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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on October 21, 2002
There are several reasons to buy this video, but none of the reasons have to do with this being a high quality film. It isn't. This movie is of very poor quality. It has cheesy special effects, including blue screen flying scenes,poor sound, and stupid songs. Fairuza Balk is delightful as Mildred Hubble, the worst witch at Miss Cackle's International School for Witches. Halloween is approaching, and the school is preparing for the visit of the Grand Wizard, a powerful wizard as well as heart-throb to the witch community. Mildred's arch rival Ethel manages to sabatoge Mildred throughout the movie, and an embarassing encounter with the Grand Wizard is inevitable, especially since Mildred has made the broom squad.
Don't buy this if you want a good flick.
DO buy this if it reminds you of how much you loved it when you were a kid, if you are a kid who loves Halloween, if you are a die-hard Tim Curry or Fairuza Balk fan, or if you are desperate to have something that will tide you over until the publication of the next Harry Potter book.
I love this movie. I'm just not sure why.
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on January 25, 2000
This movie is so clever and original! I love the part where they're in the chemistry lab trying to create something and it's this pretty bright green color 8) and the part where Mildred gets her cat (all witches have black cats, so when the girls get they're cats passed out, they all get black cats, but Mildred is left to recieve the only one that isn't black- so what does she name it? 8) Blacky of course!) but my most favorite part in the whole movie is where they're playing this game where ½ the girls wear a red banner and the other ½ wear blue and they have to hide and find each other. I love Tim Curry's song about Halloween 8) it used to give me the creeps....but it's not scary 8) don't worry. This movie is great for kids....and it teaches a good lesson (can't tell you or it'd ruin the movie). It inspired me as a little kid and my sister and I loved it so much as kids that my sister nicknamed herself Ethel (after one of the characters Ethel Hallow) and I named my daughter Maud (after Maud Warlock) I definately recommend this movie to anyone who has kids or that loves movies that're cute, comical, and can be learned from. This is the BEST
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on December 27, 2001
Based on the books by Jill Murphy "The Worst Witch" follows a well misunderstood witch Mildred Hubble and her accounts at Ms. Cackles Insitute for Witches. This stars Fairuza Balk when she was a young actress, also stars Tim Curry as the Grand Wizard and other familiar actors/actresses. For those who think it will make your child become a witch, it most certainly won't, but maybe have an understanding of them :) this is a cute little fantasy in which most of us at Mildreds age feel misunderstood and have a hard time growing up, and being picked on by the most popular students etc. It's full of fun, and Halloween takes a big part in this as well. This was originally aired on HBO, in which I remember as a child. I found the VHS copy one day at Amazon and had to order it. Its fun to remember, and to show it to others who are small. If your child loves the Harry Potter books they will probably love The Worst Witch movie, series, and books. Even though I haven't watched Harry Potter the Worst Witch reminds me of it just the same. Just from a girls perspective. The old movie and books have also re-created a cute and beloved TV Show on HBO Family. It's definately worth the buy :)
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on May 18, 2001
I thought this movie was the BEST! I originally just wanted to watch it because I feel that I am Charlotte Rae's number one fan! But now that I've watched it I realize you can't go wrong watching this movie. Whatever reason you watch it for you'll be sure to see that without a doubt this is the best movie and you'll feel comfortable watching it any time of the year. My cousin and I rented it from Blockbuster when I first saw it and we couldn't stop laughing. We still joke about certain scenes and we watch it almost a month ago! Anyway, It's against my religion to believe in witches but who says you have to believe in Witches to watch this movie? It's really good and this really shows that Charlotte Rae is the best actress on Earth, because she can go from Mrs. Garret to a mean old Witch and a nice Witch. She's just gifted! She's AWESOME and TALENTED!!!
