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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on December 31, 2003
One day in 1995 I died, and had a NDE. Ever since then, I've been reading everything I can on the subject. According to most stories I've read, I had an unusual one, not going down a tunnel, but experiencing many interesting phenomena all the same. It seems to me that there are some NDE books and magazine articles that are just hype, and published just to give recognition. I have found, through my many years and multitudes of books on the subject, that there is an underlining truth and spirit that pervades the true experiences. So, I have compiled a list of my best reads for NDE books - ones that I consider genuine and adding validating light to the personal NDE experience. I have left out compilations, these are personal narratives. I hope you enjoy them too.
Embraced by the Light ------by Betty J. Eadie
Psychic Gifts ---------by Tiffany Snow
Saved by the Light --------by Dannion Brinkley
4 Days in Eternity ---------by Wayne F.A. Marentette
After the Light -------------by Kimberly Clark Sharp
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on October 29, 2000
This book relates a very fascinating sequence of events, and is obviously not contrived in any way except the necessary dulling to fit the experience into normal language. It's still brilliant!
I'd recommend it to anyone who has any interest in anything at all, and defy them to say how anyone could concoct such a story if it is not true. I've read phoney "spiritual stories" such as Lobsang Rampa, but this one was too fantastic to be imagined. That sincerity cannot be manufactured.
It's understandable that someone who had this experience would not be immediately keen to publish the "story", particularly in an intolerant society whose members think that their version of Christianity is the only authentic view. Were George Ritchie a Buddhist, he would have interpreted his experience only slightly differently, but he would not have encountered such self-righteous condemnation. "Christians" would have ignored it altogether. I am very happy that many have read it.
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on July 17, 2000
Return from Tomorrow is an excellent account of one man's near-death experience. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of metaphysics will appreciate the spiritual truth contained in Ritchie's story. Another review in this section by a man who identifies himself as George Ritchie's nephew demonstrates again that a little knowledge is still ignorance. The reviewer's knowledge is provided by the elitist blinders demanded by his denominational orientation, thus his point of view is narrow and arrogant. Above all, Ritchie's short account of his experiences is a wonderfully inspiring story for readers who--even if unfamiliar with the mystical aspects of existence--are open-minded and receptive to a deeper and more meaningful spirituality than provided by self-serving "Christian" denominations and televangelists.
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on September 9, 2003
Dr. Hugh Harmon and I are nationally recognized teachers and practitioners of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. This is one of the class books we use for our students and is a book we often recommend to clients who are interested in, curious about, or fearful of life after death. It is very helpful for those struggling with loss of loved ones. The book is so engrossing, you will want to read it in one sitting. The one note we would make about the content is that it may be "off putting" to non-christians that the book seems to indicate Jesus is the lighted being one meets at death. We have conducted thousands of past life regressions in which we ask what is happening after the death of the body. People often speak of meeting Beings of Light. Christians often see Jesus or will call the Being they meet God. Non-Christians will have a different identity for this being. Some refer to the Being of Light as their own Spiritual Self or Higher Self. Our knowledge is that spirit is energy. When one meets with a spirit whose spiritual energy is very great, one will see this energy as light. In near death or just after death experiences one's mind is still focused on physical form so one's mind will create an image for the spiritual light energy one encounters. This realization will help non-christians better appreciate this book and this individual encounter with death and higher spiritual energy beings. Addendum: The prisoner in the concentration camp who the author of this books writes about: This was the man who made the decision to not hate, but to help in any way possible and to hold in love all he encountered, thus experiencing health when others were failing and joy when others sank into despair. This was as inspiring and as enlightening and as life altering as the rest of the book.
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on October 11, 2002
Reading through these reviews I see many who have found hope and inspiration in the pages of this book. Then there are other reviews "BEWARE" with all kinds of scripture reference to try and prove thier point. So called educated people waving their degrees as banners of "real" authority trying to convince you that what you are reading is wrong.
Please, read this book and decide for yourself. Spirituality is personal and can't be decided by anyone but you. The only thing to "BEWARE" of are those critics who suggest that this is evil. SO WHAT to those critics who say that this man's story is too polished to be believable. I read this book as a teenager and now years later I am still encouraged by how I felt the first time I read it and couldn't put it down. It's a book that I will read again and again!!!
Read this book and decide for yourself. I believe that you will find that its message is one of love and inspiration.
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on December 19, 1999
I've read this book three times. Probably one of the most influentual and spiritually motivating books I've read. In response, to "Christians Beware", don't let these types of mind Controllers keep you from pondering the splendor and reality of our existence. They would have you running scared from anything that didn't reinforce their narrow agenda. On the contrary, Christians may take great comfort in this book. Dr Ritchie humbly offers his story to the world. "Return From Tomorrow" is an account that may provide hope and peace for those pondering the nature of our existance. If there is an after life, and I believe there is, it must be every bit as real, purposeful, and substantive as our current existance. "Return From Tomorrow" is simply fascinating and beautiful.
