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2.7 out of 5 stars
2.7 out of 5 stars
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on September 28, 2003
I'll admit that the grammer errors in this book can be quite annoying, and that there is no excuse for it. The story though is great. This story follows the time line of the new Dreamwave comics but don't worry the book DOES fill you in if you've never read one. This book has taken TransFormers out of it's kids roots and brings a real world feel to it. Characters do die and real decisions have to be made. Some might complain that this isn't the TransFormers that they read while growing up and I say good. You won't see Optimus dying because of a video game here, or TransFormers becoming actors or professional wrestlers like in the old comics. It is true that by ignoring the later seasons of the cartoon and old comics that Bumblebee has not reached the maturity level of Goldbug. But it's a worthy sacrafice to be able to ignore the screwed up timeline of the cartoons later seasons. TransFormer characters still have there old traits but have the maturity that only a mature story could only tell. For example when Megatron goes missing Soundwave decides to stay at Starscream's side so he can keep an eye on him. Confident in Megatron's abilities that he will return. I like the little things that the author added. Like finding out that Jazz who's always been fascinated with Earth culture is a big Jackie Chan fan, or when a Chucky Chesse gets flattened during a battle. I always hated that mouse. This book leaves a lot of questions but you have to remember that this is the first book in a trilogy. Over all this is a good book for anyone that's willing to except a TransFormers story for adults. If you love the old comic books or cartoons that's fine. I love them to, I have great memories for the old stuff and will cherish them with the rest of my childhood memories.With this new book it's great to see my old childhood heros and villans in a frighteningly real adult world.
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on August 3, 2003
Although the books typos (athough I am the last person to complaine)was a bit bad. The book as far as imagination and depth is really well done. Well due to be able to write a book about Transformers for the fans who are now all grown up might have been a hard task due to the fact that the Transformers were created geared toward children in the first place. Being older when Transformers were on the air and my paretns rule no toys after 10 I never owned a Transformer toy yet my collection consited of comics and anything I could sumuggle in and hide. I also enjoyed watching the show with my younger brother. What happened I think is the show and comic started having problems when the cast got way too big and you really couldn't get into depth much. Although you could feel for the charicters who did. Of course one thing intrested me the most in this book and that was yet another story of Prime's past show, comic now this one. All different although I must say I like this one the best.
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on June 23, 2003
Transformers novel. Hmmm. You figure, at worst, it's bland, but maybe you'll get a few precious nuggets of entertainment out of it, right?
Imagine the surpise when the novel is actually interesting, entertaining, and original!? Well, not that original, I mean, come on, but for a licensed property novel...? Better than we deserve. The portrayal of the Transformers as giant alien intruders on our fragile world is not a fresh perspective of the popular characters, but here it was developed to a previously unseen depth that I dug.
The book is split into several plotlines that range from the science fictiony (Prime, Megatron and others forced to battle for mysterious omnipotent aliens) to the sadly bland (Spike and a psuedo-cyborg on a hunt for a decent thriller plot) to the terrific (Prowl and Bumblebee doing a buddy cop thing) and my favorite, Starscream finally getting a shot at the big time in Sin City. There are enough clever ideas and smooth writing to make it worth the [$$$] and week it takes to leaf through it.
Only thing knocking off that last star are an enormous amount of typos. Jeez! Try editing the thing! Every 10 pages it was something else, from a misspelling to a mixed up paragraph. Really tossed me from the experience, you know?
I eagerly anticipate the next two novels in this series, and heartily recommend this book to ANY kind of fan of the Transformers. Really.
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on October 15, 2003
Being a Transformers fan from the begining, I found that the book was awsome. I truley am into the original (or G1) Transformers, and thought the book brought them from their golden years and put them into "todays" events. I even liked how they threw in the human factor and made the story come more alive. I mean, big robots trampling all over the earth, how do normal humans feel about it.
I believe in stories to be great, there is not really a definite good or bad side. Everything has a mix, and the book brought that emotion out into the Transformers world. I, for one, am looking forward to the next two books, and hope that fuel is added to make this book come more to home than it already has.
Good Job, Scott Ciencin!!!!!
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on June 26, 2003
A great book to read but lacking in the proofing department. I have not read many books but the ones I have read don't make these kinds of mistakes. There are quite a few although they do not necessarily take away from the story. This story picks up shortly after the G1 volume one comic and ties in some of the gap between volume one and volume two. It also gives some explanations as to the what and why of the volume one comic. I am writing vaguely but I don't want to ruin the story for anyone. All in all a great read. After years of not even thinking Transformers I get back into the series with great stories such as this. It is a little gory but seems like it is geared toward adults more so than children.
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on June 8, 2003
This book is totally ultra gear! It takes place a few months after vol 1 of the recently made Transformers G1 comic by Chris Sarrachini. And Even ties in some of the asspects of the "War With In" Comic! If you loved the comic then you'll love this! I highly recemend it to anyone who liked the way dreamwave has taken Transformers to a whole new level.
I think the best Aspect of this book is how it touches on the subject of how humans would really deal with the fact that there are HUGE robots battle on our planet. It makes for better realism.
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