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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on December 28, 2014
A great, fun read! There was witty dialogue with some intrigue. I actually laughed out loud. A hard book to put down.
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on August 19, 2009
Julia Quinn again captures her reader in an intrique and has them journey through a series of misunderstandings. Strong female characters and typical romantic compassionate men. A good read.
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I love Julia Quinn, I own almost all of her books, after her last book was such a dissapointment I didn't expect much, but this redeamed Julia Quinn for me. It had the funny, wittiness that I expect from Julia Quinn, there were quite a few parts where I laughed out loud. Fantastic read.
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on June 30, 2009
Gah! I just finished reading the book and I just had to review for all you readers out there who are still doubting whether this book will turn out to be a BIT of a disappointment like her last two books. Personally, they were okay for a read, but weren't as satisfying as one might expect from her works.

Anyway, --- let's begin...

The plot was not very deep --- one thing I like about her books is that they don't go into much technical detail and you can just enjoy the romance story that it really is with just a hint of danger on the side.
It was very simple and neutral. Wasn't as necessary, but wasn't bothersome, although at I was quite tensed at some parts, wondering where trouble with start.

Her characters --- I would go into detail, but that'll mean a whole other review, so just to generalize it, her characters were a combination of everything you'd want to find in a book. The hero and heroine did go well together. And though there wasn't as many cause the story only revolved around them, Sebastian, Harry's friend, captured a bit of my attention, and I feel he's a hint of another story in the future! Oh, i would so love to read his story!

The conversations were witty (as expected from JQ) and they were hilarious! I found myself laughing out loud. My parents and whoever would have heard me might have thought I'd lost my mind!

Once I started reading, I couldn't put the book anywhere that was not within my eyesight. I was glued to the thing until i read the last page.

It didn't have as much sensual scenes, or even kissing scenes, because that part happened much later. The thing is, though, even without it, the book would still have been the better read from her past two ones. The conversation flowed, it made you laugh, and the sceses, as absurd as they were, actually made sense and they fit.

I especially loved Harry's proposal. One might think it was not the best way a man should have asked for a woman's hand in marriage, but if i were to try and come up with another way, i would have fallen short. Because the proposal was every bit as romantic as any other!

Saying it was worth the money is not as important. Because money can be recovered, ey?

But the time.well, that's more valuable.

But it certainly was NOT wasted with this book.

It was not as emotionally satisfying as The Secret Diaries, with Turner and Miranda having that fight just before Caroline was born. I love drama! I really do! But I didn't find it in this story.

However, it was more enjoyable, and a bit of fresh air, perhaps? It's in line with the Bridgerton series, but a bit lighter, I should say.

I'm still too giddy, so yeah. Just take my word for it and go buy it!
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on June 30, 2009
Sir Harry Valentine has been fluent in English, Russian, and French since the age of twelve. After years in the Army, Harry now rents a residence south of Rudland House. The War Office often delivers documents to Harry which needs to be translated to English quickly. Harry spends most of his time in his office doing these translations; however, he keeps getting distracted by the fact that Lady Olivia Bevelstoke keeps standing at her window staring at him. Harry has no idea whether she is just a curious debutante or is actually a spy. After a couple of meetings Harry decides Lady Olivia is neither a spy, nor kind. In fact, Harry decides he does not like her at all.

When Harry is summoned to the offices at Horse Guards in Whitehall he knows the reason cannot be good. A Russian prince is visiting at the same time that three known sympathizers of Napoleon are in town. It is rumored the prince's late father had favored Napoleon, but no proof was ever found. It is also rumored that his fortunes have diminished and the prince seeks a bride. He has been paying much attention to Lady Olivia. Thus Harry has been ordered to keep an eye on the prince and to make sure Olivia did not unwittingly commit treason. As Harry spends time with Olivia he finds that she is not as cold and remote as he had assumed. Olivia is full of humor and mischief. Perhaps Harry's mission will not be as boring as he had once believed.

***** FIVE STARS! This story overflows with humor to help offset the serious spy content. Harry gives Olivia "a lurid gothic novel" that had been recommended by his sister. Over half of this story is sprinkled with hilarious gems from the gothic novel (which Olivia demanded Harry read and suffer through too). I absolutely could not hold back my laughter as the pair verbally rips the story to shreds often. Once again the author, Julia Quinn, shows readers how her story-telling talent puts her on the Best Seller lists so often. Absolutely marvelous! *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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