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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on August 7, 2002
Could anyone POSSIBLY take this book seriously? Honestly, the characters are annoying and whiny, not to mention upsettingly unrealistic! I laughed through sections I'm sure were meant to be emotional, sensitive scenes. They certainly didn't come across as touching scenes! I hope to heaven that anyone who finds this book puts it right back where they found it, without wasting an hour on it like I did. Although, at least with fluff like this you haven't wasted a LOT of time. It only takes but a few minutes to skim through this book. Even so, it probably took less time to write it. There was obviously no effort put forth. Is there really a Janette Oke, or is that the name of a junior high writers club that has a connection to a publishing house? I almost hope it's the latter, because if it isn't, Janette Oke DEFINITELY missed her calling- maybe she should take up gardening, or painting and leave writing to true Christian romance novelists, like Lori Wick or Lauraine Snelling. I recommend these writers to anyone who is looking for a good book with substance. You definitely won't find that here!!
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on June 10, 2003
"A Bride For Donnigan" was one of the better books by Janette Oke, and started out very interesting. But, there are some hills of good and bad. First off, I found everything too perfect and sugar coated. What are the odds of Donnigan and Kathleen getting along? Much less, falling in love? It might happen, but it would take time. Which leads me into how Oke didn't express how much time goes by, nor the age of Donnigan. We don't know much of anything about Donnigan. Towards the end, the total point of this book was gone. I was hoping for more about their marriage, and the trials and tribulations of it. I did enjoy the characters, nonetheless, and did care about their outcome, but Donnigan seems too good to be true. I'm also glad that a book was finally written about this subject, even if it was just a storybook romance. It still doesn't beat "Roses For Mama," but is good all the same. I recommend.
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on September 25, 2010
I have read well over 30 books by this author and have enjoyed them. This book was missing something for me that I can't really put my finger on. I enjoyed it but with every page I was expecting more on the fate of mail order brides, their reasons for doing what they did, how they coped in their new lives, hardships with their new partners or life in general, etc. This book made it look rather rosy an experience. There was something about the book that just felt tired and rushed over like a person who doesn't know much about a subject so obvious things were skipped and other story lines weren't followed through. I felt no invested interest in these characters. At the end of the book they find God. I felt no joy for them because they seemed so 2 dimensional as characters I had a hard time feeling that they were in any way "real" people. I'm sorry but this book did nothing for me.
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on August 17, 2002
I didn't get very far reading this book. I didn't read about Kathleen's relationship with Donnigan because I was throughly disgusted with her character by Chapter 3. Kathleen is so timid it's revolting. She does the housework for her stepmother "Madame" for years, including bringing her breakfast on a tray. Never mind the fact that "Madame" has got two good legs and Kathleen limps. Never think about that, Katie, me darlin'! Never speak up for yourself! Just do like "Madame" says. Maybe she gets better as the book goes along, but I didn't really care. I'd have liked to see "Madame" get hers a little ways down the road. I guess if you've got that attitude, however, then Christian fiction is not for you.
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on July 22, 2010
I really wanted to like this. It was ok. I thought it was weird that he was shocked at how young she was and they were always mad at each other and all of a sudden she was pregnant. I thought they weren't having sex because she was so young and because she wasn't even interested in him sexually. I get that it's Christian and for the sex to happen they have to be married, but I thought they'd fall in love and then have sex. I also don't think Donnigan would be so completely clueless about how to pray. Like I said, really wanted to like this because everyone loves her and I want to start reading more Christian books, but it wasn't really my thing at all.
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on December 8, 1998
This is my favorite book by Janette Oke. It is so awesome how she portrayed Donnigan's search for truth, and how he turned to the right place. I am planning on reading this book again, it's so good! (And that's good for me, because I rarely ever read a book more than once!) Mrs. Oke, if you read this, I want to tell you thanks for the awesome writing style and the hard work put into this book. I am an author, too (Well, actually I've never published anything, but maybe someday!) and I understand the commitment and hard work it takes to write such a good book. Thanks again!
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on August 15, 2001
If you're looking for a quality read, don't pick up Oke. On the positive side, there are no curse words or lurid sex scenes. If this is your only standard for a good read, you're in luck. The characters are cardboard cutouts, the dialogue is stilted, and the plot unrealistic. The moral is not hinted at subtly, but thrown into the reader's face.
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on January 10, 1999
This is a rare book! You cry right along with Kathleen as she struggles to find happiness and contentment. When she first was married to donnigan they didn't communicate very well and when they did Kathleen finally found a shoulder to cry on. She also found the truth. She could have happiness with God and she let go of her bitterness.
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on April 17, 2003
This book started out very good. The last few chapters were terrible. They never gave Donnigan's age but they gave Kathleen's age. I found it odd the Donnigan could sleep with Kathleen but he felt that she was a child? Book had patenshal. Kathleen's part got on my nervouses.
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on June 14, 1996
A Bride for Donnigan was a heart touching book that really
makes you thankful for what you have. It's kind of funny how
Donnigan and Kathleen search for the truth when it is right
under their noses.
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