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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on April 27, 2004
Tammy Bruce, an openly gay, liberal feminist, and former president of NOW LA Chapter, has written one of the bravest books I've read in a long, long time. In The New Thought Police, Tammy Bruce reveals the hidden agenda of the extreme left, which she says isn't equality and understanding, but rather control of the very THOUGHTS of everyone in our nation.
Topics covered are: the ridiculousness of hate-crimes legislation, the unfair treatment of Dr. Laura (known for disagreeing with homosexuality, but also for demanding they be treated with dignity and respect), the exploitation by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson of African-Americans and how they are destroying the progress made by the civil rights movement, the selling-out of NOW and the feminist establishment by refusing to come out against OJ Simpson as a wife batterer, how multicultural apologists have actually made things worse for immigrants, the danger to the career of Hollywood stars if they should 'come-out' as having right-wing or pro-life tendancies, and perhaps worst of all, the mind-control of the academic establishment on America's college campuses.
Bruce sounds a wake-up call for all women, gays, minorities, and true liberals that trying to police what people think and say not only doesn't make the world a better place, but pushes dissenting opinions underground where they tend to fester and breed resentment, giving fuel to the truly dangerous types, like the KKK. Rather than trying to silence all opinions that we disagree with, Bruce suggests, we need to work to balanced viewpoints in media, and true dialogue. When the vitriole is turned off, she says, we actually find the the left and the right agree more than disagree, and can at least work together on issues that are common to all people (as she demonstrated happened when conservatives wrote donation checks to NOW in support of a project to help the plight of battered women). On the other hand, Bruce shows, if we don't stop the thought police, we will soon be living in the society of George Orwell's 1984, and we will no longer even be able to pretend that we live in a society where we can have the free exchange of thoughts and ideas.
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on April 11, 2004
Tammy does a great job exposing the hypocrisy of NOW, NAACP and the Rainbow Coalition. During the Afghanistan and Iraq offensives, before I could only wonder why these groups were opposed to actions which only would benefit women and children, the cry of the 'impending deaths of innocent women and children' due to these campaigns rang hollow. The support of groups like NOW for MTV (and its degradation of girls) and opposition to people like Dr. Laura Schlessinger (educated women with strong opinions) bely their true agenda. Her revelations about Betty Friedan and Rosa Parks diminish their accomplishments and call into question the credibility of the groups that hail them, Tammy warns of the dangers of deceit to further ones goals. She also offers insight into the O.J. Simpson debacle, how NOW ditched the domestic violence issues for its political bond with the NAACP.
The ADL, GLAAD, FAIR, and ACLU incriminate themselves by their actions and inactions. She also helps repair damage of those who had been demonized by the self righteous Left, without losing the principles of the Left. In a time where rhetoric is so impassioned, she offers reason and command respect.
This book gives us great warning about the danger of political correctness, where diversity means agreeing with one opinion.
She also offers compelling consideration of the 'hate crimes' laws enacted.
As terrific companion reads, I suggest 'The Invisible Heart' (the path of socialism) and 'Lost in the Cosmos' (the pifalls of group thinking).
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on February 15, 2004
Tammy Bruce has an opinion that many are assaulting our right to have an opinion. Tammy defends those who would not agree with her lifestyle and those who may actually condemn her lifestyle. Interestingly she supports the conservatives in their right to have an opinion.
This book is a warning to America that we need to be able to state an opinion, whether left, right or center. Bruce is not promoting the right to slander and villify someone, however, she does support ones right to say that something is not correct without being labelled politically incorrect.
America has values as a foundation to our society. Is is possible for either side of an issue to debate without accusation and reprisal? Her main foundation is the insanity that surrounded Dr. Laura and her attempt to get on TV after she discussed homosexuality on her radio program. Bruce breaks down the matter for us to show how Dr. Laura's freedom of speech was attacked.
The reason Bruce is concerned here is because she does not want that right taken away from anyone, by anyone. At what cost is it that we lose the ability for dialogue?
The New Thought Police is a good book for any idealogical point of view. That is my opinion, was this review helpful or am I going to get a no because you don't agree with the conservative approach of the book? Please, rate the review....not the perspective.
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Tammy Bruce explores the disturbing rise of the Thought Police that tries to silence individual opinion. They operate through the media, special-interest groups and the power elite that uses perpetual victimhood combined with speech and thought control to gain and hold power. This is even more destructive when it is done by the Left, the political wing that claims to be the protector of free speech and personal liberty.
