counter these. However, the same techniques can easily be applied to others without additional references needed. More importantly, step-by-step routines are included for practically and incrementally incorporating the book lessons into our daily routine with time management being a priority. If you have never done or experienced any form of "energy medicine", this book is designed for you. You will not receive any misinformation within these pages. Skeptical minds are also welcomed by the authors. You will be able to learn these techniques properly from the book alone. If you are a Master of Reiki, Qigong, or some other form of energy healing, this book is designed for you as well. It will take your healing abilities to the next level, and allow you in many cases to perform successful healings on yourself and others where your current modality has failed. Your clients will find the pranic healing modality non-invasive, as no contact with the physical body is involved.
For all readers, regardless of experience level, you will greatly benefit from the powerful energy generating breathing exercises and meditations provided within. I have personally found through experience that these are of the highest caliber and return the greatest benefit for the amount of time invested. Some of these techniques take as little as 5 minutes a day to produce tremendous results. Not only do they increase my physical energy levels, vitality, and endurance, but they also cleanse my mind of negative thoughts and emotions allowing me to experience a greater sense of inner peace and well-being. I've found that this leads to increased work productivity.
Now please, don't take my word for anything I've said here--these are my experiences and those of my pranic healing clients. I highly recommend you buy the inexpensive "Your Hands Can Heal You" book, practice the techniques, and experience the truth of what I've written here for yourself through your own eyes. I'm sure you will find it to be one of the best investments you've ever made.
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on October 20, 2003
Pranic healing is effective, as shown by various studies (see [...] for a sample).
As a book on pranic healing, YHCHY is very highly recommended (especially for those new to pranic healing) because it is: 1) very clear, 2) very easy to read, and 3) surprisingly complete.
YHCHY is very clearly written. In the esoteric field of energy healing, one might expect some authors to hide behind language to avoid having to deal with details that are not easy to explain. YHCHY goes out of its way to explain in detail with clear concepts.
Although YHCHY is detailed, it is still very easy to read, and the directions are simple to follow. The book itself doesn't take too long to read, but packs a lot of information in relatively few pages.
What surprised me most about YHCHY is how complete and integrated it is. The book focuses primarily on basic pranic healing, but also gives techniques for other areas that together coalesce to form a complete system. For example, the book also includes some techniques for increased healing effectiveness through colored prana, protection, meditation, psychological well-being, and spirituality. The book isn't designed to be the only pranic healing book that you'll ever need. However, it does give you an idea of the breadth of applications that pranic healing has, and meanwhile gives you some access to those advanced techniques.
The book was criticized by one reader as having fluff. I strongly disagree. If the reader's sole focus is basic healing, then yes he could be correct. But these areas are all interrelated and synergistic. For example, many diseases have psychological roots, therefore techniques in psychological well-being can help in the healing process. Ditto with meditation, spirituality, etc. So, these seemingly irrelevant "fluff" are actually important and help increase healing effectiveness.
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on January 7, 2003
This is a well written and well researched book. Your Hands Can Heal You covers most types of healing modalities and looks into what works and how, to give an insightful look at healing. Through this book you can learn how to heal yourself, loved ones and stay healthy. The book explores breathing and physical exercises to keep you healthy and young. What is unique to this book's approach is that it is thoroughly researched and explained as to how alternative healing works and how anyone can do it themselves.I am not a born healer, but through this book I have been able to "heal" insect bites to migraines, and understand how this has worked. There are many healers out there who can heal but do not understand how they heal. Through this book I have been able to heal and understand how by understanding the principles of the body's energetic health and functioning. I strongly recommend this to everyone, from all walks of life as an at home manual to good health and long life.
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on July 7, 2003
Overall, this is a good book. The methods described in the book really works. I gave the book 4 stars because half of the book is a waste of paper. All you need to know in order to heal with your hands is in chapters 5-10. The methods are very simple. The rest of the chapters, in my opinion, are there for no other reason than to make the book thicker.
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on January 8, 2003
In 1992 my dear friend Jill acquired a blood disorder which left her legally blind. From '92-'96 she endured nine laser surgeries, blood thinners, steroids...nothing changed. She met Master Co, he used the techniques, The same ones in 'Your Hands Can Heal', and in 45 minutes her vision returned and the blood disorder disappeared. This is medically documented. 'Your Hands Can Heal' is a Priceless manual that I hope will empower all to a place of preventative rather than curative measures.
These Techniques Have Changed My Life.
Master Co, Dr.Robins, I bow to You in admiration for the Gift You have given us.
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on January 6, 2003
Wow! What a great book! I highly recommend this book to every alternative health care and professional health care practitioner. Health Care practitioners are usually so busy caring for the health of others that they seldom have time to seek help themselves. The information in this book will assist these people in keeping their health and energy up so that they can better help others.
"Your Hands Can Heal You" is a excellent introduction to Pranic Healing and several of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui's courses; Basic Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Soul Realization and Arhatic Yoga Prep. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui is the founder of Pranic Healing and all his courses are interconnected and designed to enhance every area of our lives.
