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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on October 31, 2007
I guess whoever reads the customers reviews is a fan or at least have heard about Nora Roberts. The reason I write this review is that I am not a Nora Robers fan and I actually avoided her works, but since I was done with all my favorites writers and I wanted a book to read on the plane in summer and a friend told me since I liked "After the Night" by Linda Howard I will love Carolina Moon as well. Anyways, after I read the book I must say that she was right and I really loved it but since I do not know much about her works. I was wondering is you people who read all of her books might give me ideas as what are her best books and buttom line, which ones would you recommand. I will appreciate it.
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on April 10, 2000
I couldn't wait for this book to come out and I wasn't disappointed! Nora Roberts sometimes gets accused (sometimes justly so) of making her heroines weak and dependent, but Tory doesn't fit that mold no matter how much she herself feels she may fall apart. Which doesn't mean she doesn't come to need and depend on Cade, the wonderful brother of her childhood friend who comes back into her life. It just means that, having taking control of her life and become her own master, she's finally ready to share that life with someone who's not looking to control it. The relationship between these two was very realistic, very sweet, and a necessary part of Tory's healing process from her abusive childhood. As a murder mystery, there were few real "clues" as to who the killer was, but I did guess halfway through. This didn't diminish my enjoyment, it just made me want to see if I was right. I also noticed the screw-up other readers have mentioned that the author made in terms of the timing of the murders -- I wondered if in editing all the dates got mistaken by 10 years or so. After puzzling over the inconsistencies and then reading the reviews on this website where other people noticed the same thing, I let it go and didn't let it hinder my enjoyment of the book at all. It'll get fixed in the next printing. Lastly, I agree the ending was fairly abrupt. The book definitely could have used an epilogue or something so that the reader would get some payoff and see Tory and Cade happy, Faith restored (pardon the pun), and Progress healed. All in all, an excellent, page-turning story.
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on May 24, 2001
Nora Robert's book have absolutely no originality. Carolina Moon is no exception.
Her books are all copies of each other, with different character names and settings. They all follow a predictable pattern: a hurt, emotionally abused heroine goes back to her hometown or some other place to solve a mystery or murder from her past. She meets a gorgeous, oh-so-wonderful man who falls in love with her within two days (even though she treats him terribly). She acts like she wants nothing to do with him until two pages before the book ends. She then declares she is madly in love with him and cannot survive without him *snort* and they live happily ever after. Oh yeah, while they're "falling in love" (and by the way, Robert's love scenes are terrible; I usually end up laughing at the absurdity of most of them), they come with inane clues and try to solve the mystery/murder but the suspect always end up being someone who makes no sense at all.
At any rate, I am not reading another Robert's book again. I can only stomach the same old plot so many times.
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on June 12, 2001
I just finished Carolina Moon late last night and was enthralled, as usual, by Roberts' plot and characterization. I have not read so many of her novels that I am disappointed as some of her fans. Yet, having read The Villa beforehand, I do see a strong resemblance in character types, as one reviewer pointed out. Still, I enjoyed CM due to its energy, especially.
Some negatives I found disappointing are the stereotyping of Southern people, the overworked setting of swamp vs. "culture," the cruel, alcoholic father and abused family. I recently read Fox's Earth and find a strong similarity between Roberts' writing and that of Anne Rivers Siddons. I have grown weary of Siddons' rehashing of plots.
I enjoyed the characterization of Faith the most. Cade was almost too good to be true, as was hero in Villa. Loved Aunt Rosie!
Why were the FBI even in this one? Plenty of characters without them. Also, I occasionally was confused by the switching of points of view!
Finally, the ending of this was surprising though not as shocking as that of Montana Sky.
I will read others by Roberts and continue to consider her talents. This one held my interest and I have recommended it already to others.
