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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on December 2, 2003
If you are interested enough to read this review, then buy this book. Now. I have done quite a bit of programming ... The only problem was, I had never programmed VBA/Excel and was having a very rough time getting started.
I bought "Excel 2002 VBA Programmer's Reference". I sat down and started reading Chapter 2. Before long, I was so excited that I was firing up my laptop. Four hours after I started reading the book, I had a prototype up and running. This book is amazing. Chapter 2 gave me more useful information than I sometimes get from an entire book. ...
The authors are simply bursting with knowledge and give it freely. Ideas are expressed clearly and succinctly. Knowledge is well-organized and easy to find. Whether you want to approach the topic methodically or flip through looking for gems, you will find what you want here.
Getting the object model is a great bonus. I'm going to enjoy spending a few days going through this one.
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on October 6, 2003
The book is adressed both to beginners and intermediate users, not advanced ones though. It covers everything, however there were many occasions where I wanted more information. This is not to say the book is not a great value for money. After all, a complete vba book would probably need to have a couple of thousand pages, whereas with this book you can start programming even having read only chapter 2. If money is not an issue, you also need to buy Walkenbach's vba book too.
I found it easy to navigate through it, so I didn't think indexing was such a great problem as commented before me. The authors don't say too little or too much and they write very clear. The reason I didn't put 5 stars (if I had the option I would put 4.5 starts) was because I didn't like the second part of it, which is half the book and which mostly presents basic information.
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on July 22, 2003
It's a great book! It actually consists of two parts: a brief but very useful VBA overview with all popular tricks and hints in the beginning and a deep and coplete reference at the end. Normally you need to buy two separate books to get this coverage. This book can get you started in a few hours and answer virtually all your questions going forward. Really, really good!
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on May 15, 2003
The book would get 5 stars from me if only Wrox would spend the money on hiring an indexer for this book. It's very difficult to quickly find which pages have the information you need on most subjects and keywords.
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on May 13, 2003
Truly excellent. Starts from ABC and goes all the way down to Z with a very pleasant and intelligent presentation. One of the best books on programming I have ever come across. A must. FDV
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on February 13, 2003
I'm a beginner in VBA and I bough this book one week ago and I find it excellent. I have tried to learn VBA with other books before with no success. This book is easy to follow and gives lots of easy examples. Personally I learn best working with examples. No problem recommending this book for other beginners.
Ok it doesn't come with a CD, but it's no problem downloading what you need from the home page.
Good luck!
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on January 13, 2003
The reader of this book must have programming knowledge and be a proficient Excel user. This was not written for absolute beginners. The book is best where it covers advanced feature's such as Add ins, programming the VBE, Windows API,Class Modules and writing international applications. However If you buy this book I would recommend WalkenBach's "Excel Power Programming..." which offers a better coverage of Userforms, Charts, Toolbars and Menu's.
The book is very lean althogh it is about 1000 pages, it does not offer plenty of examples but the code that is given is very useful. Although could not grasp the chapter's about com add ins and programming the Smarttags I would classify this book as one written in a very clear and approachable way.
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on April 23, 2002
I bought the previous edition (Excel 2000) of this book and was not satisified at all by the way it was put together. The second edition is a great improvement. The other reviewers have said nice things about this edition and I agree, but feel it can still be improved. This is a reference book but it has a terrible index. I can't find anything without reading through the chapters page by page. Please! Try again and it would be a great book to have.
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on April 19, 2002
I am an IT consultant with limited programming exposure, but good Excel knowledge. I had a sudden Excel VBA work requirement that meant I had to get going fast. Had heard this was not a book to get started on, but not true, and wouldn't have wanted to learn any other way. No messing around - get stuck in with real world business examples and numerous tips on things to watch out for. Had to focus hard as there is so much information but now 5 weeks later have finished it and feel confident to have a crack at any Excel VBA project. Also now got a good library of code to use.
In fact I enjoyed learning with these guys so much I have ordered a book on programming VB 6.0 to expand my knowledge.
Can't recommend it enough.
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on November 16, 2001
Hello Excel users
If you want to learn about programming in Excel there are two books that you must have near your computer.
The first is the 2002 book from John Walkenbach and this one from Bullen, Green, Bovey, Rosenberg.
This 2002 version is better to read then the 2000 version is my opinion and also a lot bigger (from 715 to 993 pages)
The authors have made a great job of making this new version of the Excel 2000 VBA book.
If I must say what I love the most then I say The Object Model in this book is great part of the book.
I am glad that I purchase it.
Regards Ron
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