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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on June 26, 2001
This is a man who had a horrible childhood who at age 37 turned his life around when it came down to the sale to mean that he would be able to buy groceries for his starving family. He has a street wise humor and wisdom, mixed with a millionaire's faith in what sells can do for everyone.
Reading this little book helped me take on a saleperson's identity in that he seemed to understand hesitations that I had that had prevented me from closing deals as a self-employed person. Also, his "birddog system," where he teaches you to easily receive referrals from others, even if you have not done business with them.
Read this book no matter how many books you have read on this subject. You will become more confident, creative and wealthy.
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on August 11, 1999
J. Girard lays the business out where it should be: Sales is not for the faint of heart and the only way to truly succeed is to win the customer, close the customer, then pay the customer to send you more customers. His best advice: It is better to sell more product with a smaller commission than sell less and have to max out every deal. Also that every sale is really made to 250 people (even though that is less now because people are less connected). The book was funny because the prices on the cars and services was very oudated in my copy.
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on December 1, 1999
Read this book if you want to learn the single most important quality for success in sales - HABITS. Girard goes over how he became successful through the employment of good habits. He also shows how others waste opportunities at success. This is an old book, but one that will never lose relavence!
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on June 22, 2001
Joe Girard turns his abusive childhood identity into what drives him to be successful. He proves that it is not what has happened to you. It's what you do with what has been done to you. Joe answered so many questions that I had about cold calling; mailing lists; asking for the money; and getting the support of others in a way that benefits everyone.
Even though he made the Guinness Book of Records for selling cars, this is applicable to selling seminars, coaching sessions, and other non-tangible services.
I just finished reading this book. Before finishing, I have already profited from his "birddog" system. This system teaches you how to get satisfied clients, and others to bring others to you.
When he say's, "among our kind of salesman, I am the world's greatest," at first I though he was being stuck on himself. But, I kept an open mind, took notes, both in the margins and in my notebook. And I really experienced within 2 days of reading this little book that --- He really is the greatest.
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on May 7, 2015
I read this many years ago and bought another copy for a person who was embarking on a career in sales.
The techniques may be outdated, but the core advice is still solid, and the lessons that even the worst upbringing in life does not mean you are doomed to not reach your goals if you work and work smart. Much better than the usual fluffy 'how to succeed in business if only you believe my method' types of books.
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on February 5, 1999
I got this book to help me with sales but it was much more than I bargained for. At one point the book had me in tears, at other times I was laughing. Joe Girard came from the school of hard knocks and shares some personal stories that blow me away. Despite it all he rose above and became the top car salesman in the world. His style is people oriented. He is charismatic. I enjoyed this book.
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on August 22, 2014
I read the book a few decades back and it was so much more than what the title suggests... it is NOT for swarmy salespeople, but a nice digest for anyone in sales! I was so taken with the book and its content, that the recent purchase was a gift for a new person entering the sales arena... It is ideal for anyone in any sales position, but especially good for those in the auto sales industry.
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on January 11, 2001
This book offers a deep insight into the most amazing life achievements of a man called Joe Girard. I enjoyed the author's great sense of humour, which made the book a fun to read. His obvious passion for life and selling cars, would surely inspire anyone who is interested in improving their sales technique. A great read for anyone wanting to sell their soul. Jo Sea
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on August 3, 1999
I have sent many copies of this book to associates, most of whom never really understood what drove REAL salespeople to succeed. I highly recommend this for new salespeople or staff that have to interact with salespeople. It's real grass roots motivation!
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on September 16, 2015
Anyone who thinks they are a salesperson should have read this. If you have not, you're not.
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