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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on June 22, 2004
i believe the authors of any "murder theory" books are trying to make some money while raping Kurt in the process. Kurt felt like he was being raped by the media since Nevermind broke out, and now 10 years later, its still happening. I think the authors need to read Kurts Journals. There's even a time where he says "I bought a gun today and was going to kill myself, but I have a baby coming soon, so I got some herion instead". Read the journals for the truth. Its the truth from Kurt, not the guys who are raping him. You will also see his handwriting in the journals. The SAME handwriting that the authors say wasnt his (in the sucide note). You can tell when Kurt is on drugs by the difference of things he writes about and his handwriting. In Utero was originally titled "I hate myself and want to die", that sounds pretty straight forward to me. Kurt busted out of rehab and killed himself the next week. Why was Courtney calling Tom Grant? Because her husband busted out of rehab and he's mentally unstable. It makes sense. If Tom Grant had all this evidence with cassett tapes, why didnt se give them to the police? Why is it taken 10 years for this information to come out? For me, that doesnt add up.
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on April 18, 2004
Okay, so there is evidence showing that the crime scene was swept, but befor police arrived there were private investigators,friends and family sent to the Cobain residence to search for him, NOT to mention the Courtney had called the police days befor Kurt had actually died, I find it hard to believe that Courtney who was in Los Angeles at the time of the "Suicide" had commited this alleged crime. I mean if anyone knew anything about Kurts life they would have known that Kurt didnt want Divorce, he said flat out numerous times " I would rather die then go through another divorce", Courtney organized interventions numerous times and was trying to stay clean. Kurt Cobain who was an amazing Musician,Father,Poet and friend to most.. did have major issues within himself, suicide?? uhh only mentioned in every interview the last 3 years of his life.
I mean its always fun to have speculation and listen to silly rumours about people knocking each other off but realisticly this book is nothing but that "Speculation".
Courtney Love is well lets say not the most loved woman in Rock and Roll, and to think just because she is famous the police would over look things is obsurd, if anything they would want to try harder to get her locked up.
This book is not worth reading unless you have a thrill for rumor.
I give this book a 0/10
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on June 21, 2000
Trust me when I say:DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Do you think Kurt would have wanted garbadge like this written about him? The only reason everyone points the finger at Courtney is because they want someone to blame. They don't want to think that someone they loved would leave them so violently in the cold. Kurt Cobain had attempted suicide before and if you've read the book NOTHING ELSE MATTERS by Bev Cobain then you know Kurt was not the only one to commit suicide in his family. Kurt's own MOTHER has said that if it wasn't for Courtney he would've ended his life earlier. Are you going to trust Kurt's MOTHER or a bunch of dimwitted people who have never met Kurt before in their life? This book only quotes Kurt from the Come As You Are book by Michael Azerrad, which you should all buy instead. Remember all the "evidence" that they are talking about is CIRCUMSTANTIAL. It is said by Sergeant Cameron in 1994 to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that the forensic evidence in the case makes murder nearly IMPOSSIBLE. Courtney wishes it be private and we should respect that. This wHOLE book bases itself on rumours and I repeat CIRCUMSTANTIAL "evidence". If it's circumstantial then it is just another theory in a long list of conspiracies that have no REAL evidence. Don't waste your money!!! Hey, at least you didn't spend $30 on the hardcover like i did. All in all, it's your choice if you want to buy this book or not. But if you do then have a good laugh. I know I did!!! Peace, love, empathy...
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on April 9, 1999
OK..... i figured i would try to read this book. i got through it, practally throwing it against the wall (numerous times) .... people can make up facts or use certain things and twist them to their advantage, its all how u word it. if it sounds professional.. it might look like it. its really sad how this book does that.... just because there are books on the subject (the murder theory) and movies it gives people a license to belive something false.. alot of info was provided by hank harrison i think... people think since its courtney s father, he must be a good source.. but he really isnt for numerous reasons. a) mr harrison was hardly there for courtneys life b) he alledgedly gave her acid at the age of 3 c) he used to scare her with pitbulls d) he has never met kurt, or frances e) probably a bunch of other reasons we dont know about..............
i suppose if youre a conspericay buff you might like it.... at least it tries to come up with facts not just alligations... probably more objective than the "kurt and courtney" movie. (even the film maker said that his sources werent reliable) but i honestly think these sort of things are solely used to make money... and dishonors the memory of a very loved and talented human being. and i really dont understand why people cant accept the that kurt killed him self, people should just turn the music up loud and remember what a great band nirvana was and how talented kurt was.. not all the controversey surrounding his death.