The author writes from the belly of the beast, so to speak, as she was president of the LA chapter of the National Organisation for Women and experienced these activities at first hand. At the heart of Thought Police activity is the argument that certain types of speech and the expression of certain opinions hurt certain groups and as a result should be restricted. The explicit message comes in the form of politically correct speech codes while implicitly the message is to remain silent when the virtual assassination of those who oppose the Left's status quo takes place, as in the case of Dr. Laura Schlessinger.
Bruce shares her unique experiences on the inside of a social movement and dispels the myth that only the Left's prevailing opinions are valid. She encourages the reader to think for herself/himself and to bravely explore their own opinions and conclusions about significant and controversial social issues. The book is an appeal for reclaiming ourselves and our culture from the self-appointed Kommissars.
She deals with the evolution of political correctness and its speech codes, contrasting the difference between the Lockean ideal of classical liberalism and today's Left, while exposing the hidden socialist sympathies of feminists like Betty Friedan and others. She demonstrates how the Left has become a mind control cult with the sole purpose of perpetuating itself. Her investigation of the concept of "hate crimes" is astute and enlightening as is her analysis of Groupthink.
Her writing is engaging and often humorous, as in the chapter in multiculturalism which she calls "the Thought Police in costume." Throughout, she brilliantly exposes the hypocrisy of certain groups and individuals. She also shines a piercing light on the double standards in the news media, the entertainment industry and academia, with reference to the disgusting book American Psycho and the OJ Simpson case.
The book ends on an optimistic note with example of successful social activism that was meant to empower and achieved great results and a section on the power of the individual to adhere to sound values and morals. The book concludes with copious notes, a thorough index and a bibliography that includes Hannah Arendt, Andrea Dworkin, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell.
Other must-read books of related interest include In Defense Of Global Capitalism by Johan Norberg, The New Anti-Semitism by Phyllis Chesler, Tales From The Left Coast by James L. Hirsen, The Vision Of The Anointed by Thomas Sowell and Treason by Ann Coulter.
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on July 1, 2003
Wow. Rarely have I read a book that so thoroughly destroys a facade like this book does. What adds to its potency is the undeniable fact that the author self professes in the beginning of the book to be a gay, liberal, pro-choice, former President of NOW. This she claims gives her "insider" status on what she writes about. While I may disagree with some of her views, I respect and admire the honesty with which she systematically exposes the hypocritical and destructive tactics of the "activists" on the Left. Tammy Bruce is an excellent author, and an expert on the subject.
The chapter describing the attacks on Dr. Laura by GLAAD are detailed and exposed for what they were, as she contends they were cowardly and shameful acts of hypocrisy. Despite her insider status, she was treated as an outcast within her own organization for even questioning such tactics. In looking at such supposedly benign issues such as hate-crimes legislation and those on the Left who support it, she demonstrates the logical absurdity of this legislation. By simply looking at the legislation we realize that it by definition implies that blacks, Jews, and gays must be much more neurotic and weak than others because we are led to believe that crime affects them much more than it does everyone else. Do the parents of a murdered straight child grieve less that those of a gay child? Is the pain or damage any less? (See page 40 for this discussion). She outlines the damage caused by "groupthink" and how much like cults some of these Left organizations have become. The irony of trying to silence people who disagree with the liberal left worldview for being intolerant isn't lost on her as it is with most everyone else on the Left.
The disturbing trend of mind control being practiced on our college campuses these days prompts her to say that when a woman giving a speech about individual empowerment has to flee for her safety there is something twisted going on. She also indicates in the chapter that the power the Thought Police wield at universities and schools is indeed disturbing. However, the good thing is that at least it gives us a clear view of what exactly the Left wants. In an environment under their ideological control, the Thought Police have free reign to silence opinions, squelch debate, and punish dissent (see page 222 for the exact quotes).
The exposure of minority leaders such as Jesse Jackson and others that actually deliberately attempt to perpetuate victimhood and create racial tension for their own benefit, where none actually exists, prompts her to describe them as "Misery Merchants". In devoting a chapter to these sad phenomena she implies that what started as a struggle for equal rights and a color-blind society has turned into a major profit industry - the victim industry. The details and evidence for this is truly disturbing in how disingenuous it all really is.