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on December 22, 2000
Tory Bodeen is blessed or cursed (however one may view it) with the gift of 2nd sight. Just about everyone in town is either afraid of her or fears her. Her best friend, Hope was murdered and Tory sensed her friend's demise. I've read many Nora Robert's books and this one was one of the spookiest. I like the way the author let Tory have conversations with Hope through dreams that didn't appear to be quite dreamy. There was one scene when Tory had fallen asleep while Hope's killer is nearby and Hope warns her. I felt a chill up my spine when Tory pops up out of her sleep like a jack-in-the-box. I liked Cade, too. He was able to empathize with Tory, even though his mother blamed her for Hope's death. He was earnest in his feelings for Tory, even though she's afraid to get close to anyone, thanks to Hope's death and past child abuse. Hope's twin sister even comes around, despite being jealous of Tory and Hope's friendship. If you like reading a story with a good mix of mystery and paranormal, this one's a good bet.
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on May 1, 2000
Nora Roberts' latest novel, "Carolina Moon," fits quite comfortably in the category of romance.
Unfortunately, that particular description seems to have a stigma that turns away people leery of the genre, especially men, expect the stereotypical white-knight, breathless-heroine, ripped-bodice plots.
The readers that turn away are missing out.
Most novels that are called romances are so much more than that, and just as deserving of readers' attentions as anything by John Grisham or Stephen King, or backed by Oprah Winfrey.
"Carolina Moon" is no different. It is a tale that will thrill any romantic spirit, but also quick-witted, engaging, erotic and contains enough danger and mystery to make it a viable action-adventure.
You won't be bored.
As a child in South Carolina, eight-year-old Tory Bodeen escaped her abusive father's rage through the adventures she shared with Hope Levelle, the eight-year-old daughter of a wealthy family. When Hope was brutally murdered, shame and secrets surrounded Tory's departure.
Years later, she's back in town where it all began - Progress, South Carolina - and the same whispers are still following her as she fights to make peace with what happened the night of Hope's murder.
Along the way, Tory finds friendship with Hope's rebellious twin sister Faith, and love with Hope's older brother Cade. Just one problem - the monster who killed Hope is still free. And he's been waiting for Tory to return.
Roberts has penned an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Each time Tory (who has a bit of a psychic thing going on) feels the presence of Hope's killer nearby, the reader's heart pounds with fear. It's a chilling whodunit, enhanced by the fact that everyone in town is suspect.
It also deserves mention that one of the most interesting characters is Progress itself. The town has a mood, an aura of mystery to it, and is filled with bizarre characters to give it an eclectic feel:
There's Cade and Faith's domineering mother, a woman who puts the capital "B" in ... There's Cade's eccentric Aunt Rosie, whose absent-minded thefts drive Tory up a wall, and there's Cecil, Tory's grandmother's kindhearted plumber/lover.
Faith is a particularly joyous delight to behold, and her sizzling affair with Wade, the town's sensitive veterinarian, is a hoot.
Don't let the "romance novel" label scare you away from this wonderful book. "Carolina Moon" ultimately boils down to good old-fashioned storytelling at its best, and no one should go away without experiencing it.
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on April 29, 2000
Victoria "Tory" Bodeen has come home to Progress, South Carolina, the place of her birth and scene of her worst nightmares. Her best friend, Hope Lavelle, was murdered in Progress when she was 8 years old and it was Tory who led police to the body. Tory has psychic visions and watched the murder in her mind's eye as she lay weeping in her bed after a particularly brutal beating at the hands of her father. Tory fled Progress at the age of 18 and looked back only once, when she went at age 20 to visit her parents. That visit was cut short when her father, Hannibal Bodeen, beat Tory up and her mother, Sarabeth, berated Tory for upsetting him.
Now, Tory has come back to be near her beloved grandmother, put her ghosts behind her, and open a store in town. The reserved, ultra-standoffish Tory's motives are twofold: to guage her own strength by putting the past behind her, and to unmask Hope's murderer. As a tenuous friendship emerges between straight-laced Tory and Hope's wild and irrepressible twin, Faith, a romance blossoms with handsome Cade Lavelle.
Soon, a young woman in town is murdered and Tory learns that there have been others over the years, all fitting a pattern of looking like Hope would have looked had she lived and being killed on or near Hope's birthday. All of the signs are pointing to the malevolent, half-mad Hannibal Bodeen. When Sarabeth Bodeen is murdered while Hannibal is on the run from a rape charge, that pretty well clinches his guilt in the minds of many. But is it true? Only after another couple of blood-curdling confrontations does the full truth emerge.