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on January 3, 2002
I'm tired of people making money off of Courtney-bashing. If you have some real evidence, bring it to a D.A. If you don't, then fair-may-la-boosh. It's not that I sign on to everything she says or does, but she's trying to raise a daughter (who certainly can't be helped by the rumor-mongering), and in any case it's just disgusting that anyone's making money by floating these unsubstantiated factoids. Do you people have to scrounge this low for your next meal? I'll spring for your next can of chili. But puleeze, let the grrrl be! Perhaps you can find a spot on the D.O.J.'s new Tullulah Bankhead program (see "Lifeboat"). Otherwise, what I say to them, I say to you: let you who is without stink cast the first jaundiced tome.
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on June 25, 1999
this book is a bunch of garbage. who killed kurt cobain? let's see... suicide... um..... No wait! maybe it's the same guy who killed nicole brown simpson & ron goldman!! yeah, O.J. says the killer is still on the loose...
my god, TRUE nirvana fans know that it was suicide. and this book is a joke.
i'll say this: it is interesting. but if you must read it, steal it or borrow it. don't buy the wretched thing.
no matter how much people hatew courtney, believe it or not, she loved him and did everything she could to help him. and i cannot stand her being put at the forefront of this tradgedy.
bottom line: save your money
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on June 9, 1999
First of all, how the hell could you listen to Courtney's father? He hasn't even met Kurt, or Frances. He fed Courtney acid when she was 4, he was a roadie for the GREATFUL DEAD for god's sake! He manufactered acid for hippies, lived in communes, and he wasn't even in Courtney's life for 20 years. I hate when people bend facts and distort details. Courtney was IN THE HOSPITAL with FRANCES when Kurt died, and didn't know until 4 days AFTER he was DEAD. Get over it. Yeah, he could've been murdered. But Courtney didn't do it. She hired no one to do it. SHE LOVED KURT. and all you losers should just accept that he's dead. ok? GET OVER IT!!!
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on September 13, 2003
I'm amazed at how authors like Ian can "pretty up" the Cobain story, the man to myth. Why read a fairy tale about Kurt? Factual accounts of Kurt's life and music make him far more real and interesting than this attempt at icon building. The attempt to magnify Kurt by the half-truths in this book fail. Far better books have been written about Kurt, Factual accounts make him more real than Ian's little story. Read Christopher Sandford's book if you want a cold look at who and what Kurt Cobain really was. This book is not worth the paper it's printed on. Buy it only if you need fuel for the fire.
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on April 30, 2002
Basically, Nirvana was just a great band of music..bottomline. They really weren't about, nor did well in publicity issues, such as this book. Frankly, I am a true believer that this author was unaware of the meaning of nirvana before writing all about Kurt. Such a state needs to be realized and understood in order to understand and especially write about this man of brilliance. I would only read this book under an impression of non-fiction, for I am firm on my beliefs that this is a poor and ilicite illustration of Kurt Cobain. The real title of this book should be Did Kurt Cobain achieve his nirvana?
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on September 8, 1999
There's many theories, ignorant ones, of who killed him but if you were to truly love Nirvana and Kurt and read into him, you would know, not wonder, that HE KILLED HIMSELF. It's disrespectful to him to say that Courtney killed him. She LOVED him. He LOVED her and she would never do that. The reason she didnt do interviews and talk and stuff wasnt because she's hiding anything. IT'S BECAUSE SHE LOVED HIM AND IT'S NONE OF SOCITIES BUISNESS TO KNOW THEIR PERSONAL LIFE. AND SHE WAS GRIEVING. Wouldnt you be?
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