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Inside Out
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on June 18, 2017
I've always felt that Nick Mason was the "let's all just get along" of Pink Floyd and this book confirms it for me. I really enjoyed the read but I suspect that he glossed over some of the vitriol (which is not a criticism). It was fascinating hearing how they sort of scraped along in the earlier years; these boys paid their dues. I'm not as interested in cars as Nick is so I glossed over those parts but hey - it's HIS book; he's going to write about his take on life.
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on October 29, 2013
I liked this book, it was simple and easy to read and didnt get bogged down in to many places, you know the way these books get bogged down, listing off names and technical stuff you dont know about or dont care about.

This is an overview of pink floyd from the earliest day to the 2005 reunion. It is a little light on material but then again a true history of pink floyd would be thousands of pages long.

You never know, you might learn something new, after all nick mason was pink floyds drummer and was there for the whole time.
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on August 28, 2015
Excellent service. Booked as advertised (if not better) and arrived fast. Thank you.
This is a great book for Floyd fans. Nick's writing is witty and his recollection of events is amazing. His self-depreciating humor and sincerity are gripping. I didn't expect to laugh as much as I did.
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on August 14, 2016
if you love pink floyd, you will love this.....
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on January 19, 2013
I have been waiting for a reprint as I missed the hard back edition. Very good in depth history of the group. Loved the parts about Syd and the stories about the earlier groups. Paper back book very easy to read and carry on the transit whilst going to work. Love the pictures
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on July 8, 2007
This book is one of the best Pink Floyd' tell-all and tell-tale... some passages are quite interesting to say the least. Nick Mason as an insider is giving us the scoop with a sense of humor. Like when Syd Barrett was boot-out the band... you can tell he is still feeling some remorse but in this case it was for the better. Than the replacement was suprising well chosen... who could have replace the unreliable Syd Barrett? Nick give us a couple of names from the list... whoever choose David Gilmour was really thinking about the future... David Gilmour is without a doubt the best thing that could have happen to the Pink in the early stage... Like Ringo and the Beatles... without diminishing the virtuosity of David... this book is full of anecdotes from the 60s. Than the making of the opus... from Dark Side of the Moon, Wish you were Here and The Wall... their three best albums! without forgetting Arnold Layne, Astronomy Domine, UmmaGumma, Roger Waters' Pros and cons of Hitch Hiking... looking back the band did the right thing in choosing The Wall over Pros and Cons as the last great effort by one the best rock band. And Nick explores the discord between Roger and David... as good as they are excellent musician... both where in diametrical position. I think it was for the best that the band continued without Roger Waters. Also he explore the nonchalance of Richard Wright... that aggravated the tension in the band. Finally he finishes the book by the undenying effort of Bob Geldof to reunite the band for one last time for a great cause... Thank you Bob from all the fans! And Thank you Nick Mason for an excellent autobiography... lets hope that someday you play together again... The Great Gig in the Sky... with all your fans from all over the world in the same room!
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on December 5, 2016
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on September 22, 2014
smooth transaction, all went well
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