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on November 7, 2000
I had purchased the book with the anticipation of Prima's supreme insight. What I got was an outdated version of Football for dummies. The Nintendo64 and PSone info may be accurate, yet not for the PS2 version. If the editors of the book would have tried to play the PS2 version before they did their job maybe they would realize that half of the stupid checklist (PS2 version) in the back of the book is incorrect, and that is just the beginning of the errors. The rosters save people from cycling through them in the menu system of the game, half the playbooks are incorrect to a degree in the PS2 game. An example is the halfback pass in Vince Tobin's playbook, which on the PS2 version does not exist. The strategy is pretty useful, assuming that you have lived under a rock and recently discovered the sport of football. The team by team breakdown is somewhat useful if you want a glorified NFL picture book, which also makes it easy to read. I have read parts of the Everquest: Ruins of Kunark strategy guide by Prima and found it amazing. I was dissapointed to see that the information involving the PS2 version of Madden NFL 2001 was not completely accurate. The book should have not made any mention of the PS2 if so much of its content did not pertain to the Playstation2 version. The game is awesome. Instant recommendation. The guide however, I will only recommend if you do not own the PS2 version, unleess they update it now that the game has been released.
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on October 8, 2000
This is the poorest excuse for a strategy guide I have ever seen. I hardly discusses strategy at all -- it gives the shallowest of descriptions and doesn't discuss the pieces of the game that are the most critical -- switching to Bump and Run and a myriad of other advanced options.
I read the manual to learn the basics. I bought this thinking it would go more in-depth. Truly pathetic. Additionally, the screen shots are confusing or wrong and come from Madden 2000, not 2001!
If you're looking for insight into Madden 2001, look elsewhere. This is a definite Loser of a guide. If I could give this 0 or less Stars, I would--but the system won't allow it.
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on January 1, 2002
I had to judge for myself after reading the reviews and needing a guide for Madden 2001. This guide is total garbage. It showed me nothing I didn't figure out on my own before I got the guide and gave me no insights on franchise play, drafting, or even playing the game. Even as a replacement for a lost game manual it would be worthless. This is the worst purchase of a Prima product I have ever made. My money would have been better spent being burned. The guide is a glorified sales manual for Madden 2001. I'll see the next prima guide before I buy it. If I buy one of their's again.
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on January 13, 2001
I never would have bought this if I had seen in in the store. It does nothing well. It doesn't even explain how to read the play diagrams when you call plays. It has no opinion on controllers or how to use them. The advice for running a franchise or creating a gameplan consists of one vanilla paragraph.
Sad to see it associated with such a great game.
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on December 9, 2000
The complex is not covered at all. The simple is not covered adequately to understand. It assumes you know everything it does not tell you, which is not much.
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on January 14, 2001
Was really disappointed with this. The embedded graphics were lousy and the book just didn't give any strategies or help. So much for Prima's Guides
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on June 19, 2001
Don't waste your money go to for free stategy guides and cheats
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