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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on February 25, 2003
Hi there my name is Chris and I would like to tell you a little bite about my life and the changes that this book has made in my life.
It was 6 month's ago that I purchased this book by Rick Gallop. I read the book, only the first phase as the book had told me to do. In the first phase it is all about losing the weight and how to go about it. It seemed to simple to work for me, I was 275 lbs and not at the gym at all. I decided to follow the books advice and give it a fair shot. I did have my doubts, thou I had to try something. It wasn't going to be easy I kept telling myself, which was, to me getting off on the wrong foot. Weeks went by and the weight just kept coming off. I couldn't believe what was happening to me and how easy this all was to do. It made perfect sense and believe me this is not what I consider a diet, but a change in lifestyle. Diets don't work, so a change in the way that you eat is the answer. Rick was right on the money as far as I am concerned, this really did work. I am still keeping to the lifestyle change and will never turn back. No-one can figure out how I did this amazing transformation from 275 lbs of fat guy to a very fit 200 lbs at 13% body fat muscular dude, in only 6 months. Trust me I tell everyone about this book and were they can get it. Those of them that have read the book all come to me and tell me it seems so easy and there going to give it a try. So now I have everyone at my gym getting this book and going for it. What a great feeling to see so many people, so happy about eating so much good food. Everyone used to think, to get fit you had to eat less, but let me tell you, you are what you eat, and eating more is the key, Rick will tell you that in this book. The right food at the right time is the answer, and lots of it. I like to use the term "FEED THE FURNACE". The body needs lots of the right food to get ride of the fat. Your workouts are important, but your eating habits are 75% of the battle. If you can't eat properly than the workouts WILL suffer, with out a doubt. So as an ending to this letter, go out and do yourself a favour and buy this book by Rick Gallop, you will not be sorry, since you are only investing in a very healthy future, for yourself and your family.
Sincerly and thankfully Chris Pare'
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on August 20, 2012
Rick Gallop's GI Diet is is helpful for anyone wanting to start a proper diet. The coloured "lights" make it easy to follow and it contains a lot of common sense information. I do question some of the foods he puts in the "red light" area such as turnips, couscous, and all melons. Another thing I find unhelpful is a lack of calorie, fat and fibre counts for his recipes. Rick also promotes the use of Omega 3 eggs; however, it has been proven that these eggs have no significant extra amount of Omega 3s than ordinary eggs, so not worth the extra cost.
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on August 21, 2003
When My parents bought this book I thought well I could eat a bit healthier so I gave it a read and stated into it. Two months later and I have managed to loose 28lbs and I am continuing now to loose about a 1lbs every 3-4days.
There are enough suggestions in this book to keep meals from getting boring and since taking on this diet there has never been I time when I was hungry between meals or tempted to cheat on the diet.
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on May 23, 2004
I never belived in diet books or programs. A friend of mine suggested this book to me. I am vegetarian and was over weight a little, but I was more concern about type II diabetes, since my dad and grandma has it. Though I do not have any problem but just to be proactive and I bought this book just after easter holidays. In 4 weeks I have lst 14 lbs.- 1 size, and after 8-9 weeks now I have kept it off not only that but I do eat things that I like over the weekends and no problem. I did give this book to several friends of mine to read and everyone have received benefits. I did take it to my physician and she also said that she did read it in the past and she totally recommands and loves this book. THIS IS THE BEST MONEY SPENT FOR YOUR HEALTH. Even if you do not have any problem like me please get this book and read it for fun and see what you get out of it, and if you have health problems than it is the blessing for you. Can not thank Rick Gallop enough to share his wealth of knowledge for giving us this priceless book. I would never spent hundreds of dollars for dietitian or nutritionists. I really do not believe so much in different diet and we all know about high protein - high fat and no carb diet and we have read it all this in news paper as well. It does not work and it harms your health more than they do good to you. You know what just read this book and will know what I am talking about.
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on April 6, 2004
Everything works better with this diet. In addition to allowing me to lose 12 pounds over the last 6 weeks, the GI diet has reduced my chronic back pain, and enabled me to better control the pain. ( I am at BMI 21 - 144lb - age 50)
I have always noticed that my back pain went away for a while after I ate something, so I wondered if this was something to do with my blood sugar/insulin level. The GI diet's stabilizing effect on insulin levels sounded intriguing when I spotted the Feb.17,2004 front page Women's World "Canadian Miracle Diet" headline, and when I saw how easy it was to follow, I bought "The GI diet" and "Living the GI diet" and started in. The recipes in both the books are excellent. I had no idea how strongly blood sugar/insulin affects one's appetite, let alone how one feels. The improvement in the way I feel is really amazing. I am quite active and have found my performance in swimming and exercising has improved markedly. My husband is sort of following the diet too (he cheats a bit - one beer a day, plus 30grams of dark chocolate a day, but he exercises with weights every day too) and he has lost 10 pounds, so I am telling all my friends, family, and colleagues about it. (A colleague at work has already lost 11 pounds since she started a month ago)
These books are a life-line to all of us.