This book plays heavily on the romance angle, but is also full of mystery and intrigue to satisfy the suspense aficionado. Ms. Roberts's writing is strong and evocative; indeed, she chooses her words to paint South Carolina with the brush of a master. The settings feel real, the characters have flesh and bones, and the dialect rings true. One word of warning: this may be a hard read for victims of child abuse. All in all, however, this is a spellbinding tale, superb for whiling away a rainy afternoon.
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on October 17, 2001
I've never written a review before, because I haven't felt strongly enough about a book to do so, but here goes:
While reading Carolina Moon, I was entranced from the beginning. Tory Bodeen's story was exremely fascinating as are the alternate charachters in the book.
The variety of twists and turns in plot kept me turning pages. Throughout reading the book it was as if turning each page, you didn't quite know what was going to happen next, and to whom!
Personally, I found this book to be one of Nora's BEST! I have read a lot of her books, but in all honesty hadn't read the last few. I am glad someone suggested it to me, and I will be going back to read the ones I have missed.
I did not want to put it down. Excellent creativity in development of plot scenes and characters. I found Carolina Moon had just the right amount of detail which enabled me to get lost in the story so I could envision myself right there amongst the action.
Of course I found Tory (Victoria)to be an extremely powerful character, which in my opinion did not overpower the story itself. Loved it!
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on May 24, 2000
I have not read any other books by Nora Roberts. Reaching for a book to read while I was trapped in a car on a roadtrip, I remembered a favorable blurb in the newspaper and grabbed Carolina Moon. Soon I was engrosed in the story of Tory Bodeen and her quest to return to her hometown to confront the ghosts from her past. The white trash Bodeens had been tenents of the Lavelle family and young Tory's friendship with Hope Lavelle was a source of joy for both children. a brutal act cuts short the life of Hope and sends Tory into hiding from her self and her feelings. Eventually, Tory realizes that she must confront the past in order to heal. She returns to Progress, the town of her childhood to delve out the secrets of the past. Once there she renews contact with the remaining Lavelle family and family members who still live in Progress. She also begins to trust and rely on a special gift that has always been a part of her. In the process of setting out to start a new life, she discovers love and a very real danger from her past which can destroy her. As the story caomes to an end,it almost seems too prepared. This was a really well paced book and I plan to look into other books by this writer.
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on October 2, 2003
Carolina Moon is a sultry, exciting murder mystery that is also loaded with romance. The lead characters are Tory and Cade, and they remain one of my favourite 'couples' because their personalities are built up so well and they have a fantastic spark between them.
Tory Bodeen was the victim of violence as a girl but now she has returned to her childhood home to confront the past. I liked her because she was a strong woman who wasn't brash or rude, instead she was quiet and vulnerable but with a core of iron. The fact that she was gifted with physic powers was an interesting subplot that was handled well.
Cade Lavelle is the brother of Tory's best friend who was murdered when they were little. His unique point is that although he has inherited farmland from his father he has gone out on a limb to practise organic farming despite the ridicule he faces from neighbours and workers alike. The chemistry is there between the two from the moment they meet up again and only builds as the novel progresses. I liked that Cade was protective of Tory but not in an overbearing way. He really respects her and doesn't react badly to her 'powers' such as having visions and reliving past events which another man in her past did. He was thoughtful and caring in a manly way.
The only complaints I have were that sometimes the story meandered with aimless points of view of seemingly minor characters which didn't have a lot to do with the main story or plot development. During these bits I just thought 'Let's get back to the real action with Tory and Cade'. Secondly Faith, Cade's sister, was not at all likeable in the beginning and was very rude and bitter. Even considering her cold upbringing I thought she was overly harsh, especially to the man who clearly loved her, Wade. However the romance between her and Wade was done well and by the end of the book I was pleased that they got together and felt glad that she had turned into a better person.
Overall Carolina Moon is a fun, gripping read with original characters, strong dialogue and a smart murder mystery. I would recommend this to people who want to read a really good example of romantic suspense.
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