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on October 3, 1999
I absolutely loved this movie! I am 24 years old, I stumbled across the movie on cable maybe 8-9 years ago on cable. It's the cutest non animated Halloween movie I've ever seen! On an afternoon or evening when you want something to do in the spirit of Halloween but can't, this movie is a must. It's the best to watch on one of those, lazy, too cold or too rainy to go out days; just snuggle up (alone or with your honey or best friend who knows you enjoy the simpler things in life) and get some popcorn and call it a night! *S* Don't get me wrong, I love the excitement of Halloween with it's Haunted Houses, Forests, Hayrides etc. I also enjoy the mellow moments of children trick or treating, bobbing for apples, charlie brown specials, etc. This is really a cute movie and i look forward to watching it every year.
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on October 25, 2001
This is a film which everyone will love. Its fun and a great film to watch anytime of the year even if its not halloween. The film is great if you are a young but I still like it and am 16. I love this film becasue its very easy to relate to when you are in your pre-teen years. I felt just like Mildred when I younger becasue I was clumsy and I had only 1 true friend. Mildred is this young girl who always seems to get things wroung and end up making a mess of things. My favorite part was when Mildred turns the popular girl who is always picking on her into a pig. Which says to young children you should stick up for yourself adn not let people pick on you. This film is a great film and is great for giving to a someone on Halloween who is to young for horror films. I think this is a great film.
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on March 8, 2003
Okay, so the special effects aren't George Lucas material and the songs are a little cheesy. But you can't dispute the acting. Charlotte Rae (sans Tootie from Facts of Life), Tim Curry (Rocky Horror, anyone?) and Fairuza Balk(taking the first steps down the witchcraft genre). Makes me reminiscent of Halloween in the 80's...don't you remember watching this as you got ready for trick or treating? Your brother dressing up as Van Halen, your sister dressing up in a store bought Punky Brewster costume. Buy the movie, get out your candy corn, and get the costume you always wanted but your mom wouldn't let ya (admit it.. you wanted to be Gene Simmon's from KISS but your mom thought the tongue would "scare your sister") It's good fun and great Halloween pick me up!
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on April 21, 1999
Poor Mildred. She truly is the worst witch. But thanks to some nifty detective work...well, more like being in the right place at the right time...Mildred manages to conjur up the confidence to cast a spell against the three evil witches plotting to take over the Academy. Her efforts and accomplishments are recognized as she is honored by the Academy and the Grand Wizzard, played by Tim Curry.
I have had the joy of watching this movie every year since I was a child. An all-star cast joins Tim Curry, who is the perfect "Grand Wizzard. "Song's like "Growing Up Isn't Easy" and "Anything Can Happen on Halloween" will keep you entertained and smiling!
Recommended for any audience, year after year!
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on April 26, 2000
It's not as great a budget as with Hocus Pocus, my Halloween fave, but this is STILL a Halloween must see for me! It's cheesy as it can be, but so entertaining somehow, as is often the way with the made for TV Halloween Specials of my 70's and 80's childhood. What happened to those? I also remember one I loved called The Halloween that Almost Wasn't. Well, lately I've had to become satisfied with ghost and monster documentaries on the educational cable channels, but thanks to the Disney Channel and the miracle of home video there are still treats like this around if you grab them when you can find them. Tim Curry is hilarious in this by the way. I don't really approve of the idea of a school for witches, but hey, it's just a movie.
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on January 11, 2000
This was one of my favorite movies as a child. I used to wait for it to come on HBO around Halloween throughout my whole childhood! I love this movie so much because it is the cheesiest, most lame, yet entertainingly awsome piece of work out there on witchy-stuff this side of NON-HORROR movies! Growing up interested in the Occult, I always saught out magickal themes in movies and books, and even though this is the most fake and contrived of them all, i loved it, and always will. It gives that immagination of the child a place to grow..and the knowledge of an adult a place to laugh!...I'm not even going into Tim Curry; as far as i'm concerned, it's worth it just to see his solo! (you thought Rocky Horror was the campiest...)
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