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on September 17, 2002
What a great book!!!
I was really impressed by it. This book is a set of three interlocking stories that begin way way way before the cataclysm, and end immediately after.
This is the history of the wild elves known as the kagonesti. The first story precedes the time of "Huma Dragonbain". The second one takes place during Humas' time. This is where any fans of DL. or, for that matter, anyone who has read "The Legend of Huma".
The Author of this book makes some pretty obviously flawed statements about Huma. The first and most obvious I want to point out is.. During second story, The pathfinder of the second story meets a knight of the crown. The knight goes on to talk about "Huma's Compagain", and the contiunued efforts of Huma to defeat the Dragonqueen.
Thats the error...In "The Legend of Huma", the orders only knew what Huma was up to, right up until He was lost from his scouting party..After that he is lost to them until his meeting of "Kaz", and the Silver Dragon. Then he is soon lost again after a magical attack by the dark wizards of the DQ..when he meets up with his childhood friend and taken to a magical tower, finally he is lost the final time after winding up at a small outpost of the orders. And he doesn't meet up with the nights again till right at his death.
Given all of can this knight who meets up with the wild elf know what Huma was up to, when in reality, Huma rarely got a chance to do any reporting on his adventures, and when he did, it was only to the "High Warrior" himself. So how could this knight know what Huma was doing?
The author it seems didnt do his or her homework on Huma. This obvious flaw wont ruin the book. The rest of it is very very good..Definately worth a read...4.5 Stars...woulda been five if the author would have done their homework.... -Jon
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on December 11, 2003
This is a very well-written book that gives the history of the Kagonesti, or Wild Elves, by following the story of three separate characters who lived in three different ages. This book should be of interest to Dragonlance fans, but might seem a little esoteric to people with little or no knowledge of the world of Krynn and its inhabitants.
This book does a great job of giving the story of the origins of the Kagonesti and how they broke off from the other elves on Krynn. This first part was the best in the book.
The second and third parts, while still interesting, are not quite as good. They tell of the first positive interaction with humans and the days leading up to the Cataclysm. I would really have liked to see another part that leads closer to the War of the Lance and shows how the Kagonesti came to be servants among the other elven nations. This book leaves that question unanswered.
All that being said, Niles is a wonderful author and writes a good book.
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on February 2, 1997
If you read Dragonlance, you are probally familar with the House Elves, but you may have only heard about the Kagonesi tribe once or twice in another story about humans or House Elves. This book explains the grand history of the Kagonesti and three of there most honorable leaders. It tells of the time when Kagonos first met the Silver Dragon to start the great legacy of the Rams Horn used by all of the tribes leaders since. This book also looks at the grim prejudgice that almost all other races put on the wild elves, and how near the Cataclysm, he human and house elves almost destroyed the Kagonesti. If you like elves than this book is
not to be missed.
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on January 27, 2000
This is my first DragonLance Book and it was Exetremely Good! I highly recommend it. It contains Suspence, Violence, Easy-to-Understand Material and an Outstanding Plot. The Novel is about the Kagonesti Elves and their honorable struggle against tyranny of several opponents who strive to bring the Wild Elves' lives in the forest to a gruesome ends. These Enemies includ the House Elves, Queen Tahkis, Istar (humans), and the multi-colored dragons. Join Kagonos, Ashtaway, and Iydahoe in their heroic attempts in keeping the Kagonseti free from domestication and eradication.
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on March 15, 1999
This is a great piece of fantasy: the story of one group of people struggling against oppressive elves, forces of evil, fanatical humans, and the wrath of the gods themselves... it's everything good fantasy should be. It's not everything a good book should be. I found the Kagonesti tribe to be extremely one-sided at times, a bit too clean for my tastes. But I must give credit to the author for showing evolution within the tribe between three leaders. It's a delightful read and there's no major reason not to read it - just a few things that needed to be tweaked.
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on September 25, 1999
Being a big fan of Elves myself, I never really knew much about the Kagonesti. This book descended upon me in the summer and I could not put it down. Quite possibly the best history I have read. It spans well over three generations, shows everything about the relationship with the Silver Dragons. The only thing that I can find to complain about it is the fact that it spent a bit too much time on battles with other cultures, instead of describing the society itself, which does seem a little one-sided.
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on November 27, 1999
The book was excellent. I have always wanted to know where the Wild Elves came from, and how they came to be called the Kagonesti. The covenant between the Elderwild and the Silver Dragons is of great historical value to Krynn, symbolized by the twin Ram's Horns. The fact that Ashtaway and Iydahoe became great Pathfinders when they were only simple warriors, are two stories worth the tell. Hey, for three not-too-short stories in one book...its a steal!
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on April 22, 1998
I thought that this book was quite possibly the most interesting book that I read in my life. While reading this book Tolken will seem like the three year old next door compared to the wonderful storyline of this book. It is based around the war of good and evil, the classic struggle that still goes on today. In it a male elf by the name of Kagonos, who meets a dragon with the only means to destroy the evil threat.
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on August 10, 2000
This enchanting epic fantasy takes you on an adventure through centuries of magic and wonder. The story evolves from the simple life of the wild-elves to the supreme power and wrath of gods. Elves, dragons, wizards, and other creatures fight against and with eachother in a series of brilliantly descriptive scenes. The story remains gripping and compelling throughout. I can't wait to read the next one.
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on March 5, 2000
Very nice view points in this book. This book is nearly as good as its counterpart, The Dragons. This book is very realistic with its wars at the appropriate times and the tribes of Kagonesti responding to the destruction of their forests and the historical facts as viewed by the Pathfinders of the Kagonesti. A definite must read.
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