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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on November 9, 1998
I am a big Pratchett-fan, but throughout the whole story I kept wondering: Why another "Phantom of the Opera"-book?? Unlike in his other writings, the original source is just too obvious. Disappointing!!!
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on September 26, 1998
I'm a bit dubious about all the rave reviews for this book. Yes, I'm as fanatical about Pratchett as anybody, but this is simply not one of his better works. I've never liked Discworld "mysteries," and this is worse than most. The plot simply isn't very compelling, and Granny Weatherwax is even more obnoxious than usual. Basically, if you're a hardcore Pratchefile, you've already read it, and if you're not, you really don't need to bother.
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on October 14, 1997
Maskerade is probably the best book I have read - it's nothing like opera, so don't worry!!! Granny Weatherwax is annoyed when Nanny Ogg writes a cookery book under her name, The Lancre Witch. This all leads into an exciting adventure including the mysterious opera ghost - is it Walter Plinge or not? An exciting novel - an excellent read! I favour this book more than any other.
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on June 26, 1997
If you don't have time to read Maskerade in one sitting, then give a friend a crowbar to take it away from you.

I've never been disappointed by Pratchett (although Soul Music came close 'cause I don't listen to Music with Rocks in). But Opera is my speed and the inside jokes are hilarious. The satire of Opera, Operetta and Webber's musicals is cutting. This book is chock'full'o belly laughs even if you don't know opera.

Perhaps most exciting is a new Witch to accompany Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg. I can't wait to see more of her.
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on January 15, 1997
Maskerade is yet another Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett,
although the only binding elements to the Discworld are place
names, the Ramtops and Ankh/Morpork, and a few beloved characters.
The witches, Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg (with Greebo the cat),
being the main characters. Oh yes, Death puts in some cameo appearances.
Apart from this, the story could be any fantasy setting.

Pratchett is, once again, extremely witty, making me laugh out
loud several times. The plot is not, perhaps, very original; being
an obvious satire of the Phantom of the Opera, but it has enough
of a Pratchett twist to keep you reading. A who-dunnit Phantom?

One drawback of the book is that the author assumes a knowledge
of the Discworld's magic, anyway how the witch's magig works,
and to a much lesser extent the geography. While this will
probably not lessen a first time readers enjoyment very much,
it will perhaps make for some puzzling passages.

While perhaps not as inventive as his other Discworld novels,
such as Lords and Ladies, it is still very good and extremely

PS: I missed the footnote jokes present in Pratchett's
other novels.
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