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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on April 25, 2003
This is the first Karen Kingsbury book I have read. I missed the first book but I am going to go back and read it too. I can hardly wait for the next book to come out. What a blessing this book was! I plan to share it with all my friends who love to read like I do. I also plan to read every book by Karen that I can get my hands on! The way she portrays her characters is amazing. It is as if you were living in the Baxter house and you are one of the family. You feel what they feel. I couldn't put this book down. My mom died a few months ago and this has helped me so much to remember her in ways I had never thought of before. The loss has eased somewhat. I hope her other books are this inspiring, uplifting, and helpful. I read one review that said it more of a self help book than fiction. Not So! It's like a buy one get one free! You are not only caught up in the story but at the same time you will reflect on your own life and realize that God is always there waiting for you to give it all to Him and watch Him work!
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on April 2, 2004
This series is captivating. It details a fictional family as real as yours or the one next door to you. The characters feel like real people, with real struggles, and real faith issues. The telling of Ashley's story in Remember draws the reader in and makes you feel things for this character.
Sure she's made mistakes but haven't we all? I was just a wee bit disappointed it didn't tie her love life up, but on the other hand that gives me something to look forward to in the next book. And it was wonderful to see some old characters like Kari and Ryan find their happiness and be revisted. As the story's are told I find myself on seat's edge wanting to know what is wrong with Brooke's child and wanting Luke to find Reagan again.
For those of you who haven't picked up this series yet, start with Redemption and work your way up. Though each story could stand alone, there are definetly key elements you will miss if you read these out of order.
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on October 30, 2013
I was lost amongst the many choices in a bookstore one afternoon after deciding I needed to spend more time reading when I pulled out my phone and went on Facebook for quick advice. I wanted to read something in Christian fiction. All my friends responded with a variety of replies, but Katen Kingsbury' Redemption series won above them all, and I have not been disappointed! The Baxter family, as one friend out it, was my 2nd family, living through their heartaches and struggles & victories! Equally loved by my husband AND 10 yr old - no
joke! They're like real people with real faith (some firm, some struggling, some running) LUV it so much!
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on June 24, 2003
I enjoyed both Redemption, and the latest, Remember. The author has given the reader characters who face real struggles yet grow spiritually in dealing with them. When a character "falls away", the author leaves the reader with the hope that he/she will return and renew their faith. It is easy to feel the heartwrenching pain and heartache the characters experience, as well as the joys. The book is a very easy read, and left me waiting expectantly for the next book, Return. For me, "not wanting a book to end" is the hallmark of a well written book, and is what I've found in the Redemption series.
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on March 19, 2004
This is a perfect part two for "Redemption"! Infact I rate it to be even better than the first. In book one you were left wondering three things: "What's in store for Kari and Ryan?", "What happened to Ashley in Paris?", and "Why is Luke such a jerk?". This answers your questions while still leaving room for the next book.
While it is a great book, I don't recommend this to people who get really uncomfortable with.......intimacy. This story deals with real issues. Some people may need to think about reading it before hand. Rest assured this book does NOT justify such things.
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on May 27, 2003
I have read several books by Karen Kingsbury and she has never failed me yet to supply a great read. The characters in this book show true human nature and emotions. Family emotions and true to life struggle within. How valuable family is to a person. I especially enjoyed the love and concern that our main character Ashley shows to the Alhemizer patients. This is an excellent book, I did not realize it was part of a series so now I can't wait to read the first book in the series "Redemption". Truly a great, moving, enjoyable read. You won't be disappointed.
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on February 15, 2003
This is the first book I've seen that finds its plot emerging from the Sept 11 tragedy. The author follows Ashley Baxter in [obviously] fictional experiences which correlate with real life scenarios many of us understand.
My "take" was that this was a didactory novel, intended to teach how to handle advertisties. As you watch Ashley push others away (God included) you may see a mirrored image of yourself; an approach you would expect from Gary Smalley. Another book you will want to read is THE PRAYER OF HANNAH by Kenn Gividen.
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on February 24, 2004
I have read every book in Karen Kingsbury's and Gary Smalley's Redemption series (books 1-3) and have preordered book 4. I find once I start a book, I can't put it down. In fact, once I started with the first book, I read the next 2 books in the next 2-3 days because I couldn't wait to find out what God had in store for the characters in the book. It's been a long time since I read a story with this much heart; that touches my heart and makes me cry, as well as lifts me up and makes me feel like I'm in love again! Awesome!
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on October 29, 2003
These "R" books by Karen Kingsbury and Gary Samlley are absolutely wonderful (Redemption, Remember, Reunion). Have read all 3 and can not wait for #4. Have just finished my first of Karen Kingsbury's novels "Where Yesterday Lives" and this book was awesome, too. Am ordering three more of her books today. She is a blessing and an author I can understand completely.
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on October 4, 2015
Karen Kingsbury includes current issues in her books. That makes her writing good reading but also very informative. She has included such current issues as: autism, Alzheimer's, marriage problems, death of family members, etc. I have experienced all of these and find that Karen does an excellent work of bringing these to light as part of her plots.
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