This is a powerful book. The arguments are so airtight, and due to her status as an "insider" to this movement, the result is a chilling look at just how far this group will go to create a "Stalin-like" state where any viewpoints except their own are severely punished. I experience this Thought Police approach in Corporate America and in the local media. This book will likely stir emotions on both sides of the fence. It states in the most compelling and undeniable way yet the dangers of the Thought Police and the agenda of the liberal left. Agree or disagree with her personal views, the evidence is beyond dispute.
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on April 18, 2003
I can't remember how I discovered this book's existence. But once I bought it and started reading, I couldn't put it down.
Excellent, thought-provoking and inspiring. I say inspiring because it helps that you realize you're not alone or not really the odd man out when you see and realize these things - from the stories she shares -- too. If you are counted as one of the Democratic sheep, you can remove the fleece and show you both truly understand and are not afraid to recognize truth. And you can learn a few things about the Left's history and maybe see how things have arrived at where we are now: a sad place where the supposed purveyors of truth are truly the ones who seek to squelch individual opinion.
Tammy Bruce is a truly awesome writer. And her own history and insights delivered via this book are words many Americans need to read, remember and pass along to others. Like many of us, she was presented a theme she once believed in, but came to realize the dishonest intentions if never present before, are at least present today.
Read this and share it with others.
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on March 24, 2003
A lot of conservative readers read a lot of conservative books by conservatives. However, it's a wondrous change to hear the same kinds of indictments of the left coming from a lesbian feminist! When she calls it like it is from the inside of the socialist dominated movements, it's extremely satisfying. Conservatives have been identifying the root source of the problem as communism, and Tammy Bruce confirms everything we already knew. Except she's an intellectually honest liberal.
Mis. Bruce, your excellent work here was much appreciated. Not only is the book a fast paced and easy read, but it's also intellectually engaging and contains newness. The point you make about the left's need to stick to honest truth is demonstrated with your book. By being factual, you were able to make me think about the real issue with OJ's aquittal: wife beaters. And you stirred thoughts about how smut is entering the mainstream, and the ability of the market to prevent the spread of "sexualizing violence against women" -- and the necessity of activism to play a role.
But activism cannot be marred by the political machinations of the communist-leaning left. The horrid truth you reveal is that much of it is. The book serves as an excellent desk reference I will be sure to use. For exposing this truth, you have alienated many that held you as a friend -- but you've done a tremendous service to your country by writing this book, and made a friend of the entire conservative movement. I hope everyone gets a chance to read it. Thank you, Tammy Bruce.
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on February 10, 2003
In her recent book, "The New Thought Police," Ms. Tammy Bruce has disturbed the liberal bats in the deepest recesses of their caves. Being nocturnal creatures, they do not function well when exposed to the blinding light of truth.
Predictably, in their frantic search for sanctuary, they do not attempt to confront or refute the specific charges she addresses, but rather, resort to their customary reaction, which is, to attack the messenger. They question her motives for writing this expose rather than responding to her charges. They do not even take the trouble to deny specific instances where the media as well as the universities have used ridicule and political correctness to silence conservative voices. No! They would rather hurl their lethal bat-droppings in the general direction of the political "Right", hoping a few of them will stick somewhere. And we hear their familiar chant that "everybody does it."
Unlike those of Ms. Bruce, their attacks are vague and unfocused. Without giving specific instances, they point their fingers accusingly at John Ashcroft, President Bush and the "Far-Right."
Rest assured that Ms. Bruce is being taken seriously by the liberal community. Hence, the carefully organized critical critiques of her book at this site. I am confident that if you take the time to read this book with an open mind, you will come away with the same determination that I have. That it is a penetrating, well organized document that exposes the attempts of the liberal thought- police to dictate to you, not only what you say, but even what you think!
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on February 9, 2003
Tammy Bruce is a Classical Liberal, one who extols the true virtues of an American culture that has brought a rising tide of wealth to all of its people. In this new book she speaks out against the heavily laden dogma of the Socialist Left that hides behind the labels of NOW, the NAACP, and multiculturalism, the avatar of academic political correctness. She avers that these groups have sought to hoodwink the public while turning America's universities into a bastion of intellectual thought suppression worthy of East Germany under Soviet occupation.
As a true Liberal she voices her support for individualism versus the Groupthink multiculturalism so popular in Hollywood, the media and academia. Her thoughts emanating from her experiences as catalogued in this book are given additional and sustained gravitas due to her credentials as a pro-choice, lesbian feminist who was president of the National Organization of Women from 1990-1996.
