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on September 13, 1999
Quilts have played a role in peoples' lives for centuries and are an important part of our history. Author Cheryl Fall's love and passion for quilting is clear as she explains this time honored art in simple step-by-step instructions.
This book is organized into five parts, beginning with the history of quilting and techniques, fabrics & patterns. Basic sewing skills are reviewed, especially the basting, stitching and binding needed to finish a quilt in style.
There are great diagrams and charts throughout the book that show exactly how everything goes together and a section of color plates shows some beautiful finished pieces. Sixteen projects are included to get you started.
The book concludes with resource guides to suppliers, publications, museums and internet sites. This is the first essential book for the beginner, but the experienced quilter will find much of value here as well.
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on November 9, 2002
A friend recommended this book to me. I read it over the course of a few days--but I wasn't working on a project at the time. I think that it is a wonderful book, but I wish it had more information on fabric selection, etc. I personally didn't like any of the projects in the back of the book, but I did think the instructions were done well. I will probably get a few more books, but this one is a good start.
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I'd learned how to make a basic sampler from a pamphlet-type book, but I still had dozens of questions that were left unanswered. I found the answers to nearly all of them in this book and am using it to help me with my first full-sized quilt. The writing style is easy to read, the diagrams and color photos make great illustrations, and the sixteen sampler projects are good beginner-type designs. I liked the given options for applique and making the binding, as well as the list of internet resources in the back. Project-wise, this is good for beginners or those who like small projects, but it is an excellent reference for quilters of all skill levels.
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on July 18, 1999
As a complete novice at quilting, I looked forward to receiving this book. It is both a delight to read, and it's delightful to work the beginner projects included. However, it is also a disappointment. The author included several projects on wall hangings, but doesn't recommend to the reader/quilter, how, once the project is completed, to make a sleeve, or something similar, for hanging the completed piece. There are no instructions on hanging the quilted piece on the wall. I found it necessary to buy yet another quilting book to get these instructions.
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on March 5, 2004
This is a very easy to read book, with clear instructions and explanations. I'm just getting started on my first project from the book and it looks ok so far! However I am finding that the instructions for this project are becoming sparser as I get through it - fair enough, but since this is a book for beginners I hoped that the instructions for the projects would be overloaded with details and tips. However there is a lot of information in the front section of the book. I'd recommend this as a beginner text.
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on November 28, 2001
This is a pretty good beginner's guide to quilting. I am a complete beginner and bought 3 books, including this one. I like the projects in this book best. Many are small. As a beginner, I would prefer to try to do a number of small, varied projects than work on one large project. Also, while another book focused on creating different squares, this one gave me a better idea on how to complete a full project.
It's also pretty entertaining to read.
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on March 10, 2003
This book contains all the information you need to make your first quilt, even if you have never sewn a thing in your life. The instructions are clear and detailed, and there are many diagrams to illustrate what is being explained. I used this book to make my first quilt, and have continued to use it as I have tried new techniques. I recommend it to anyone who likes to, or wants to, make quilts.
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on July 31, 2002
I really enjoyed this book. Not only was it an excellent reference for all things quilting, it was also fun to read. I have completed seven quilts now, and I still turn to this book each time I have a question. It has full color photos of each of the projects, as well as black and white drawings of all the techniques described. This book hasn't steered me wrong yet!
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on April 5, 2004
If you are completely in the Dark about Quilting then this is the book for you. It answered all my questions and then some. The writing is easy to follow and entertaining. Cheryl Fall has a wonderful sense of humor. She has inspiring way of putting things. I can't recommend it enough!!
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on March 19, 2002
just not too colorful. I purchased a number of books when learning to quilt and this one was at the top. But there is no draw to color or photos of quilts to jazz up your imagination. It is wonderful for basic skills.
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