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on February 8, 2004
Anti-gravity, Zero Point Energy, Torsion Fields and time warps are the stuff of science fiction - right?
Well maybe not quite. Nick Cook delivers a book that deserves careful consideration. He follows the data and comes to incredible revelations. Perhaps, there is a way to either shield gravity or to produce an anti-gravity effect. Maybe there is more energy resting in a show box than all the oil fields and nuclear power plants dotting the globe. And what if the speed of light is not the boundary we have come to believe it is?
Before you discard the notion, I dare you to read the book and then go to your browser and start looking up names or places or ideas. There is a wealth of knowledge out there that is way outside the box.
Coupled with a tremendous scientific story are the efforts by the American government to keep much of this technology under wraps and behind closed doors. The black world (as Cook calls it) rarely meets the white world.
For anyone remotely interested in cutting edge technology, this is a must must read.
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on September 23, 2003
The Hunt For Zero Point demonstrates that the science we practice today is not representative of the way Nature works. While attempting to unravel the troubling clues associated with anti-gravity research, as part of his official work as Aerospace Consultant for Jane's Defence Weekly, Cook discovers a much more important, immensely disturbing secret. Science fiction writers have long incorporated casual references to technologies which harness the power of gravitational and electro-magnetic forces, send messages across the vast expanses of space without time lag, produce energy without consuming combustibles, drive vehicles at velocities in excess of the speed of light, move backwards and forwards in time, as if such things are possible simply because they are within the conceptual grasp of human consciousness. What Cook discovered, and what his book describes, is that much of the revolutionary technology attributed to science fiction already exists. By itself, this discovery is worthy of his efforts.
What is most disturbing about his book is the realization, after ten years of tracking the clues around the globe and verifying that many of the technologies already exist, that the people who made the first critical breakthroughs were the same people who perpetrated the Holocaust. Worse yet is his discovery that many of the people who engineered the machinations of the Third Reich were subsequently hired by the United States Government, given blanket immunity and protected from prosecution in exchange for their support of the development of these revolutionary technologies. Even more disturbing is the discovery that the technologies themselves are being successfully developed in secret and deliberately withheld from public access to protect powerful private sector interests.
The technological breakthroughs described in Cook's wonderful book are all the technologies which are needed to heal the planet, feed the hungry, preserve the environment, and enable sustainable economic and commercial development. Who would resist the introduction of technologies which rise to these challenges? What if we could tap the zero point energy field and deliver electrical power so cheaply and globally as to make it unnecessary to meter it? What if we could drive all our transportation needs without reliance on combustible fuels? What if we could journey to the stars without worrying about the exigencies of time? What if we could purify water, remediate radioactive emissions from nuclear waste and restore ecological balance to the planet in a way that works for everyone? Who would stand in the way of such progress?
In our work as scientists and researchers, we have accumulated a body of knowledge which explains the workings of Nature in a way that accommodates the phenomena Cook describes. By amending the Standard Model of modern physics to comply with current knowledge, we are able to validate the conclusions presented in his impeccably documented work and explain how such things operate in a way that is understandable by any reasonably educated person. The most significant contribution made by Cook's work is the presentation of the concepts related to Zero Point research in such a way as to make them both understandable and palatable. That his explanations are validated by hard evidence is the essential point.
His work is well conceived, compellingly written and fundamentally correct in both its science and its conclusions. It's a genuinely enlightening read. I highly recommend it.
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on March 14, 2004
In this shadowy world of antigravity, there is deliberate deception and false stories pointing to UFO's, and then ridiculing that possibility by others. People are whipped around by propaganda worthy of "1984". Nick Cook writes an excellent undercover book in The Hunt for Zero Point, but I am left wondering if he is participating in truth-telling, or deception, or both? It's well written, intriguing, and I cannot see any reason why anyone wouldn't like this book. the end, is it true? My opinion is that antigravity is a deep black program and a lot of UFO sightings are sightings of already flying disc craft of human origin.
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