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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on July 13, 2003
Take a well known author for A+ and Net+. Add in a highly respected CCNA Author. Add to that a highly successful book for Network+ certification. Finally throw in a lab simulator and package it under through a publisher well known for producing high quality technical reference manuals.

Now you have the perfect study tool for the Net+ Certification. David Groth and Sybex have teamed up to give you an updated text for Network+ and thrown in a lab simulator to make the chance of passing the exam first time better than ever before.

I found that the OSI breakdown is not only perfect for Network+, but also the A+ class I am teaching benefits from it as well. Groth also has a great 200 pages for TCP/IP, again the explanation is written for all levels making a perfect learning and teaching tool.

Once again the text is technically up to date and accurate. The team has certainly done everything here including hands-on labs, practice questions, tips and tricks.

There are 2 cd included, one with practice exams and the other with the simulator. What should be included in either a separate lab manual to use with the simulator or the lab manual as part of the book.

Overall you have both a first rate book and simulator. If you are looking for a good set of tools for the networking, then you may just want to start here
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on November 2, 2001
I've seen so many people who are very happy with this book. I was NOT so enthused. I passed, like everybody else, but the book does NOT cover everything on the exam. I like the COMPTIA exams having done Server+ and Network+ now. I like the fact that they are BROAD, and try to ask questions from real life. Most books, including this one, are not broad enough to be able to handle this. It is pretty hard to try to cover Unix, Netware as well as all the rest of the networking stuff. Maybe because of the new test version I ran into this more than some of the first reviewers.
The book is well written, clear, etc, but I get the feeling it is only written to help you pass the test and lacks any passion to go further or give background. I'd rather they went a bit deeper here and there, explaining more background. I'd love to see more passion. However, if all you care about is passing the exam, this book is probably one of the top three out there.
There is also an error in the section on back ups. The DAT Aautoloader 24x6 is not meant to be used to exceed the max capacity of one tape per back up, it is only meant to make life easier in not having to remove the tape each morning. Think of the weekend!
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on September 19, 2001
I just passed my Network+ exam today and I owe it all to David Groth for writting such an excellent book! I passed with a sccore of 801 out of 900 (89%) and I am only 15 YEARS OLD! I used this book plus Sybex Network+ Test Center, but I owe passing all to this one book. It is written very well, and makes everything easy to understand. All you need is this one book to pass the Network+ easily.
I read this book through about 3 times, first just cover to cover, second cover to cover highlighting important concepts, and the third time just read my highlights. After reading it about three times, I scored a 85% and 89% on the two included practice tests and felt like I was ready to go (most recommend getting at least 90% before trying though). I used two tests from the Virtual Test Center, but those questions were MUCH HARDER than the ones on the real test and didn't help much for the actual test.
This book is split into 10 detailed chapters, about everything you need to know to get started in a Networking carrer. I just complete my A+ Certification two months ago, and if it weren't for school I could have got my Network+ in less than a month. This book covers everything and more that you will see on the test (well, maybe except for 2 or 3 questions, but that's out of 65). The questions are all farily simple, but the hard part is that you need a 752 out of 900 (around 83%) to pass, which is much higher than other IT Certifications. But with this book, you will REALLY understand all the different things and as long as you memorize a few of the essentials (IEE groups, TCP/IP Addresses, TCP/IP Switches, etc.) you will easily pass. Just make sure to read the book a few times, because to get that 752 you NEED to know nearly all of the book.
In addition to the book being awesome, the 20 practice questions at the end of each chapter and the two COMPLETE practice tests on CD (one of them is also in the book) are really what prepare you. More than 3/4 of my test were questions that I had seen before from those practice questions. All the practice questions and detailed answers and really help you grasp the concepts and prepare for the test. There are over 500 questions included with the book, so it's all you need to pass (don't make the mistake I did and waste money on the Virtual Test Center). In addition, to get you started there is an Assesment Test, which really helps you see how much you have to study and in which areas.
Overall, the combination of an excellent book with over 500 practice questions that are nearly identical to the questions from the real thing, this makes for GREAT VALUE and necessary tool to pass the Network+ test. You can spend less than 40 bucks on this book with the practice questions and easily pass if you put your mind to it. Forget wasting $1000's of dollars on classes, this is all you need to succeed!
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on July 16, 2001
I can't even begin to start on how much this book helped me for the Network+ exam. This book has great detail and explanations regarding networking and I would recommend this book 100% along with the Network+ Exam Cram book by Coriolis and the Network+ Practice Exams by Syngress/Osborne. These 3 books should guarantee you a passing score on the exam othewise hit the bookstore and start out with the A+ exam first. This book should be read from start to finish while going through all practice exams at the end of each chapter. Then hit the CD and practice all the questions on there while using the book as a reference until you get a clear understanding of the question. Finally after going thru the Book and the CD move onto the Syngress/Osborne book for the additional questions to give you a feel of how the questions will appear on the actual test. Last but not least read or skim through the exam cram book for last minute preparation and you should ace the test with no problems. Follow this way of studying and you will pass guaranteed. The best thing about the CD is the fact that it comes with an ebook which you can easily use on your work computer or a laptop. This is the best study guide for the Network+ exam.
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on January 14, 2001
In the world of Network+ there are certain names that comes to the top of the list when deciding what material is best. David Groth is one of the most respected names in the industry and his second edition of Network+ is another example of why.
Groth improves on his previous edition right from the very beginning with a handy tear out network+ study card. Also to make sure that you are ready there is exam objective and an assessment test in the front of the book.
Once that is completed the book then goes on to covers topics like the OSI model, Fundamentals of LANS, WANS, topology, cables, network hardware, and NOSs like Netware, Unix, NT and OS/2. All this is covered up to chapter 5.
Chapter 6 through 10 takes on the areas of Network installations, upgrades, remote access, security, disaster recovery and troubleshooting. Groth covers the objective in a logical easy to follow order and give you more information than the exam calls for.

