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on January 25, 2002
Chris Sarandon is terrific as Jerry Dandridge, the charming neighborhood vampire. In watching his performance one evening after I bought this tape, I finally understood why it was that the vampire story will never die, no matter how many stakes get driven into its heart: the near-death ecstasy and the orgasmic ecstasy are biochemically identical. Whether it is the act of creating human life or the act of taking it away- the human physical response is the same. With the tale of the vampire, when the male vampire is in the act of ostensibly making love to his victim, we get both actions [ostensibly giving and taking] the same time. The raw power of the scene in the book, "Dracula," where the vampire baptizes Mina with his own blood, adds a third element to this powerful biochemical mix: a spiritual element, a religious esctasy. We don't have this in "Fright Night", but instead we have the setting of an entirely normal central character and his friends, in an average town in Anywhere, America. This "brings it home" in an unexpected way, as the spiritual aspect is replaced by a social one. Context is the difference, one which is exploited very well. And of course, the struggle of a fatherless boy trying to grow into manhood and the man finds himself fixating on [the vampire] adds another dimension. The vampire has been a man and moved beyond it; Charley wants to be a man and finds that he is both helpless and threatened by the vampire. And of course, the vampire is just as helpless under certain conditions and threatened by almost everything in the ordinary daylight world- Charley through the looking glass.
Roddy McDowell shines in his role as the washed-up B-movie star. The supporting cast is also very good. And the music isn't even bad-- very 80's, but this adds to its charm.
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on August 29, 2001
I imagine that most horror fans in the 20-30 range remember this picture fondly. I know I was addicted to it and the following sequel, watching both over and over for what seemed to be several years. It isn't quite the masterpiece I thought it was back in '85, but it hasn't aged too poorly, overall.

The main problem with FRIGHT NIGHT is the pacing. At just over 105 minutes, it's longer than most horror films, but the "REAR WINDOW" elements of the first half of the film could have been much more developed. Instead, the plot speeds along straight to the climax with no real fun in between. The cast is uneven as well. While William Ragsdale is fine and Stephen Geoffreys steals the show, Amanda Bearse is downright terrible. It's nearly impossible to believe that Brewster and Dandridge are both fighting for her. Aren't there any other women in town? She's almost bearable after she's bitten in the neck, but she's a dud before she joins the undead. Roddy McDowall adds a great element of fun and, along with the fake film clips he introduces, brings a real sense of nostalgia for the classic Hammer horror pictures. It's a shame that this mood is also ruined by the strong 80s flavor of the first half of the film.

Once the fun gets started, though, about 80 minutes into the film, it never lets up. The makeup and effects are still fantastic and the encounters with Dandridge and his cadre leave even the most seasoned FRIGHT NIGHT veterans on the edge of their seats. The entire transformation of Evil Ed is simply marvelous and his final scene with Roddy McDowall successfully merges real tragedy and terror in a way rarely seen in mainstream horror movies. By the time the film has ended, you've either forgotten or forgiven most of FRIGHT NIGHT's negative qualities.

All in all, a strong recommendation for any fan of 80s horror and vampire films. At this bargain price, it's a keeper.
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on September 3, 2000
I love this movie! The darkened scenes, the innocent virgin and the hokey out-of-work vampire slayer make up a movie that will entertain through the decades to come. Chris Sarandon plays a devastatingly sexy yet non-compassionate vampire, determined to punish the naive next door neighbor, Bill Ragsdale, the hottie from Herman's Head, for spying on his nighttime habits. The 80s music and disco sequence, along with the antediluvian costumes, go a long way to making this movie enjoyable both for the thrill of the hunt and the inevitable reminiscence of the decade in which it was made. Although it conforms to a specific 80s pattern, it has held up through time. Enjoy!
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on September 6, 2000
I have seen Fright night at least 10 times. Twice in the theatres back in 1985 and numerous times on cable and LD. When the DVD came out, I bought it and rather disappointed because the sound is not in 5.1 Dolby Digital and the picture quality is just slightly better than the LD. But it is a great vampire movie. The storyline is about a teenager witnessed a murder next door which he believes done by a vampire. Of course nobody else believes him. It is fun, funny and scary. If only someone release the sequel on DVD also. The sequel is very much an equal to the original which is rare this days.
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on October 28, 2003
Really good, campy, scary, funny vampire fun. I love vampire movies and this is one of my favorite of the genre. Pre-CGI effects are good, especially Evil Ed's death. But the real reason I come back to this movie year after year is Chris Sarandon's vampire: What. A. Sexpot. Even the gay 80s clothes and Cosby-esque sweaters could not take away from his deliciousness. He is in almost no other movies, so I watch this one at least once a year. This vampire is smokin hot right down to his great, evocative voice. Bite me, I'm yours, baby.
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on September 7, 2002
Over John Carpenters' Vampires, and anne rices' Vampire films,
Fright Night is one of my favorite films of the vampire specimen. Tom Holland did a good job and Evil Ed was my favorite
character. He was funny and evil! espicially when he turned into
a vampire! Charlie was alright too, he just never stopped being
worried! All he says "my next door neighbor is a vampire!" And
thank God the retired vampire killer was willing to help! I'm
telling you if you liked Freddy Krugar and Scream. You'll love
Fright Night!
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on December 3, 2001
First of all, I LOVED this movie as a kid.........and I still do. I gave the DVD edition 3 stars because I felt that soo much more could have been done for this movie. There should have been commentaries, deleted scenes, bloopers........any extra footage to help boost this edition. This is such an awesome movie. I've seen DVDs for movies that were far worse...but had better DVD packages(like Vamp....and I love it just the same!) Other than that.........the transfer to DVD looks great.......even though it is dated!!!
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on January 10, 2001
Surprisingly clever 80s vampire horror/comedy featuring Amanda Bearse ("Married with Children"'s Marcy) & William Ragsdale ("Herman's Head"). Good special effects, LOTS of unadvertised language & subtitle tracks on this one. (audio: English / French / Portugese) (subtitles: English / French / Spanish / Portugese / Chinese / Korean / Thai)
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on November 24, 2007
I couldn't not offer some sort of review for this movie considering it's been popped into the VCR some twenty odd times over the years. I don't know why people are saying it's hilarious because it quite frankly scares the bejeesus out of me each time, even if the special effects are of that easily-spotted eighties quality. Maybe it's down to being allowed to watch it from a young age, which is shocking considering it's quite raunchy in places! It really isn't remarkable or distinctive, and follows the same old story and predictability, but if you're in need of a scare - but want to keep away from the considerable goriness of modern day productions - then it's a good little movie to have in the collection.
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on May 27, 2015
Ok movie, seemed better in my memory.
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