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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on September 29, 2000
Mintzberg et al have done an incredible job of summarizing ten different schools of business management thought. From the more conservative case-management approaches through the learning organization to the multiple-approach configuration school, they present business philosophy in a consistent and well-developed format. Particularly valuable are the charts in the final sections of the book that compare the different schools, where they are most commonly found, and how to recognize them. The perspective gained from considering ten different approaches to management is invaluable. This book is a recommended reading in the Athabasca University (Canada) MBA program I am enrolled in, but it fact it has essentially summarized the content of the Strategic Management course entirely. Highly recommended reading for any manager who would like a broader prespective on business strategy.
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on November 28, 1998
In many aspects, the book has adequately potrayed the struggle to define what Strategy is all about. Some would agree that it deals a lot with systematic analysis while others see the emergent process as the dominating factor. But Mintzberg et al has offered a new insight. That Strategy is something else. Something that is beyond what the present schools of thought holds true. The premises that were laid down illustrates both the strengths and weakness of those ideas and breaks down all the argument as to which school has it right. And among all the literature proliferation on this subject, the Strategy Safari will definitely help readers to get clearer idea in finding the true essence of Strategy.
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on March 3, 2000
The first and last chapters are worth the entire price of the book. Mintzberg is a master at revealing the assumptions and inconsistencies of conventional business school training. The explanation of the various "schools" of strategic management theory is more suited to academics or serious strategic management consultants, but provides one of the most concise and logical overviews of this eclectic field. As a PhD student studying business strategy, this book is better than any survey course in the topic.
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on August 30, 1999
If you will have to read ONE strategy book in your life, this is it. Excellent overview and introduction to different schools with pros and cons. Sometimes a bit sarcastic, but that only makes it readable. If you're an aspiring MBA student; read this and you'll even find the strategy courses funny and easy. If you're an practitioner; read this and learn how to see through all your quick-fix consultants that shows up with a new strategy model every now and then.
In Short: an extremely useful and interesting book.
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on February 1, 1999
A concise summary and synthesis of a wildly divergent field, written in a clear straightforward style. The book is punctuated by examples that illustrate the strengths and weakness of each school of strategy and leavened by that rarest of gifts in a book by serious academicians, humor. As a professor and researcher in the strategic uses of information technology, I found that the book sharpened my thinking about how management strategy has evolved. It will enlighten and inform my work for years to come.
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on November 2, 1999
I am a master student studying Strategic Management. This book was very useful for me, helped me to better understand the ideological postures of varied writers in the strategic management field. With a great detail this book is very attractive for people who know basic principles of the field ( I think this book would seem very complex for beginners ). An illuminating tour to the roots of strategic management ..... Have a good safari......
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on March 30, 1999
Everyone is looking for the 'right' way to do strategy, and there are scores of academics willing to give it to you. Mintzberg (and team) guide you through all of it, the history, the pros and cons, and how to use it. If you can hold all of these schools of thought in your head at once, you can practice the art because you understand it ... you won't be at the mercy of consultants selling you the 'magic process.'
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on April 2, 2000
This book provides an excellent introduction to the various schools of thought in the field of strategic management. It is more useful to the academician than the professional strategist, but nonetheless accurate, detailed and above all highly critical. A great addition to anyone's business library, and a must for anyone who wishes to take a management strategy course in the comfort of their own home.
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on June 3, 2002
Mintzbergs Strategy Safari is an excellent book for getting an overview on current schools of strategic management and for getting the ability to distinguish between them in reading about strategic management. Schools are portrayed with their most important premises and authors together with critical opinion at the end of each chapter. Great book!
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on October 27, 1999
An excellent overview of the field of strategy. If you arelooking for a 'how to' book, this is probably not the best choice, however if you want to understand the breadth of the discipline and gain perspective this book it worth its weight in $$$.
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