The book is a quick read, but the thoughts she outlines are the result of intense and calculated consideration. She correctly sees through all the popular ruses of the Socialist Left which are right out of the Leninist-Stalinist playbook. She points out how a very small number of people (5 or 6) were able to orchestrate the campaign to remove Dr. Laura Schlessinger from the airwaves. She deplores the smears and lies of Molly Yard, Patricia Ireland and Ellie Smeal of NOW who, along with their minions, practice a form of assault on free speech and free thought while abetted by the same culprits, the major media, academia and Hollywood. She relates how these women have even attempted to silence her.
As a true feminist she comes down hard on Jesse Jackson and Bill Clinton with obvious good reason. She even calls out the Gay establishment for pretending to be one thing but in fact being another. She accuses these representatives of the New Thought Police of abandoning their original mission in favor of a Socialist agenda that is the opposite of the principles upon which America was founded. She's so refreshing that it makes you want to stand up and cheer.
I have seen her on the Fox network and she speaks as clearly and articulately as she writes which makes her an attractive spokesman for freedom lovers everywhere. In this book she attempts to refute the many misrepresentations that America is bombarded with daily by our trusted network news anchors. It's noteworthy that former CBS reporter Bernard Goldberg's new book "Bias", about network Leftism at CBS, is ready to debut. It reflects an expanding market that he and Ms Bruce address and it highlights a backlash from real Liberals across the nation that is in full force. In addition, the events of 9-11 have exacerbated the rancor of the people and it seems that this position is echoed in the continuing success in the ratings of the Fox network.
Read this book and know that there are many on the Left and the Right who despise the Anti-Americanism that Tammy Bruce so effectively exposes. She understands Left-wing McCarthyism when she sees it, and America could use more like her.
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on October 29, 2002
When I heard that Tammy Bruce was a lesbian, feminist-activist Democrat, I looked upon her book askance. What on earth could she have to say that I, a white male conservative Republican want to read? While browsing in a bookstore while awaiting a plane, I leafed through a copy of her book and was immediately intrigued. I bought it.
Tammy's tome is one of the best books I have read in quite a while. While we may come from very different backgrounds, I greatly respect Ms. Bruce for her intellectual honesty and commitment to free and objective inquiry, something that is heavily repressed in America today. I also admire her honest tolerance for competing ideas and her fine mind.
Tammy illustrates the leftist assault on free speech, freedom of inquiry and freedom of thought. Everywhere, Americans are under strong societal and group pressures to conform to a leftist political orthodoxy, with social ostracism, personal defamation, and loss of income as punishment for those who refuse to submit. Tammy uses Dr. Laura Schlesinger as her first example. Dr. Schlesinger merely voiced honest, but not hateful, opinions about the nature of homosexuality. GLAAD, a radical gay activist group, distorted Schlesinger's actual statements or simply lied about what she really said and meant. They pressured her sponsors to abandon support for her TV show. Schlesinger lost her show as sponsors bailed out.
The Left is great at blackmail, defamation and coercion. Liberal-left groups are intellectually dishonest and openly malicious to those who express honest disagreement, and sometimes seek the personal or professional destruction of those they consider political enemies. That is Tammy's message in a nutshell, and it dovetails very well with that of Ann Coulter, in her book "Slander."
Intellectual and social coercion exist in the workplace as political correctness and conditioned hypersensitivity to the most innocuous remarks, if they address forbidden subjects, e.g., race, gender or culture. The same coercion exists on college campuses, almost all of whom are a four-year immersion in socialist, Marxist and anti-American propaganda. The absence of conservative professors, the existence of politically-motivated speech codes (formal or informal), and the almost complete lack of faculty support or funding for conservative student groups and outside speakers (with plenty of dough for radical left ones), exacerbates the problem.
Then there is the major media, who strongly supports this thought control by rigorous self-censorship, unbalanced reporting, and the suppression of stories and opinions that do not support the leftist political orthodoxy. That problem is so large I dare not attempt to address it here.
Tammy Bruce, I don't care if you are a lesbian or a feminist (I'm still having trouble with the Democrat, though). You are a friend, and ally and an inspiration to all who value intellectual honesty, free speech, and freedom of inquiry. God bless, and thank you.
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