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on May 6, 2001
This the second book of the Bromeliad trilogy (following Truckers and followed by Wings).
After escaping from the doomed Store of Arnold Bros (est. 1905), the nomes find refuge in a disused quarry. And although life's harder Outside than it was in the Store, after a while everything goes well... until they find out that the quarry is going to be reopened.
At the same time, they also learn that Grandson Richard, 39, an heir to the Arnold Bros (est. 1905) fortune, is going to Florida to watch the launch of his first telecom satellite. To Masklin it's an oportunity to send the Thing back into space where it could contact the Ship which will bring them back HOME. And so he sets out, with Gurder and Angalo, on a trip to the airport.
And as the rest of the nomes are waiting for them to come back, their food reserves are inexorably running out and the humans' presence is starting to be a real nuisance. Are they going to flee and hide or are they going to stand up to them?
As expected, Diggers is brilliant and extremely funny. And again, the confrontation between the nomes' and our view of the world is the source of many of the typically "Pratchettian" puns we've all come to love!
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on October 18, 2000
In Truckers, Masklin rescued the other nomes from the store before its demoliton. Then, he led them to a quarry, a place that they could call home. But now, Masklin realizes that the nomes can never really be at home in the human's world, so he sets off to find the airport, and the spaceship that brought the nomes to Earth some 15,000 years ago. But for the nomes left at the quarry, now led by Grimma, things go from bad to worse, and worse still. Where is Masklin, and who will save the nomes?
This book is as funny as the last one. The nomes are so very human, and yet so very different. Plus, the story kept you at the edge of your seat, right up to the surprise finale. What a wonderful book!
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on July 26, 2001
These books (Truckers, Diggers, and Wings) are a fun romp! Well thought out, well told, with a liberal dose of humor. If you have read any of Terry Pratchett's "Disc World" books, you'll love this light hearted series. ... You can purchase them from for ... plus shipping. You might find a few words spelled differently than standard US English but so what?
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on July 24, 1999
At the end of "TRUCKERS" by Terry Pratchett. Maskerlin and the gnomes of the doomed supermarket floor boards, escaped into the outside world, with Maskerlin driving a lorry carrying the gnomes. After the famous epic, A new adventure has dawned, The Gnomes from the lost supermarket lead by the heroic Maskerlin, make a new home inside the devastated buildings of a old quarry. The Gnomes begin to face a nightmare reality, as things suddenly happen, as their home has rain fall from the Earth's sky, in ice drops and the humans start causing chaos. But the Gnomes as a band of colonists, are brought toghere to protect their new home from humans in the horizon who have the help of a beast named Jekub. This is the best follow-up to Terry Pratchett's Gnome classic "TRUCKERS".
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on July 22, 1999
this is a wonderful book and Terry Pratchett is a wonderful autho
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