Typical to most books Groth writes, there are review questions, figures, diagrams, tables and a practice exam. Included in the book is a cd with hundreds of questions. Also are electronic flash cards, a self-assessment test and an e-book for both the pc and palm tops. No there are no more excuses - excellent job!
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on October 22, 2003
I was previously CCNA certified when I took this test, thank goodness. I was hooked on the Sybex series because of Todd Lammle, what a great author he is. This book was not clear, even inacurate. Level two datagrams are called frames, not packets. Packets exist at layer 3 of the OSI model. This error kept popping up, if I didn't know the real answer I would have missed the question on the test that related to this. The book did not discuss token ring well enough for me, as I have never used it. I would suggest finding another book or going through a Cisco Networking Acadamy, you can get both your CCNA and your Network + certification that way. I felt like I wasted money on this book even though I passed the test the first time. Look elsewere
And remember that layer 3 datagrams are called packets, layer 2 datagrams are frames...hence frame relay which is a layer 2 technology and packet filtering capabilities of routers which operate at layer 3.
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on October 21, 1999
I just passed the Network+ exam with a 94%, using this book, the Coriolis Network+ Practice Tests book, and the NetG Networking Essentials course (I did pass the Networking Essentials test a year ago, and that provided a good foundation for this exam). I also work in the IT field as well.
The Network+ test is pretty straightforward, and Groth's book has most (if not all) of the info needed to do well on the test. He presents the information in a nice format that isn't dense or convoluted. Experience helps though, especially in the troubleshooting and TCP/IP sections of the exam.
However, I still recommend that you use other study sources in addition to this book - or any single book, for that matter. In my experience, seeing the same information presented in a different format can help the info "click."
Anyway, this is a good book, and will be a decent networking reference beyond the test. Good luck!
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on August 31, 2001
I just finished my Network+ exam this morning. I passed with a 87% and I am satified with that. This was my first certification exam as I got out from the CS dept a month ago. Actually, I do not have a lot of hands-on networking experience, other than the three-month internship with a touch on a small network. Most of the questions I had on the exam could be found on the tests in the book and the exam cram practice tests. (similarity~ 95%, some of them are the same). I also used Network+ exam cram for review. Many questions on TCP/IP utilities, not too many scenario cases. One more thing, be sure that you see the "real networking devices" not picutres or graphics from any books. There are a couple of questions asked you to identify the port and indicators on the exam.
This book AND exam cram practice tests are enough for you to pass the test with some hands-on experience. Good Luck!
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on June 21, 1999
Overall, this book is very well organized and easy to understand. It provides many good examples for the topics discussed and should prep readers very well for the test.
However, it appears that this book was rushed to press as there are many spelling and gramatical errors throughout the book. Also, there are some concepts and terms that aren't properly defined or are just plain wrong. Alas, the only one that comes to mind just now is the statement that Linux is a flavor of Unix. Linux is in fact it's own OS that was developed to be as compatible as possible with the UNIX world. Because the kernel was developed from scratch and not modified from an existing kernel, Linux is, therefore, it's own OS.
Overall, the book is worth the money for the newbies that are learning new things and the seasoned veteran that wants a broad review of the basics.
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on July 5, 2001
I just took the Network+ exam and passed with a 92%. Mr Groth's Study Guide was a big reason I did so well. I have been working in the IT industry for 2 years, and have my A+ certification as well. The only other reference material I used was Exam Cram's Practice Tests. I thought the study guide was VERY well organized. As I read through it, I took detailed notes which seemed to re-enforce the information. I used the CD-ROM as well, but, as with many, it has some bugs. A couple of the drag-and-drop questions score your answer as wrong, when in fact you're correct. (Annoying!) It also wouldn't let me go back to review my answers after I had answered all of them, the "previous" button froze my machine a couple times. All in all, this was a great tool, and I highly recommend it, besides the CD problems; which can be dealt with.
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