I have been a student of Pranic Healing for the past seven years. Prior to Pranic Healing my life was very chaotic. I was always emotionally overwhelmed and emotionally driven. During a most difficult period in my life I got on my knees and asked God to "show me something different". The following day I was guided to a class on Pranic Healing. Immediately after a one weekend course of Basic Pranic Healing my life stabilized.
Thanks to practicality of the teachings of this ancient wisdom I am better able to handle all of life's challenges today. I experience greater clarity of mind, inner peace, more energy to accomplish tasks at hand, more focus, better health and a fulfilled life. Today I can sweep away any physical and emotional discomfort before it fully manifests into a greater problem. I can walk away from chaotic situations without getting drawn into them. And I can better assist those I love by being detached and objective.
What a great blessing to have all this information available in one easy to read book!
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on January 4, 2003
This book describes Pranic Healing basics. Pranic Healing is the use of the body's intrinsic energy (called 'ki' in Japan; 'qi' in China; 'prana' in India) for healing. There are many, many, many systems using ki/qi/prana for healing!
So, what's the big deal about this book ? The big deal is that all other systems I'm aware of have serious "baggage" problems!They tend to be over-complicated and/or heavily encrusted with unusable mystical elements. Don't get me wrong - Mysticism can be fun! But in my extensive experience, only Pranic Healing lays out the basic facts with no hiding, games, coyness, or pretension, or excessive marketing embellishments. And, this book is the clearest presentation to date of Pranic Healing basic practice.
Of course, having a real live MD on board is always good for sales credibility, but Dr. Robins is much more than that - he's a truly effective healer, throughtful, interesting, and intelligent. These guys are not playing ego games, they just tell it like it is.
After training in dozens of energy methodologies, and reading hundreds of such books (I won't bother to name names here, you know who you are!) I have to state categorically that for any person who has to live in the real world, and whose time and other resources are consequently limited and valuable, do yourself a favor - just buy this book before any other.
THEN decide what else you really need to work with energy healing.
You all know the principle of "Occam's Razor" ? I'll give you the short and sweet version - "Eliminate non-essentials"! That's what this book is.
These authors have done everybody a major, major service in just giving it to us straight and freeing up our brains to either continue more deeply in a logical progression of energy healing training/research, or you can conclude with "Ok, I see what that's about, good to know!" and move on to something else, without all the usual confusion.
By the way after reading this book you have no excuse for ever having a headache ever again! It really WORKS !
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on January 6, 2003
We have studied with Master Stephen Co for over a year, and have integrated the methods outlined in this book into our lives. We first sought alternative healing methods for our daughter who had a medical condition that conventional medicine was unable to solve. Learning pranic healing empowered us to heal her, and it has also opened up a spiritual framework, a way of looking at the universe, that has changed our lives forever. The simple meditations, breathing techniques and salt baths offered in the book have become part of our daily routine. We are calm, centered, and in excellent health. We gave this book to all our friends and family over the holidays, wanting to share the good fortune this book has brought us. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to learn how to heal themselves and their loved ones, advance their healing techniques, or simply to raise their awareness of the vast power we all posess that leads us to true happiness and fulfillment. Your Hands Can Heal You is the family health handbook of the new millenium.
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on January 6, 2003
I am very excited about this book! The authors, Master Co and Eric Robins, M.D. (with John Merryman) have put something very special together. This is just the kind of work that needs to be done in the area of alternative healing, a Master of the practice working together with a physician! The outcome is a very concise, understandable and believable guide to using Pranic Healing.
By page 3, I was getting excited. The examples that Dr. Robins writes about are very motivating. I could hardly wait to get to the "good stuff" where you learn the techniques.
I was particularly pleased with the discussion on emotions and how emotional "baggage" can cause real illness. The authors produce a very lucid and logical explanation about how and why this happens. The explanation of the unconscious mind and how it can cause functional disorders was very clear and provides an understanding of how this "clamping down" on emotions can cause so many different kinds of "medical" problems.
Finally, these techniques really work. I've had chronic bursitis and the Pranic breathing exercises are providing me the relief that nothing else can.
Calvin D. Banyan, M.A., author of two books, The Secret Language of Feelings, and Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Basic to Advanced Techniques for the Professional.
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on January 22, 2003
While the book on its face does present new and interesting theories in "remote" and no touch healing...I do not find that Master Co and his students follow its "do no harm" guidelines in their practice. These techniques while having the potential to heal are to often and readily abused by practitioners, who take nightly "pranic dips" in others milking them of their life force on a routine basis. There are no safeguards and often people looking into other pranic theory books such as psychic self-defense by Choa Kok Sui, find themselves in a hell from which they can not emerge. These statements are in totality only my opinion based on my observations experiences with Master Co and his students, and since the purchase of these books are often a foot in the door to his other teachings I say don't walk run as far away from these individuals as possible.
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