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on March 19, 2001
A young boy always thought his dog was kind of boring. All he ever did was eat and sleep. He couldn't sing or change the TV channels like his neighbor's dog and he never won any medals at obedience school. But all that changed, the night he followed his dog. This boring old dog headed straight for his doghouse, changed into a tuxedo, ran down the street, jumped into a limousine and headed downtown to a nightclub called The Doghouse, a place where dogs can relax, have a few bowls of water and lie on the sofas. It's a place where dogs can be dogs..... Nina Laden has written a charming, funny story of a dog's night out that will delight youngsters with it's witty story line and expressive artwork. Her text, written in the first person, is printed to look like a kid's handwriting and is full of playful picture-like detail (roll-over is upside down, wagging is wiggly and wagging and eat has bites taken out of it) and her illustrations of canines nightclubbing, will have kids and adults alike, laughing out loud. This is a marvelously creative and imaginative picture book that is sure to take your youngsters on a hilarious adventure they shouldn't miss.
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on May 26, 2003
The first time I had ever read this book was when I was about eight years old, when my teacher read it to the class. I fell in love with it, checked out a copy at the local library, and read it non-stop. Even after five years, I still enjoy reading it to this day. It's a hilarous tale about a boy who follows his dog, and sees what he does during the hours of the night. This book is intelligently written, and has fun designs next to the words on every page. The imaginative pictures really add to the book, and really make you dogs really have a secret life after we all are in bed? Anyone debating about whether or not to purchase it, it is highly recommended by me. It's a very good investment, and it's definitely one of those books that you will have a hard time growing out of.
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on March 8, 2002
This is one of those rarities-a book where every single element is well conceived and brilliantly executed. The story is terrific, the illustrations are simply wonderful and event the text gets into the act artistically (the word bite drawn so that there are teeth marks outlining where a chunk of the text is missing, for example).
The story is also hilarious. One night a young man follows his dog-whom he regards as the most boring dog in the world-who's dressed in a tux, jumping into a limo and obviously ready for action. The dogs destination? A club for canines called-what else???--The Doghouse, a place where a fellow can relax and really let his ears down, so to speak.
A whimsical, hilarious book that the entire family can and will enjoy!
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on March 11, 2003
"The Night I Followed the Dog" is a story about a boy who thinks he owns an average dog. Then one day he sees his dog early in the morning get out of a limosine. The next night, he follows his dog through town on his bike while the dog rode in the limo. He follows the dog into a building in a part of town he didn't know. There he finds a club filled with dogs where his dog is the leader. He stays with his dog for a while and parties before heading back home because it is late at night and past his bedtime.
I think that this is a very good book. The text is very interesting, being written in accordance with what it means. It keeps you guessing about what's going on until the end. It also does a good job at describing the characters.
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on March 16, 2003
This book is brilliantly written. Any kid of all ages would get a chuckle out of this book. Who knows maybe it might be true our dogs go out at night to their own clubs or they might have a doghouse with indoor plumbing and a living room! Well this dog does in this book. He is a owner of his own club were dogs go to at night. One day his owner followed him when he lets him outside at night. He rode his bike all around town following his dog to where ever he goes. I recommend everyone should read this book because its possible it could be true! Wouldn't that be interesting to see. This dog in this story is cool and sly. He does admit to his owner that he thought he would eventually find out.
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on January 5, 1999
The boy notices his dog coming out of a limo wearing a sharp-looking tuxedo. He follows the dog the next night and discovers a whole different world in his dog's life. The dog runs a nightclub where "dogs can be dogs."
I enjoy the colorful illustrations and the sense of humor in this story especially the animated words. The type looks like a little boy's handwriting, which involves you more into the story. This is one of the few books I take pleasure in reading to my child rather than dreading "another long and dull story."
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on October 13, 2002
I first read this book when I was, oo... six or seven. Anyway, I read it 24/7. I thought it was so cool. Then I lost it when I moved. After I lost it I forgot about it. But by some freak thought wave, I remembered it and I wanted it sooo bad! This book is a great book. Very wholsesome yet enjoyable for adult readers as well. Thank you Nina Laden, for a gem of children's literature.
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on September 1, 1998
How do dogs unwind after a tough day of being the family pet? Why do dogs sleep so much during the day? Find out as one young child follows a hunch and follows his dog out into the night. A hilarious look inside the very secret life of the family pet.
Great illustrations and a fun narrative make this book a favorite at our house.
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on February 24, 2000
I read this book to my class and they loved it. So much so that we came up with our own version of The Night I followed the Cat. This book was a great catalyst (pardon the pun) for a creative writing experience that my students loved. I am going to check out her other books to share with my kids at home and at school.
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on August 24, 1997
Children will really get a different perspective on a dog after they read how one dog's life changes when he goes to the doghouse.
I loved the whole idea that a dog could have a totally different life apart from what his owner is aware. Makes you think twise about what your dog does when he goes to the "doghouse."
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