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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on July 14, 2004
It was a nice change not having the same stereotypical main characters you find in most romance novels... The rogue, the virgin.... But it was a little hard for me to really like these two. After 400+ pages, I really wanted to. They seemed real enough for the most part, and I could even buy the whole power/dominance struggle between the two and how it played out in the sex scenes. But Seth was such a jerk at times and not charming enough to make up for it. Raine let him off the hook way too easy in my point of view. I understand that her character was a wall flower to begin with, but when I thought she was finally getting a backbone I was disappointed. I also agree with another reviewer that there sure was a whole lot of sex going on, on almost every page. I enjoy these scenes, but towards the end it was a little much and unrealistic. I mean, didn't they ever get sore? And who wants to do it with a fresh knife wound or sore nose? I liked it overall, except for those things, mainly because it was a nice change from the norm, even though I ended up not liking the main characters.
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on April 26, 2004
The book was very uneven in a lot of respects, and as I can tell from the reviews, a lot of readers did not think they were getting Romantica. Romantica is romantic erotica, and it is one couple with lots of heated erotic situations.
I totally agree that the characters are inconsistent. I also think the villains were too. The whole romantic suspense genre seems to be predicated on the most unlikely people with nothing in common falling into bed together. Or in this case the wall, shower and so on.
It also includes several detailed scenes of the villain having sex which were very offputting, as was his voyeurism with the various camersa dotted around his house, and the explicit nature of said activities in various multiples and gender combinations.
Kensington should make it clear that the Brava line is going to contain material like this. A reader who forked out good money expect Nora Roberts would well be peeved, not to mention goggled-eyed or even offended.
Having said that, the one thing the book does having going for it is an interesting if totally Neanderthal hero, though I can' tbelieve he had not had a girl for five years since his brother was killed, he is so rampant. The drought becomes a flood, and Raine is swept away, but I would have liked to see her exercise a bit ore common sense and spine. The games they play are not always healthy or safe, and Seth not trusting her toward the end is pretty unforgiveable even if their sex life is stupendous.
The book is way too long, with lashings of detail on every movement of his body (where are HER feelings in all of this) and even the hero says himself they are like a pair of minks. Subtlty, nuance, romance, even foreplay, vanish in a haze of power pwoer games on Seth's part. This novel could have been cut to half its length and toned down and not suffered, and still got commitment and the happily ever after.
Readers who like Susan Johnson, Robin Schone and Thea Devine will enjoy these books, but anyone else should exercise caution.
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on April 12, 2004
This book was my second attempt with a Romance novel. My first attempt, was totally botched; but I figured I'd give the genre a second change. I was pleasantly surprised.
Behind Closed Doors had a well balanced diet of plot and sex. The story was about a man (Seth) and a woman (Raine) who were brought together in the midst of their investigations of a career criminal whose actions had adversely affected their own lives. Seth was a chauvinistic brute, so I did not care for him much; but his motivation was clear and upheld throughout the entire book. Raine, on the other hand, was just this side of ambiguous. Her place in the story was clear enough; however, her motivation was not. Once she discovered the answers to her questions, what then? McKenna made it clear that Seth ultimately wanted revenge, but what exactly did Raine want? That answer was lost in the mix, so I'm not entirely sure. The villains could have been more intimidating. There were two substantial villains in this book - Lazar and Novak. I did not feel intimidated by either of them. Seth's cohorts, The McCloud Brothers, were a good addition; I liked them the most.
McKenna's writing style was fluent and kept me turning pages. My only gripe is that she used several adjectives too many times. I found myself wondering if she ever thought to consult a thesaurus. But that may be an arguably trivial factor.
All elements considered, I was entertained with Behind Closed Doors. And I am no longer allergic to Romance novels as I was before Behind Closed Doors. I recommend this book if you want to read mystery and sex. But do not read it if you think that you'll be offended by reading very detailed sexual encounters.
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on October 9, 2003
I read the reviews here, and picked up the book expecting something along the lines of a steamier Nora Roberts or Linda Howard. Umm, not quite. Rather than a good suspense with lots of love scenes, I got the equivalent of a porn movie with lots of suspense scenes. I did enjoy the plot (the main one, that is), but I didn't like the main characters. Seth was too much of a bully to be a good alpha-male hero, and Raine had about as much spine as a jellyfish. Also, the first sex scene was a little too close to date rape, in my opinion. And maybe I've been reading the wrong kinds of romances, but geez, there was a sex scene on practically every other page! I enjoy passionate love scenes as much as the next person, but by the second half of the book, I was actually skimming over those parts.
Obviously this particular writer isn't quite what I'm looking for, so I don't think I'll be reading Connor's story. (Oh, there's another bone to pick - Connor McCloud? Has the author ever heard of Highlander? Every time I read his name I was picturing Christopher Lambert.)
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on September 7, 2003
I will be incredibly unpopular with my review but I'm okay with it. I don't understand why Seth treated Raine with little respect and she always forgave. She was described as a beauty who was loyal and kind. He after losing his brother Jesse was angry, distrustful.. etc. Even after spying on her with his cameras in her home, he still thinks she's up to something. I realize he had no reason not to believe she was a whore at first but she proved to him time and again that she was loyal. Another thing is where does he get off giving her orders as if she was a dog? I would have told this bitter man to take a hike. If you like books with plenty of graphic sex and don't care about the relationship between the main characters, this is for you but if you like books that also include mutual respect.... pass. Yes, I expect to have many disagree with me.
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on January 10, 2004
Yes, the writing was great and the plot oustanding, but Raine and Jesse lacked warmth, and in fact, exuded none toward anyone, including each other. Which was pretty amazing considering everything going on in the novel. Also, Jesse showed little kindness for his associates, and especially Raine, a woman for whom he claimed to have strong feelings.
Sorry, just too unfeeling for me.
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