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on July 17, 2001
Interesting tale of parallel universes. The premise is not new but it is told in a different way. A universe where man has not developed and nature still controls. Species that are extinct by man in our world, roam freely in the "wildside." A group of young people realize that a fortune can be made by finding a world's full of gold. They finance their venture by selling "extinct" passenger pigeons to zoos. The government eventually learns about their gate to the wildside and a renegade CIA operative tries to wrest control of the gate through an illegal covert action.
Though most of the book seems to slug along, it has a phenomenal ending. The tale is told in "first-person," a style which I am not too crazy about by Charlie Newell. Throughout the book we only learn snitches about Charlie and what makes him tick. Some of his friends (Maria, the Vietnamese girl and Joey particularly) are hardly developed at all.
Gould's book "Jumper" was far superior to this one (I gave that one five stars). In that book as well as this one, the main character has a very poor relationship with his father, which leads me to believe that Gould's childhood may not have been the happiest.
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on January 20, 2004
Charlie and his small group of friends have a secret. In the barn on a farm left to him by his missing and presumed dead uncle is a very special door, a door to another earth, the Wildside. An earth where man never evolved! So what would a group of teenagers do with such a secret? Why go for the gold naturally! After all no there are no men, therefore there's all the gold in them thar hills just waiting to be scooped up. The problem is they're in Texas and the gold is in California so what do you do? Simple, fly!
Wildside is a fun story, although not very believable (forget about the inter-dimensional travel how about two kids, 18 years old, getting certified as airplane mechanics is less that 4 weeks!) But does it have to be believable to a good, enjoyable read? I don't think so. Quell your stunned disbelief and let the story take you for a ride. It is a relatively unique plot with strong, well-developed characters. Explore with them a Texas without man and root for them against a government willing to do just about anything to get the secret of Wildside.
It's one that I have read more than once and have enjoyed it every time. For certain I RECOMMEND it for anyone looking for a relatively quick, uncomplicated but thoroughly enjoyable read.
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on August 21, 1998
The main weakness of the book was its endless detailing of building sheds and wiring and purchasing equipment, etc. Relatively little time is spent in the wilderness on the other side. It was, however, well written.
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