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on April 28, 2018
THE Man. Einstein is well known but Tesla was equally if not more brilliant. Maybe more practical as Einstein was more into equation.
Another man history forgot as history is written by winners. That's why everybody know Edison while it's DC current was far more is effective but as opposed to Tesla he partnered with bankers to sell electricity and we remembered him. Tesla has a much more efficient system wth AC current but he wanted free power for everyone. Not popular with bankers and today he's less known. Even though it's getting better.

Awesome read
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on September 2, 2017
Nikola Telsa is one of my hero's... But this book merely corrects the historical events than portrait about Tesla.
I recently read the book Einstein his life and universe written by Walter Isaacson, it was amazing.. i enjoyed it, and you can feel Einstein, how the man was, you can travel with Einstein along his life, from the beginning to the end... and the journey was so nice..
But this book, in short is tasteless... it puts more importance on discoveries and date's, pointing out that other books got the date's wrong, and this book got it right... you never feel Tesla, how the man was, you cannot journey through his life... i read almost 80% of this book, then decided not to waste anymore time on this book... I wish someone writes a good biography on this electrical genius...
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on March 14, 2018
Great book
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on December 9, 2013
Fascinating book about in my opinion, the father of modern electricity. And a horrible businessman, had trouble putting the book down.
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on September 18, 2016
Great product! Fast shipping! Thanks
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on April 25, 2018
Just started it
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on December 29, 2014
Great condition!
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on January 4, 2017
Wizard a biography of Nikola Tesla's life is one of the greatest books of all time. This biography completely changed my life's perspective and I became a better person after reading it. The book is incredibly well researched and written. Marc Seifer's classic book is a must read for those who want to learn about Nikola Tesla who was the greatest person in the history of mankind.
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on April 20, 2013
That Tesla was a genius is a given.

This book goes deeper than that and at times he does appear to be a wizard. Highly educated, fluent in 12 languages, and a prolific reader Tesla even when young would not just accept something as fact just because some authority figure told him. If it didn't make sense he would investigate it with vigour.

That was both a positive and negative attribute as once he got something in his mind to work on he would do so without appropriate rest until he collapsed. He was driven in the true sense of the word.

Seifer's research for this book must have been intensive as it comprehensive in what is included.
Great mind, Great Book
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on December 29, 2003
Seifer's comprehensive look at Nikola Tesla is unexpected. It is neither dry, formulaic or predictable - even for those familiar with the enigmatic genius. Simply put, it is fascinating, exciting reading. Tesla was credited with the invention of modern AC power generation, remote control, fundamental advances in radio, wireless voice- and data-transfer, the first laser, advanced flight concepts, and a myriad of other inventions. Yet he died without ever achieving the financial rewards one would expect for a man who was truly ahead of his time.
Taking advantage of ill-defined intellectual property laws and the vagaries of international court systems, other well-known inventors such as Pupin, Marconi, and Steinmetz either "borrowed" his discoveries or helped write him out of the history books. While many rode Tesla's coattails to public recognition and, often, staggering financial success - the great man was left penniless and alone.
Seifer pulls no punches. Tesla made a series of startling gaffes. From ill-conceived contracts with Westinghouse (leaving him with no ongoing revenue from his discovery of the AC polyphase system) to poor management of critical projects backed by J.P. Morgan, Tesla disappointed his financiers time and time again. Lack of prioritization, spinning off in too many directions simultaneously, poor project management - all contributed to Tesla's inability to achieve the breakthrough he needed (and deserved) for true financial independence.
Seifer covers Tesla's life in exceptional detail. His bizarre work habits (often sleeping only two hours a night), his odd social life (never married and apparently a lifelong celibate), and his many other idiosyncrasies are described with fascinating anecdotes. You don't need to be an Electrical Engineer, or a Scientist, or even technically savvy to thoroughly enjoy _Wizard_. In a nutshell: superb.
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