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on May 16, 2000
This book is concise, to the point, and well written. Most importantly, for me it has been inspirational. Although I finished reading it two weeks ago, I think of Ritchie's experience daily .
While we are all entitled to our own opinions, how one can say that Ritchie's message may be inherently evil is well beyond me. Ritchie not only explains that our ultimate goal in (this) life is to love our fellow humans, but clearly demonstrates how relaying this message has spiritually helped both himself and most importantly, those who have listened to him . It was for this reason that he decided to make public such an intimate experience.
One must also remember that this religious experience, this message of love, is being relayed by a medical professional, (first an M.D, then a psychiatrist). A number of times in his life, Ritchie put at risk not only his reputation, but his sound mind. Not everyone wishes to believe in the possibility (or reality) of outer-body experiences. What was most important for him, he reiterates, was relaying the experience for the benefit of others.
I include myself in those benefitted and must thank him for taking the time to put in words an experience which went far beyond the limit of those words used to describe it .
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on September 9, 2001
This was easy to read, unpretentious, and enlightening. I strongly recommend this book and his other book "Ordered to Return". Unlike many books on this subject, this book is down to Earth and matter-of-fact. He presents the events, you make of it what you will. I'm going to re-read it and get another copy to loan out!
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on January 14, 2003
I am very grateful that I came across this book and your story. It gives me great joy to hear of someone who has also encountered Jesus and has gone through the emotional, spiritual and mental journey that this experience made us travel. I wouldn't give up the experience even though it did cause much anxiety to my family and myself.
I experienced a near death experience in May of 1974 at the age of 32. Like yourself, I was a little fearful to share this experience because nobody that I knew had ever shared this type of experience. In 1975 our family was fortunate to be able to buy a Christian Book Shop and this is where I was able to come across some literature on my experience. Of course the great mystical saints like St. Theresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross wrote many books on their mystical experiences with Jesus but coming across Dr. Raymond Moody's book "Life after Life" was the greatest comfort for me at that time.
In reading your story, what is the most helpful is that with all the turmoil you experienced you realized that love is the greatest of the gifts and it seems the message is the same in many cases, including my own experience. It is a "tall" order, it sounds so simple and the message is simple but the "ego" gets in the way and at times our self-centerdness comes forward. To let go and let God . At times we are our own worst enemies when it comes to the acceptance of being loved and in return loving others.
Like yourself, I started reading the bible with a different perspective. Before this "re-born" experience, I read with only an intellectual, study mind attitude, now I read the bible with my heart open wide.
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This is the true story of how George Ritchie, now a medical doctor, died of pneumonia while in boot camp in Texas during World War II. Just before that happened, he'd been cleared to go to medical school in his home town of Richmond, Virginia.
When he died, he suddenly found himself speeding impossibly fast above the Texas landscape, faster than a plane could fly. (Even faster than planes can fly, today!) He was awed, and wondered how that could be, but didn't yet realize that he'd died. He paused in his headlong flight over a large city on a river, came to light on a sidewalk outside of a nightclub, and leaned against a guy wire... only to find that he passed right through it. To make matters worse, when he tried to talk to people, they ignored him. Sensing that the answer to all of this must be that he'd died, he willed himself into headlong flight back to his camp, so that he could find his body.
It took a lot of searching, but he finally found it in a small room, covered with a sheet. Not knowing what to do next, he suddenly found the room being filled with a wondrous light -- brighter than mortal eyes could possibly behold. A kind, but incredibly powerful male being at the center of the light spoke to him, saying, "You are in the presence of THE Son of God."
Jesus then proceeded to take him, step by step, on a tour of many of the aspects and facets of hell, and then heaven... far too detailed for me to deal with in this review. He was shown the fate of people who are unsaved, and of people who commit suicide. After showing George some of these horrors, Jesus then proceeds to show him the more heavenly aspects of the afterlife, including an approach to the Heavenly City itself, suspended in outer space. He wasn't taken into it, but was permitted to view it from outside in great detail.
Then Jesus returned with George to the room where his body still lay, and departed. George awoke in great pain, and was in and out of consciousness for days before getting out of danger.
The book goes on to detail life for George after this momentous event -- which seemed pretty momentous as well to the medical staff at the camp; George had lain, quite certifiably dead, for an impossibly long time before reviving!
In one fascinating part of the book, we see George driving through Vicksburg, Mississippi with some friends. He suddenly recognizes the place, even though he'd never been there, before... he thought! He turned down a side street, and found himself looking at the guy wire he'd fallen through while dead, and the nearby night spot. Checking a map, later, he discovered that a straight line drawn from his boot camp in Texas to Richmond, Virginia -- passed directly through Vicksburg.
If you're a Christian believer, you'll be enthralled by this highly-detailed account of a trip through time and space with Jesus, and the way it affected the author's life afterward. And if you are not... be warned -- you'll be given a LOT of food for thought by this impossible-to-put-down book!
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