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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on December 26, 2002
I really like this book. It starts at 13 months and goes all the way up to a little over 3 years old. From 13 months to 3 years old, it tells what your toddler should be doing, and when they most commonly start doing it. Whatever questions you may have about raising your toddler (and I know that a lot of you, like me--a first time mother, have a lot of questions about raising your toddler that neighbors, friends or relatives don't have the answers to!). There are also other topics such as toilet training, first aid do's and don'ts, discipline techniques, and special sections for parents who adopted their kids and for fathers, too! If you are the parent of a toddler, and would like some answers to your questions, this is the book to buy. I liked it so much, I gave a copy to my mother (yes I know she has some expertise in that area, but I just wanted to be on the safe side--raising kids in the 2000s is a lot different than raising kids in the 1970s!
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on September 26, 1998
This book is helping me a lot in rearing up my one-and-a-half year old daughter. I read all the notes and preface and introduction and followed the author's advice about referring to it not by chapters but only as the need arose or the symptom/behavior/whatever developed. Additionally, it wasn't the only book I read and, as the authors advised, I still sought the knowledge of my baby's pediatrician and my mother. I was glad that the book is comprehensive enough to cover all the possible problem areas a first-time mother could encounter. The best advice I could give future readers is, read it and take only those snippets of information or advice that best applies to your situation. However, the baby's doctor or pediatrician may still be the better judge of what is best for the child, as he or she is the one who knows the child's medical and, sometimes, family/genetic history.
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on March 3, 1999
If you want to...have a handy reference around for when you've got a question about your kids, this book (and the other title, "What to Expect the First Year"), are solid, well-balanced guides. The information is presented in such a way so that it does not preach, and parents can use their common sense as to how to apply the advice to their situation. As a first time parent, I thought it was nice to have around, and is a lot easier than having to call the pediatrician -- or, worse yet, friends or relatives -- every time you've got a question. With this book, you get the basics and can decide for yourself what to do next without wading through all the guilt or nonsense of everyone else's opinions. Cuts down on the conversations that start, "Well, with *my* kids, I always thought it was best if ..."
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on January 26, 2000
The authors write the most comprehensive survey of all aspects of parenting a toddler. In particular, I find the advice on behavioral issues so helpful. Something I didn't "expect" to be so enlightening and thorough. The common sense format makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. A must for any parent!
I'd also like to comment on the customer review from NY dated 1/24. I do not think the author's biases on nursing and self comforting stand out any more than any other author on the wide variety of subjects on children that are out there. We are ALL passionate about raising our children the way we think is best for each and every one of us, including the authors. I'd be surprised if they were NOT apparent. I'm happy to know that you still found it helpful!
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on December 14, 1999
And like several previous reviewers have stated, take what works for you individually. Especially breastfeeding.
Le Leche is an agenda and practically condemn anyone who deviates from their RULES. My wife worked, so our boy was given breast, and bottled, either 100% breastmilk, mix or straight formula, whatever was available and WORKED for us. He has NEVER had an earache and only 2 colds, and he turns 3 in February. Plus, he was weaned at about 11 months. Soon as he figured out what teeth can do.
And getting confused when we would switch? What? Did he even care is the real question! If milk come out of it, he adjusted within two sucks of the nipple.
Great book. Recommend to anyone who cares about their children.. and themselves!
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on July 15, 1998
since the beginning of my pregnancy i have read and enjoyed these books. Whenever i had a question about the development or health of my son I could be sure where to go for information. While everything may not have worked for me every child is different. This book gave me some insight and a place to start to overcome a paticular incident. I have loved these books from day one they were a godsend. Now whenever i go to a baby shower you can guess what I give the mother-to-be. I just want to say I'm glad someone came up with a easy to read and understand book that i didnt have to wade through. I can easily go to the page and the situation I'm looking for without wasting alot of time, since time is something I dont always have alot of.
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on June 14, 1999
I bought WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU ARE EXPECTING for my first pregnancy and I don't know what I would have done without it. Now my child is 13 months and in "FULL TODDLER MODE"!. WHAT TO EXPECT THE TODDLER YEARS has been right on track for the most part and has given me peace of mind on many subjects such as, When to start the weaning process, The NO,NO,NO Syndrome and baby proofing your home. I take all adivse as sugesstions and apply them to my toddler when approriate. Child rearing is very personal and we all have different ways of going about it. This book is ment to be a guide not the Bible. But it can be very helpful.
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on September 18, 2003
Although what to expect when your expecting is my favorite of this series. I thought this book was wonderful. It help you understand ages and stages and isn't OPINIONATED like some others. It has more than one doctors point of view so you don't feel like it has to0 be one way or the other. I am not a fan of the Dr.Sears way of parenting and this book is a good alternative to that. I think this book is more open minded and less do it this way and that's it.
I highly recommend this book. I understand it doesn't cover EVERYTHING but no book will. Not unless it's the size of an un abriged dictionary.
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on November 28, 2001
I think this is an excellent book. My son will be one on Dec.1st and I have already had to look up information. I enjoyed What to Excpect when your Excepting and What to Expect the First Year. There has been some comments made that the book does not support extended breastfeeding, I would think by now they would have bought books that deal with just extended breastfeeding. I know I have have. The book does not discourage extended breastfeeding, but it does help start the weanig pocesses.
If you have enjoyed the first two book this is aonther one to add to your list.
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on September 19, 1999
Don't be put off by a few negative comments in these reader reviews. There is a reason this series is a national best seller. I have young twins and this book (and the entire series) has been simply invaluable. I use it as a starting point/reference, read a few other books that have different perspectives (I like Penelope Leach but think Dr. Sears is much too liberal for me) and then apply common sense. That is what parenting is all about, right?
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