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on April 11, 2004
This is a life style changing book. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve the quality of his/her life. I am one of those people who can't diet no matter what and will it whatever I want and when I want. Now, I think twice before having junk food, and in the last 8 months (since reading this book), I had chips maybe twice (and not a whole bag!) and I don't think I've even had a chocolate bar. And I'm a huge chocolate lover. Buy this book, it will help you lose weight and improve your health.
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on January 6, 2004
What I like most about this book is the general principles it espouses about proper eating habits which include whole, natural foods, as well as balancing the relationship between carbohydrates, fats and protiens. The author simplifies alot of jargon and explains scientific terminology in lay persons language. It makes sense to load up on vegetables and fruits, eat the right protiens, and YES, still enjoy our carbohydrates despite the mass frenzy of high protien diets in the marketplace. It's all about making informed choices, sound decisions and eating wholesome, least processed foods. How difficult is that? Furthermore, he takes the math out of counting calories, counting sugar content. All we have to do is follow the Glycemic Index chart to determine what foods are low on the GI scale, i.e. what is low on unprocessed, low fat, and low sugar foods. It's really not that difficult, and if you're already a healthy eater, than this is just a reinforcement of what you probably already know.
But (and there's always a but), I don't agree with everything he has to say. And while I may be nitpicking (because after all, he does have very sound principles), I found some of the information misinformed at best, or misleading at worst. For example, he talks about avoiding Chinese food if you are on a diet, especially the sugary sauces. To my in-depth knowledge of Chinese cuisine, I would hardly qualify Chinese food as sugary (and I'm not talking about the junk that passes itself off as Chinese you find in mall food courts). He also talks about avoiding Chinese food because of the starchy, glutinous rice dishes are served with. Glutinous rice first of all is not part of everyday Chinese diet. It is served in occasional items, but hardly a staple of each meal. In fact, I would even say Chinese food is one of the healthier types of cuisines available because of its focus on balancing the elements of starches, vegetables and protiens. Protiens such as beef, pork and chicken are served in small morsels to accompany the strong vegetable element along with some long grain rice (which he does recommend in the GI chart).
Other misleading information also talks about drinking sugar free drinks with aspartame. While he does make mention of the sugar industry lobby who tries to discourage aftificial sweetners, he fails to address concerns of nutritionists and health professionals who talk about how sweeteners such as aspartame are in fact processed in the body the same way as sugar. There is growing evidence artificial sweeteners is stored as fat as well. So I find some information lacking and misleading.
In the interest of making it a easily digestble book (pardon the pun), some information just seemed to be missing. I get the sense he does not have much knowledge of cooking, which he later admits to in the book, and so alot of food items seem to be missing. On the negative side, it seems to be a bland book geared towards individuals who may not have much variety in their diet. What about couscous?
While on the one hand he talks about the low incidence of heart disease among Mediterreanean diets (because of their their healthy consumption of mono and poly fats, and fruits and vegetables), it just seemed like their was something missing when we know the French diet consists of pastries and heavy sauces. Yes, its true, they probably do not consume as much of it as North Americans, but still that leaves a question in my mind.
Furthermore, the few recipes he includes just seems bland, boring and totally devoid of ethnic considerations. It would be interesting to see a book like this include a more comprehensive listing of food varieties.
He also contradicts himself when he talks about how you will eventually find skim milk tastes just like 2% milk; and then a few chapters later he talks about how 2% milk tastes like cream to him now.
Then there's the issue of not needing to drink eight cups of water everyday. Instead you may drink juices or artificially sweetened drinks. That just doesn't make sense. Why hasn't he addressed the issue that the more water you consume the more likely your body will actively engage in weight loss. Besides, you will feel fuller too, and would be less likely to eat a "bad" food.
Having said all that however, the principles in this book are a good guideline to go by, but the infromation by no means definitive. It's a good start. As long as you stick to the principles, you're on the right track.
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on May 25, 2004
I lost a pound a week without even really following the diet very strictly and have now lost 10lbs and still keeping it off even if I do stray more often than not in the last few weeks! The concept is simple and makes complete sense. It explains why all other diets don't work or doesn't help you keep the weight off for good and this diet is good for your heart, health and life!!
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on July 17, 2004
This book has helped me lose 14 pounds in 4 weeks, and it really is easy to follow. With a little bit of willpower and encouragement from your entourage, it really is possible to lose weight with this book. I wish I had read it earlier!
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on January 3, 2011
When I used this book and followed the suggestions, I actually lost some weight without a lot of effort. It kind of guides you to the better foods to eat and helps you make better choices when hungry.
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