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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 26, 2013
About two years ago, I first heard of 'raw food' and have been curious since then. When I saw Eat Raw, Eat Well by Douglas McNish in the store, I had to bring it home and hopefully satisfy my yearnings. Right off, I have to tell you that I wasn't disappointed and that Chef Doug exceeded my expectations in every area. I found that each dish was a flavour adventure and that there is no reason for eating boring, flavourless foods when there are innovative chefs like Doug who are willing to share their well devised recipes.

A the beginning of the book is an introduction to raw foods including a section about eating raw in frigid weather. (spiciness does help). After a discussion of cooking techniques and kitchen tools, Dough launches in to the recipes.

I will admit, that I had a hard time getting past the breakfast and smoothies sections. The "Sweet Green Drink" with kale, spinach and romaine could be part of my lunch every day and I'd never get tired of it.

As with all the recipes, there are substitutions suggested where appropriate. This worked well with the smoothies as it made it easy to add in a fruit or vegetable that was available for one that was too pricey when I was shopping.

What surprised me, is that most of the smoothies start with a base of a cup of almond milk. Previously I would have used juice, but the almond milk, or other nut/seed milk, makes for a creamier and more whole bodied drink.

The breakfast porridge were a nice change of manufactured cold cereals and a lot more filling. They do take a bit of time to prepare, but not much longer than a pot of steel cut oatmeal.

My family did have a hard time accepting that soup didn't come to the table steaming hot. I tried two soups, and both were very easy to make in the blender. Pre-chopping or shredding the vegetables helps to make for a creamier soup. I have a good quality Waring blender and it worked well, though a larger volume jug would be better. Using raw butternut squash in soup took a little getting used to, but once it was blended, I was able to overlook that. Next time, I would use a little less curry powder in the "Butternut Squash and Mango Soup". The soup wasn't actually cold, as the speed of the blender tends to generate a certain amount of heat.

If you can think of a traditional spread or dip, Doug has included a vegan, raw version. Hemp Avocado Mayonnaise, Cashew Spinach Dip, and several meatless pates. The "Pumpkin Seed Chimichurri Dip" was full of flavour with a slightly grainy texture, (made in the food processor). I had a hard time getting the dish away from hubby. Most recipes have a side bar that contains tips of techniques such as how to soak pumpkin seeds. Also included are nutritional information about that particular recipe ie: why pumpkin seeds are so good for your body. 

Yes, you can make a filling main dish based on vegetables. Seeds and nuts pureed in the sauce adds the protein that gives that lasting 'full' feeling. Even though hubby was skeptical, he enjoyed both main dishes that I prepared. The parsnip fettuccine had me totally fooled into thinking it was traditional pasta. Marinating it in olive oil and lemon juice softened it and the colour fooled my brain as to what it really was.

The "Spicy Pad Thai" sauce was made with hemp seeds and a full teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Served with the spiral cut zucchini it was perfectly spicy, but spooned over traditional ravioli, it was a bit too spicy. I made a half serving as I didn't think my family would be willing to give it a taste test, but they surprised me and ladeled it on.

No cookbook review would be complete without me delving into the dessert section. I decided to keep it simple and try the "Chocolate Walnut Brownies". Three simple ingredients: walnuts, cocoa powder and agave ( I used carob and honey). They are chewy and full of flavour and would suit the sweet tooth cravings of any diner. There are desserts in the book that are suitable for a fancy celebration: Chocolate Avocado Torte, Pumpkin Pie and Cashew Cheesecake (all gluten and dairy free) to name just a few.

I have already marked several more recipes for tasting and a few of these for repeat.

Thanks to Chef Doug for answering my enquiries as to buckwheat grouts. They are a whole grout that has not been toasted. Doug can be found on his Facebook Page and lives and cooks in Toronto, Ontario Canada.
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on January 8, 2013
After buying dozens of vegetarian/vegan/raw/gluten-free cookbooks, this is by far the best. I love it!

I have been trying to incorporate more raw foods & good fats into my diet but for quite a while but when searching for cookbooks I have been overwhelmed with all the hard to find ingredients and dehydrator recipes...until now! I do love salads & vegetables, but I find that I buy groceries and then always get sick of the same old the end too much food just goes to waste. My favourite part of this book is that it presents a long list of easy dips, dressings & salads so that I can finally buy easy to find, simple ingredients and add some variety, deliciousness to my nutritious diet!

What makes this book fantastic:
- This book helps me feel great, love my food and lose weight!
- Easy to make recipes
- Easy to find ingredients
- Helpful tips including substitutions and complimentary foods/recipes, how to soak etc.
- Huge section on simple salads & dressing...perfect to change up the same old lunch salad
- Although there are so many dehydrator recipes that sound delicious, I have not yet tried them and would recommend this book even to people who are not interested in these recipes
- Delicious smoothie & juice recipes
- Every recipe I have tried so far has turned out to be extremely flavourful and delicious

Quote from my co-worker who just had a taste of the cashew spinach dip I made last night: "Oh my gosh...I will never buy a store-bought dip again, this is so flavourful!"

Thank you Doug.
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on May 5, 2014
This book has a ton of recipes, but I cannot say it was a success in our family. We tried a lot of them, but I only get into this book if I have lots of time. The tools required for many of the recipes are specific too: blender and processor will get you through many, but a dehydrator will get you further.
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on October 25, 2013
I was always interested in this topic - heating foods can only destroy nutrients, surely? - and I have been delighted with every recipe I made. Buy one of those hand-cranked veggie shredders to get full benefit from the recipes - Amazon has them at a great price!
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on July 28, 2012
Best most complete Raw Food (non)cookbook! It changed my life! Who knew we could eat so well and healthy! thank you Doug!
Im addicted to Kale Chips and love it!
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on September 19, 2013
I have many raw books but this is bar none my favorite . The recipes range from basic knowledge to
a little more detailed. There is something for every taste and every thing i have made turns out and tastes great!
This is like the little black dress of Raw uncookbooks :)
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon March 21, 2015
I got the book monts ago, I used it a few time and the recipe are tasty.

+ Tasty recipe
+ Simple recipe
- Not much pictures, so you are less incline to try the recipe compare to Rawlicious for example.
- Lots of recipe require equipments: Juicer, power blender, dehydrator, etc.
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on April 20, 2013
beaucoup de recettes, bon rapport qualité prix....a mon goût il manque de photos mais un must sur le sujet a posséder que l on soit déjà adepte du crudivorisme ou que l.on veut simplement incorporer de bons plats santé.
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on January 20, 2013
Les recettes ne sont pas trop compliquées et originales, mais manque de photos à mon gout ! Comme c'est un genre de cuisine différents...les photos des plats auraient été apprécié
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on March 20, 2016
This book has a wide variety of recipes. Some don't turn out as expected. Takes getting used to the textures....and the dehydrater times expressed are not nearly as long as needed...usually an additional 5 to 8 hours. Overall...a good book, but I will only use it as an addition to my healthy eating.
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